Sister Wives' Kody Brown Explains Why He Felt Betrayed By Janelle Prior To Their Split

"Sister Wives” has become an increasingly popular television show on TLC showcasing Kody Brown's polyamorous relationships with several women. One included Christine Brown, who has since divorced Kody, per Entertainment Tonight. In September, Season 17 of "Sister Wives" was released and focused on the downfall of Christine and Kody's marriage. However, by the last episode, it seemed like the salesman was close to losing another wife — Janelle Brown.

Janelle, Kody's second wife, decided to tie the knot in 1993, per People. As time passed, however, the couple became more distant, and fights between the two arose. In 2022, the salesman and real estate broker decided to make the difficult decision to separate. Kody and Janelle's separation was revealed in a teaser for the upcoming "Sister Wives: One-on-One" special. The special is set to dive deeper into all the drama that unfolded in Season 17 of the reality show, including that of the 53-year-old and his second wife.

In the snippet, Kody said, "Janelle has made it pretty clear to me that she's enjoying her life without me." The clip then cuts to Janelle sharing, "We've been separated for several months." Kody confirmed that the two are separated in the last moments of the teaser, leaving fans in awe. However, viewers also saw their rising tensions in the show long before they decided to separate.

Kody and Janelle had a heated argument over Christmas plans

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown had plenty of things to talk about in the last episode of "Sister Wives." Throughout the season, the couple hasn't seen eye-to-eye, and their latest argument involves Christmas plans.

In Season 17, Gabriel and Garrison, two of Janelle and Kody's kids, were upset about their father and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown's, rules regarding COVID-19, per InTouch Weekly. Kody wanted the boys to apologize, but they didn't, causing Christmas plans to foil. In the episode, Janelle shared that over the holiday, she and her kids will have their own place to be at, and Kody can come visit. This infuriates Kody as he shares in a confessional, "I think that sometimes Janelle has to pit me against the boys, or never supported me with the boys. I'm having the hardest time not just feeling like she's betraying me." Kody then claims he never asked the boys to apologize to him.

The rage grew after Janelle shared that Christine, who divorced Kody, would join them at the rental. He felt backstabbed and turned to his other wives for backup. He said, "Am I the only one who sees this as a betrayal?" Receiving no response, Kody continues to argue about the "neutral zone" Janelle had planned. In a separate confessional, Janelle shared that Kody tried to use Robyn and Meri to show a "united front." In the end, nothing was resolved as Janelle got up to leave the conversation.