What Happened To Matt And Kim After Catfish?

Sometimes, people who strike up close connections online aren't really who they say they are. That's the premise of the MTV series "Catfish," which was based on the 2010 documentary of the same name. In the reality TV show, two people who've been talking solely online meet in person, with their true identities finally revealed. The series, which premiered in 2012, ran for eight seasons and was hosted by show creator Nev Schulman.

During its run, "Catfish" amused and enthralled viewers. But fans also became curious about people's lives after the show. People were shocked to learn that "Catfish" star Ashley Sawyer died from a drug overdose at the age of 23. On a lighter note, one episode of "Catfish" featured Matt and Kim, a pair that chatted online for over a decade before meeting, per InTouch Weekly. So, why did it take so long for this tight pair to sit in the same room? Apparently, Matt had reservations about meeting in person due to insecurities about his weight. The two, however, eventually met for the popular MTV series. So what happened to Matt and Kim after "Catfish?" Did they ever develop a more intimate relationship?

Inside Matt and Kim's personal lives

In a 2017 clip from Season 6 of "Catfish: The TV Show Reunion," Matt and Kim separately talked about their ongoing friendship. She revealed that they've been friends for more than 15 years, which includes the time they started talking. Although they aren't romantically involved, she described Matt as a significant person in her life. Matt spilled the tea on their personal lives, saying, "She's in her own relationship, has a child, and I'm engaged." He added a heartwarming detail about their bond, remarking, "We both just have our own things going on but we'll always remain friends."

As of 2022, Matt and Kim have stayed friends as they explore relationships with other people, per InTouch Weekly. While Kim has maintained her privacy regarding her personal life, Matt has documented his romances on social media. In a September 2022 Instagram post, he shared photos of his beau. "Didn't get a chance to post some pics from meeting up with my love @rroamingjo at my sister's in Vegas for labor day weekend. I love every moment I get with her even if it's forced Filipino labor making lumpia for 900 hours straight," he wrote. "Haha jk I came out of the park retirement for her because that's how much I love her." Based on this post, the couple seemed to be happy as ever!

Here's what Matt is up to

While we don't know much about Kim's current activity, Matt has been quite open about various aspects of his life. In March 2022, he took to Facebook to share a major update about his weight loss journey. In a lengthy caption, he wrote, "I have been so excited lately that I've worked towards a mental health level where I don't hate myself looking in the mirror or especially internally." Although he was proud to lose almost 200 pounds, he emphasized that his newfound focus on mental health has been the most important thing.

So, what else is Matt up to these days? According to his Twitter bio, he's an actor and comedian residing in Los Angeles, California. He's shared some of his work on Instagram, which includes a satirical horror clip of an animated pizza. Yup, you heard that right. Apparently, he did voice-over on the project. As an entertainer, Matt seems to have fun without taking himself too seriously.