Below Deck Season 10: Meet The Cast

Bravo's hit series, "Below Deck" is undeniably captivating — so much so that in 2022, Season 9 beat out the "Real Housewives" franchise to become the most-watched show on the network. The nautical docu-series follows the lives of carefree yachties as they attempt to deliver five-star service on floating vessels in some of the most luxurious locations in the world. Cameras roll on all the debauchery that ensues — including boat romances, over-the-top guest requests, and Captain Lee Rosbach's encyclopedia of euphemisms. Demanding guests, grueling work days, and unpredictable weather conditions are all to be expected on the show, balanced out by the thousands of dollars in cash tips the crew receives after each charter. In Captain Rosbach's own words, "Suck it up creampuff" — and they do, if they're not fired first, making for some ultimate binge-worthy television.

The series debuted its tenth season in November of 2022 aboard the massive 197-foot vessel, St. David, the largest motor yacht in "Below Deck" history. The crew headed to St. Lucia in the Caribbean, showcasing dramatic mountains, volcanic beaches, and epic diving spots for those willing to shell out the big bucks to charter aboard the luxurious vessel. With a bigger boat to pack in the drama, Captain Rosbach's iron fist might have some yachties ready to abandon ship. 

For Season 10, the cast of "Below Deck" is mixing some fresh faces with some seasoned alumni — and we're dropping the anchor on all the details to dish on who's stepping aboard the boat, this season. 

Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Rosbach, who fans commonly refer to as The Stud of the Sea, is the only cast member to appear in every season of the show. Three series spinoffs and hundreds of yachties later, the good captain has become a major celebrity. With his witty humor and sharp tongue making him a fan favorite, It's hard to imagine the Michigan native was never supposed to be on the show at all. 

"I thought I was heading down to Saint Martin for just a gravy train," he admitted on the "Heart of the Matter" podcast. "Drop the boat off, go check on it every three or four days, get paid double pay, sit on the beach, drink foo-foo drinks for six weeks, bring [his wife] Mary Ann down, and enjoy life." A last-minute need for a captain threw a wrench in Rosbach's plans. Joining the ship, and the Season 1 cast, he cemented his status as a star in the soon-to-be sensation, "Below Deck."

Ten seasons of firing reckless yachties, whipping his deck crews into shape, and guiding his vessels through unpredictable weather and wind have taken their toll on the captain, who turned 73 in November 2022. Viewers got a glimpse into his health struggles during the Season 10 premiere, where he told his crew, "I am a little incapacitated. I have a nerve issue on my left side so I am going to depend on you guys in some areas." 

Fraser Olender

Season 10 of "Below Deck" returns with a new chief stew calling the shots, and this time it's the first ever man to ever take on the role in the ten years of the show's tenure. Returning from Season 9, Fraser Olender promises to shake things up as head of the interior. "I feel very honored, I can't quite believe it. I think I've got some huge shoes to fill," Olender told E! News. "... It's amazing to see that the industry is also finally accepting anyone for the role regardless of gender or anything, so I'm super, super grateful."

The chief made his television debut in Season 9 as a second stew, but the Brit has been in the industry for years. Olender started his career on yachts in Naples, Italy, and he continues to pursue his passion for travel and hospitality with dreams of one day opening up his own hotel. Before making his way to the Caribbean, Olender even got a few tips from some former "Below Deck" alums. "I spoke to Kate [Chastain], my idol of the franchise, who gave me some great advice," he told Decider. "... I did also speak to Hannah Ferrier ... in addition to a few other OGs. I felt prepared, but when I got there, it turns out that I absolutely wasn't." Despite what looks to be a rocky upcoming season, Olender looks set to bring the laughs — and the sass — to keep us all entertained.

Rachel Hargrove

Chefs on "Below Deck" have a way of stirring up a lot more than just five-star meals, and Rachel Hargrove is no exception. The Tampa native knows a thing or two about commanding the galley, having appeared in seasons eight and nine of the Bravo series. While her impressive culinary skills are mostly self-taught, she attended the Culinary Institute of America and was an apprentice at a Michelin-star restaurant in Italy. The seasoned traveler took her love of food to Thailand, India, and Japan to hone her craft. 

