The Tragic Death Of Cher's Mother Georgia Holt

Georgia Holt, the mother of singer Cher, has died. She was 96 years old. 

While the iconic singer hasn't revealed her mother's cause of death, Holt had recently been admitted to the hospital for health issues. "Sorry I've Been Mia. Mom's Been Sick Off & On. She Just Got Out Of Hosp. She Had Pneumonia. She's Getting Better," she wrote in September. Holt appeared to recover fast, with Cher keeping well-wishers updated on her mother's status. "Ok, Just Got Off The Phone With Mom,& She Sounded Like a Teenager.... Go Figure," she wrote. "Guess Your [prayers] WORKED." Sadly, after her bout with pneumonia, the iconic singer took to Twitter to confirm the devastating news, telling fans "mom's gone" alongside a sad face emoji.

It didn't take long for fans to offer their condolences and messages of support. "Oh Cher, I am so sorry for your loss. You two were so much fun. Time doesn't heal this wound, it helps reshape it into comforting memories that make the grief tolerable. Keep honoring the memories," said one fan, while another tweeted, "Sending you nothing but love, light, and healing. She was a firecracker, and she will be so deeply missed." Holt is survived by her two children, Cher and Georganne LaPiere, and her partner of nearly 50 years, Craig Spence.

Inside Cher's relationship with her mother

Cher has always maintained a close relationship with her mother, Georgia Holt. In 2017, she chose to drop out of a Lifetime movie project to help care for her mother. "Cher's worried about her mother's health. She's in her 90's now and does not want to be far from her," a source told ET at the time. "Her mother is not deathly ill, but is somewhat fragile."

As followers of the iconic singer are probably well aware, Cher has made it a habit to post photographs of her mother and praise her beauty. In 2013, the superstar told People they have a close bond in adulthood, despite previous clashes. "Yes [we are close], but we fought a lot when I was young. I was really strong-headed, even then," she revealed. The singer also said instead of Holt doling out life advice to her and her sister, "we learned about life by listening to her talk about the things she did wrong and the things she did right."

Holt had a say in her love life, too. "She listened first before making a judgment, so I could always talk to her about my romances," Cher added. "She stressed the importance of being sure that the person you are with is the person you love."