The Family Chantel: What Happened To Pedro Jimeno's Father?

The "90 Day Fiancé" franchise is full of memorable couples, one of which is definitely Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno. Everett and Jimeno became so popular with "90 Day" viewers that TLC gave them their own spin-off series, "The Family Chantel." While fans have learned more about Everett's family from the series, as given in its title, there's been much less discussion of Jimeno's biological father, in particular.

In Season 3 of "The Family Chantel," reports Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Jimeno decided to make contact with his father, whom he has never really known, through a paternal cousin. As described by Screen Rant, Jimeno and his younger sister were born as a result of an affair between their mother and their biological father, Pedro Sr. On an earlier episode of "The Family Chantel," Jimeno explained, as quoted by People, "I don't have a father. I don't know my father. My mom tells us that he has another family. I don't ask too much about that story because it's too hard for me."

Unfortunately, the journey to learn more about himself and his father came with some twists and turns for Jimeno.

Pedro Jimeno's father has other children

As Pedro Jimeno himself had previously mentioned on "The Family Chantel," his father, Pedro Sr., has another family. Showbiz Cheat Sheet notes that Jimeno discovered from his cousin that one of his half-brothers also has the name Pedro but goes by "Junior." His other half-brother's name is Jonathan. (Jimeno's Instagram handle is "pedrojosejrjimeno," and his display name is "Pedro Jr Jimeno," suggesting that he also uses "Jr." as part of his full name.)

In Touch Weekly wrote that, on Season 3 of "The Family Chantel," Jimeno met with his half-brothers for the first time and learned that they had only found out about him and his sister after one of them discovered a letter from Jimeno's mother to his father. His mother, however, denied having written the letter in the first place, and it does not appear that Jimeno has made contact with his father since the episodes were filmed to get his perspective on what had happened between them.

Fans think Pedro Jimeno's story was embellished

MEAWW has described fan reactions to Pedro Jimeno's plotline from Season 3 of "The Family Chantel," and some fans are reportedly casting doubt on the truth behind the story. One Reddit user shared a photo of Jimeno and wife Chantel Everett pictured with his half-siblings from long before Season 3 of "The Family Chantel" was filmed.

Website Monsters & Critics added that the photo was taken from the Instagram account of the wife of one of Jimeno's half-brothers. The photograph in question is also reported to be from 2014, though Us Weekly reports that Everett and Jimeno got engaged in 2016. It is possible, of course, that the photograph was taken while Everett and Jimeno were dating, but that doesn't explain the fact that Jimeno's half-brothers were pictured years before he was said to have met them. Likewise, Monsters & Critics included screenshots of comments from fans who voiced their disappointment with TLC and Jimeno in relation to the apparently faked story.