Sister Wives' Kody Brown Doesn't Hold Back About Ex Christine

Christine Brown was the first domino to fall in Kody Brown's plural marriage. The pair had been spiritually married for 25 years when Christine announced her departure. In a November 2021 Instagram post, she wrote, "Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave." The "Sister Wives" stars share six children: daughters Truely, Ysabel, Gwendlyn, Mykelti, and Aspyn, and son Paedon.

In a sneak peek at Part 2 of the "Sister Wives: One on One" special, viewers learned that Janelle Brown had also ditched Kody, and in another teaser shared by People, Meri Brown revealed that it was Kody who ended their spiritual marriage. Meri said that she'd like to reconcile, but added, "I don't think that he's interested." This makes the name of the Brown family's TV series a misnomer, as Kody now just has one, sisterless wife: Robyn Brown.

In a Season 17 episode, Kody made a hurtful confession to Christine. "It's true that I wasn't attracted to you when we got married," he said, per Insider. But it wasn't the inevitable intimacy issues that ensued that made Christine decide to pull the plug on their ill-fated union. She told People that she lost all respect for Kody when he decided not to be with their daughter Ysabel when she underwent surgery for scoliosis. "I really find it hard to stay with a guy who I don't respect," she said. Now, Kody is saying his piece about their marital issues.

Kody Brown accused Christine Brown of playing games

During Season 17 of "Sister Wives," viewers witnessed the fracturing of the polygamist family and the fallout from Christine Brown's decision to leave. In one episode, Kody Brown confessed to going through the motions for his ex. "I was holding her hand. I was kissing her. I wasn't in love," he said, per ET. "I was doing it as my duty as a husband." But in the "Sister Wives: One on One" special, he clearly wasn't going to play nice anymore after Christine decided that faking it wasn't cutting it anymore.

Kody tried to turn the tables on Christine, accusing her of causing their marital strife. "She's a game player. From the time we were married, [it was] manipulation, pouting, temper tantrums, just behavior things," he said. Kody claimed that Christine got angry when he was talking to the wives about the possibility of reconciling with Meri Brown, who was basically estranged from him at the time. "She comes to our family party and leaves yelling to one of the kids that she was in a loveless marriage," he said.

Though their relationship is done, Christine said that she would have stayed with Kody for the sake of their kids — if he'd bothered to build strong relationships with them. "If they knew he loved them, if he wanted to spend time with them, I'd stay," she said on the "Reality Life with Kate Casey" podcast. "He just wasn't there."