Tyler Perry Shades The Royal Family After Getting Even Closer To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Tyler Perry, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry go way back. The unlikely friendship started in 2020 when Harry and Meghan fled royal life for North America and landed at Perry's house. Perry put the couple up and provided them with full security detail until they found their own place and organized their own security. This was crucial as Prince Charles had allegedly cut off his youngest son and ceased providing protection for the closely followed couple, per Vanity Fair.

Since then, Perry has become a close friend and outspoken supporter of Meghan and Harry – even as they have faced immense tabloid criticism. "The love they have is really, really moving, and I just wanted to do anything I could to support them," Perry said during a 2022 appearance on "The Today Show." "What I know about the two of them that I wish the world knew is how much they love [each other]," Perry continued. "These two people love each other, they found each other. Out of all these odds against them finding each other, they found each other."

Perry's support so touched Meghan and Harry that they even asked him to be the godfather of their second child, Lilibet. For his part, Perry has continued to defend the couples. In their Netflix documentary "Harry and Meghan," Perry appeared on screen for an interview and threw major shade at their estranged family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle found a true friend

If you have any questions about Tyler Perry's feelings toward the royal family, this should clarify things. During his appearance in "Harry and Meghan" on Netflix, Perry divulged that while he was honored Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted him to be their daughter's godfather, there was no way he was doing any christening ceremony with the royals in the UK. "Does this mean we gotta go over there and do all of that in the church with [the royal family]?" Perry said, via Twitter. "Because I don't wanna do all of that."

Refusing to attend a church ceremony was light shade compared to what else Perry had to say about the royal family. "To use the institution to try and do all the things a batterer would do, like, here's what we're gonna do, 'we're gonna cut off the money; we're not gonna leave you security; we're gonna do all those things to make you comply and come back.'" Perry explained, adding that he "applauded" the couple for leaving when they did, per The Independent.

Perry also took the time to throw some well-deserved shade at Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, who infamously sold photos to the paparazzi days before her wedding. "I found it to be hurtful if he were my father," per Page Six. "And then to walk into all of that madness and need the security of family and then have your father do some horrible things."