The View's Alyssa Farah Griffin Isn't Buying Into Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Netflix Narrative

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's docuseries spilled shocking and intimate revelations as promised, including Harry blaming the Daily Mail on Sunday for Meghan's 2020 miscarriage, per Yahoo! News. Unsurprisingly though, "Harry & Meghan" — despite being the No. 1 documentary debut within its premiere week on Netflix — has attracted its share of detractors.

Among the criticisms for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is the opinion that, as private citizens who resigned from public service, they are still exposing themselves in the spotlight. Political commentator Larry Elder tweeted, "So let me get this straight. Harry and Meghan, who relocated to America over concerns about lack of privacy, have launched a Netflix series sharing "private" text messages, photos from dates, video diaries, and clips of their son. Got it."

The Sussexes issued a rebuttal to this particular critique from the public, with their press secretary reminding the media, per Today, that "their statement announcing their decision to step back mentions nothing of privacy and reiterates their desire to continue their roles and public duties." By resigning as senior royals, the couple was merely opting to reclaim control of "their story on their terms," their secretary stated. Still, that wasn't enough to persuade "The View"'s Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Alyssa Farah Griffin didn't hold back in slamming Harry and Meghan's docuseries

On the December 15 episode of "The View," Alyssa Farah Griffin butted heads with fellow panelists over her criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's docuseries. "They seem to want privacy, yet they're going out — they already did Oprah," Griffin said, per Decider. While Griffin acknowledged Harry and Meghan's "point about taking back the narrative," she opined that they could have done so while living more discreetly. 

Griffin, however, did give the series and the Sussexes points for highlighting issues of racism and classism, emphasizing, "I don't want to diminish [Meghan's] suffering because I think it's very real. If you watch it, you feel her suffering." Compared to "a lot of suffering in the world," however, Griffin believed that the Duke and Duchess have it way easier. Co-host Sunny Hostin was quick to chime in at that point that Griffin shouldn't "compare suffering." 

While other public figures have joined Griffin in disapproving of Harry and Meghan's Netflix series (Piers Morgan tweeted on December 15 about Harry's "grotesque and sickening betrayal of his family."), the Sussexes have gained vocal supporters as well. Country star Maren Morris blasted the "profound hatred and annoyance at Meghan" in a Dec. 10 TikTok,  quipping, "Since people are saying, 'A woman should never take a man away from his family. That's all this is.' Um, have you seen this family?'"