Everything We Know About Robert De Niro's Troubling Home Invasion

"The Irishman" actor Robert De Niro found himself in a real-life "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" situation.

De Niro has worked hard to achieve the success he has had in the entertainment industry. Britannica notes that the Oscar-winner dropped out of school at 16 to pursue a career in acting. From that point on, he continued to push himself and officially got his big break in the film "Bang the Drum Slowly." Over the years, De Niro has taken on some of the most iconic roles, allowing him to play anyone, from an overprotective father in "Meet The Parents" to a member of the mob in "Goodfellas."

Coincidentally, became a thief in 1995's "Heat." De Niro played a clever robber who had a line of strategies to outwit the authorities. He probably thought that would be the closest he'd get to robbery, in fact. Unfortunately, the actor had to deal with a brief scare at his home, per Page Six. Because of their wealth or the amount they flash on social media, many celebrities have become the victims of robberies. De Niro's a pretty private guy and never truly showcases his riches to the world. However, despite his private lifestyle, it did not stop him from becoming a victim of burglary. Here's everything we know about the unfortunate incident so far.

Robert De Niro robbed at New York City townhouse

Robert De Niro found himself in a scary situation after he was robbed in his Upper East Side townhouse in the early hours of December 19, per Page Six.

Cops spotted the woman, Shanice Aviles, attempting to open various doors before finding success with De Niro's townhouse, per theĀ New York Post. Like a scene from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," the 30-year-old woman was caught by authorities messing with the actor's iPad and trying to take presents from underneath a Christmas tree. Police confirmed the incident, saying, "She was stealing Christmas presents."

A source told the outlet that the home was filled with photos of the "Goodfellas" actor. The source also shared that the actor was unaware of the attempted robbery because De Niro was upstairs, while his daughter was in another bedroom. Fortunately, authorities were able to catch Aviles before she could get away with the presents. Officials report this isn't the first time Aviles has had a run-in with the law as she has a total of 26 prior arrests on her record. In 2022 alone, Aviles was caught by authorities 16 times for both burglary and petit larceny. As for her attempted robbery at De Niro's home, charges are still pending.