The Below Deck Med Love Triangle That Still Divides Fans To This Day

The "Below Deck" franchise is full of hook-ups, breakups, and love triangles. During "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" Season 2, Gary King hooked up with Sydney Zaruba only to realize he had the hots for Alli Dore, causing some tense situations on the boat, per Us Weekly. He apparently didn't learn his lesson and in "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" Season 3, he made the mistake again with Ashley Marti. After they had hooked up King made out with Daisy Kelliher and Gabriela Barragan, which sparked Marti's competitive side, per E! News.

However, King's messy love triangle (or rectangle), wasn't the only one "Below Deck" fans can't forget. During "Below Deck Mediterranean" Season 3, deckhand João Franco had his eyes set on stews Brooke Laughton and Kasey Cohen. Although it seemed as if he and Cohen were going to become an item, he ultimately chose Laughton, per Bravo. Franco and Laughton tried to make their relationship work off the boat — and she had even stayed with him in Zimbabwe, per People. Despite their efforts, the two broke up after Franco claimed Laughton cheated on him. The "Below Deck Mediterranean" alums have since moved on, but fans think Franco chose the wrong person.

Below Deck Med fans believe João and Brooke were not a good match

João Franco's messy love triangle ended up causing drama for the rest of the boat. Deckhand Colin Macy-O'Toole had a crush on Brooke Laughton upon meeting her and he finally confessed his feelings for her, which made for a very awkward conversation, per Bravo. Laughton didn't share the same sentiment and ended up with Franco. However, "Below Deck Mediterranean" fans think Franco and Cohen would have made a better couple. One Reddit user wrote, "Never understood what Joao saw in Brooke." Another responded, "All I can think of is that he probably thought she would sleep with him without needing to put much effort in?"

One "Below Deck Med" fan thought Laughton should have chosen someone else. "I honestly thought Brooke and Collin would have been a perfect match. Colly-Wolly is the sweetest guy and I wish he was picked," a Reddit user wrote. Another had a theory as to why Franco chose Laughton over Cohen. "I think it's because Brooke seems more passive and less demanding than Kasey. Kasey made it clear she expected to be treated like a princess. Brooke supported him in all of his objectionable behaviour," a Bravo fan mused.

The competition over Franco caused a rift between Laughton and Cohen, and the two stews cut ties with each other after the season ended. "The only one, unfortunately, is Brooke that we do not really keep in contact," Cohen told Bravo. Years later, it appears they have put the drama behind them.

All three Below Deckies have moved on from their messy love triangle

"Below Deck Mediterranean" Season 3 aired in 2018, and since then, João Franco, Kasey Cohen, and Brooke Laughton have moved on. In March 2020. Franco announced his engagement with Michelle Dicu. "The most incredible feeling I have ever felt was when she said yes. I've never felt a happiness so true and I fall in love with her over and over again, every day," he shared on Instagram. Unfortunately, he and Dicu parted ways and he announced their split in June 2021. It appears that Franco has since found love again with Domi Tiesi, and regularly shares pictures of the two of them together.

In July 2021, Brooke Laughton announced her engagement to her "soulmate," per Bravo. Franco commented on her now-deleted Instagram post, "So happy for you love! All the best for you guys and your future." But, like Franco, Laughton didn't make it to the altar. Showbiz CheatSheet reported that the former stew shared an Instagram Story that told fans, "Me and my ex broke up for a lot of personal reasons, I'd rather not discuss and struggle to address. But we are OK."

Kasey Cohen has found love with her girlfriend Liron Revivo and often shares pictures of the two cozying up. In May, Cohen posted an Instagram picture of her and Revivo kissing in front of a large heart installment. "Love on the brain," she captioned. It looks like these "Below Deck Med" crew members have learned their lessons and are staying away from any more love triangles.