Hargrove has seen her fair share of over-the-top requests. One particular preference sheet in Season 8 drove her to deliver a now infamous vulgar invitation in response to the ostentatious nature of the requests. In Season 10, the chef found herself in what she called a truffle kerfuffle after guests requested a truffle-based menu — only to find the key ingredient missing from the final meal. Hargrove opted for truffle oils, truffle salt, and truffle powder to rescue the dinner service. "I just pulled off a truffle-tasting menu without truffle," she said in the episode.

Aside from her culinary skills, Chef Hargrove has quite an interesting job resume. The TV personality also did a stint on "America's Next Top Model" in 2005 after being recruited for the show while working at a bar. Her quirky personality hasn't changed a bit, as the chef joked that she was game for anything during an "ANTM" confessional, stating, "My grandparents are dead, I have no one to disgrace."

Hayley De Sola Pinto

Hayley De Sola Pinto joins "Below Deck" as a stew for Season 10, and the sassy Cornwall, U.K. native is making waves. The newbie has been working in the yacht industry on and off since she was 23 years old, but she's also an advanced esthetician. The stew owns her own salon in England called Classen Aesthetics where she specializes in anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, and fat-dissolving injections. 

Pinto does more than just make beds and do laundry on luxury yachts, as she's also strutted her stuff at New York Fashion Week. The yachtie posted an Instagram photo showing her modeling during the high-profile event with the caption, "Undoubtedly one of the best days of my life." When she's not working as a stew, injecting fillers, or modeling the catwalk, she spends her hard-earned boat tips traveling around the world — often sharing snaps from her picturesque, jet-setting global adventures with her followers.

The esthetician also has a close relationship with her chief stew. On her Instagram profile, Pinto shared a pic of the two together with the caption, "Mummy and I" alongside a heart emoji. Her cheeky humor and outspoken personality keep things entertaining aboard the St. David, and it doesn't hurt that she quickly befriended her boss. 

Alissa Humber

Alissa Humber takes on the interior as one of the stews in Season 10 of "Below Deck" and the Florida native is not afraid to step on some toes to get the job done. The yachtie got off on the wrong foot with her fellow stew, Camille Lamb, and their working relationship promises to pack the drama by the looks of the premiere episode. After multiple passive-aggressive comments between the two, Humber unleashed a barrage of insults in one go by referring to her co-star as, "[A] dirty, disgusting, trash, swampy b***h." On Twitter, users weighed in on the conflict, with some suggesting that Humber was on a fast track to getting her butt fired, per Monsters & Critics

It's not just their interior roles that they're fighting over, but their potential common attraction for a particular deckhand. — Ben Willoughby. But whether she's flirting with him simply to annoy Lamb or whether she's genuinely got her sights set on him, remains to be seen.

When she's not feuding with her co-stars, Humber apparently enjoys kayaking and hiking around the sunshine state. She lives in Miami and enjoys shopping and jet-setting around the world with the money she earns from temporary stew jobs. Though she has only been working in the yacht industry for two years, her determined work ethic paid off — landing her the second stew position over Lamb.

Camille Lamb

The Mississippi girl who traded a small town for big boats is nonother than Camille Lamb. The "Below Deck" cast member hails from a family of merchant mariners and has been on boats since she was just nine years old. Having worked on yachts in the Virgin Islands, Miami, and Los Angeles, she joins the St. David as a deck stew, splitting her time between the interior and exterior of the boat. The yachtie has a decorated dating history and she's not afraid to talk about it. In an Instagram post, she quipped, "New game on ["Below Deck"] ... everybody drinks when I say 'I dated a college quarterback' — one of my very few personality traits."

Aside from dating athletes and fighting with Alissa Humber, Lamb is passionate about singing and songwriting and made her TV debut when she auditioned for "American Idol" in 2021. Speaking to ShowBiz Cheatsheet about her experience trying out for the show via online auditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, she shared, "[I had been] watching 'American Idol,' probably since 2017. I was like, 'You know what? I'm just as good as they are singing and I could do this.'" After submitting her audition, she was flown out to San Diego and made it through six rounds on the show before being eliminated. "[Singing is] just one of my gifts and I've seen it as such," she reflected to the outlet. "The way that I walk in life is how I lead myself through my music."

Ross McHarg

Ross McHarg joins the Season 10 cast of "Below Deck" as the head of the deck team — as well as the object of affection for some of his female coworkers. Hailing from the U.K., the bosun found his way into the yachting world by teaching ski lessons in Europe. McHarg has since spent over 15 years seeing the world, but he's set up base in Thailand for the time being.  

Judging from the teaser for what's to come in Season 10, he might even break a few hearts on board. Captain Lee Rosbach weighed in on McHarg's relationship with his deckhand, Katie Glaser, who has her eye on her deck boss. When asked by fans what the captain thinks of their boatmance on "Watch What Happens Live," he answered, "That's never gonna end well. It's just like, 'Go ahead. One or both of you are gonna hit the road.'"

The British yachtie may have more than just heaving lines to manage, considering he may be cozying up to both Glaser and second stew, Alissa Humber. Though the motor yacht, St. David is spacious, three might be a crowd in the case of this love triangle. 

Luis Antonio 'Tony' Duarte

Luis Antonio "Tony" Duarte joins the "Below Deck" cast as a deckhand, and his positive energy and outgoing personality are contagious. Hailing from Costa Rica, he has an extensive list of adventure-seeking hobbies — and previous jobs of a similar nature, too. The deckhand has worked as a dive master in South Africa, a whale-watching guide in Costa Rica, and a zip-liner in the Bahamas. When he's not handling deck duties on luxury yachts, Duarte's hobbies include cliff-diving, surfing, and fishing.

On Instagram, he celebrated his reality TV debut by sharing his "Below Deck" cast photo along with the caption, "One of the most fun and craziest experiences for me so far. Never thought I will be on a reality show but here I go, trying to do what I do best, get myself out of my [comfort] zone, and explore new horizons. From the jungle to ST, David BDS10 let's have some fun." In addition to pictures of his rock-hard abs, he frequently posts stunning picturesque snapshots of his life living on the road. "All my life fits in a backpack," Duarte shared in an interview clip. "If it doesn't fit in the backpack, it must go away." Do any of his beautiful coworkers fit into this backpack? Inquiring minds want to know. 

Katie Glaser

Katie Glaser proves you can have both beauty and brawn on deck as she debuts her skills as a seasoned deckhand in Season 10. She got her start in the yachting industry after trading Colorado snow for the sand in Fort. Lauderdale, and hasn't looked back since. The deckhand had been working on boats for three years prior to joining the crew, after deciding the corporate world wasn't her style. While she's used to the fast-paced exciting lifestyle of working on yachts, she's also worked in IT recruiting and account management.

If her Instagram profile is any indication, then Glaser pretty much lives in a bikini, and she doesn't shy away from showing off her bombshell looks and toned physique. The deckhand will have to balance work and play since she's caught the eye of her boss, Ross McHarg. After kissing her bosun, Glaser had a few choice words for McHarg when she saw him getting cozy in the hot tub with another coworker. "That's f***ed up. And I'm not going to look at that," she mumbled in Episode 4. Time will tell if the deckhand will survive that particular sinking ship.

Ben Willoughby

What's a good season of "Below Deck" without an Aussie on deck? Ben Willoughby made his debut in Season 10 as one of the deckhands, bringing his Australian Gold Coast charm with him. Willoughby got his start on yachts in France and worked as a deckhand and personal trainer for three years prior to joining the crew. His Bravo cast bio describes him as somebody who believes in the power of a good piña colada — and honestly, we couldn't agree more.

The brunette hunk works hard and plays hard. By everything that's been teased for Season 10, there may be another boatmance on the cards for Willoughby and his coworker, Camille Lamb. According to Captain Lee Rosbach, it's almost impossible to stop the yachties from striking up love connections. "[Boatmances] are the things that you're never, ever gonna get away from. You just can't," he explained in a recent interview with E! News. "I mean, it'd be like, gosh, like trying to herd cats. It's never gonna happen." For now, we'll keep respectfully gawking at Willoughby's shirtless travel pics on Instagram.