The Family Chantel Season 4 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

TLC's "90 Day Fiancé" has spawned a slew of spin-offs. "The Family Chantel" has proved the most successful. "90 Day Fiancé" fans weren't thrilled about yet another show — already suffering a touch of "Fiancé" overload. However, Starcasm reported that "The Family Chantel" bagged the highest ratings of any spin-off premiere. Over 1.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the ups, downs, and all arounds of everyday life for Chantel Everett, Pedro Jimeno, and their over-the-top, rowdy, and outspoken family members and friends.

"Our fans can't get enough of Pedro, Chantel, and their larger-than-life families. For a brand known as THE destination for love, relationships, and family shows, THE FAMILY CHANTEL hits the bullseye," Network General Manager Howard Lee excitedly announced in the TLC launch press statement. And, it seems that Lee was spot on the money, as the show has continued to pull in the viewers — in addition to continuing to deliver on the melodrama and theatrics.

The drama started right from the get-go. Chantel first introduced her Dominican-born fiancé Pedro during "90 Day Fiancé." She did so under the guise that he lived in the U.S. on a study visa. Not surprisingly, having kicked off their relationship with a lie, Chantel's outspoken family had plenty to say when they discovered the truth. There were serious trust issues as people questioned Pedro's true motivations, causing lots of drama. And what does drama equal? Viewers, And what do viewers equal? A fourth season, of course.

When will Season 4 of The Family Chantel be released?

Fans have been left hanging, eagerly waiting to find out if there will be another season of "The Family Chantel" ever since the last one ended in December 2021. Initially, it was believed the show may have been canceled as there was no immediate announcement. "You need to get back The Family Chantel I have pretty good taste when it comes to reality shows!!!! I like the fact that Karen is a fighter when it comes to her children!! Reminds me of my mother!!!", one viewer wrote on Premiere Date.

Well, good news, fans! Per Variety, "The Family Chantel" Season 4 will return on June 6, 2022 at 8 p.m. PT/ET. Last season ended on a dramatic note, not surprisingly. Next Season TV opined that the last installment was the most compelling ever. Chantel's nephew, Riverknight Everett, had gotten himself a serious girlfriend –- to the shock of everyone. Chantel's sister, Winter Everett, was also feeling the love. She had reunited with her ex-boyfriend Jah and was seriously toying with the idea of marriage.

Meanwhile, there were fights, feuds, and fractures galore during a disastrous Philippines vacay. Things got so heated and rancid that Chantel's brother, Royal Everett, and his wife, Angenette Everett, decided they were done with all the drama. They vowed to wash their hands of the whole family for good. So, will they be part of the cast of "The Family Chantel" Season 4?

Who's in the cast of The Family Chantel Season 4?

It goes without saying that both Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno will return for Season 4. TLC has kept pretty mum so far about the new season. However, despite Royal Everett and wife Agenette Everett's hissy fit, it's safe to assume they'll be back again with the rest of the family, because the show is all about the drama!

Per Screen Rant, Chantel took more of a back seat last season, as one of the main plotlines involved Pedro attempting to uncover his family roots. He had returned to the Dominican Republic to find his birth father, who'd been married when Pedro was conceived and never played a part in his life. Given the emotional storyline, it's safe to assume it will play a significant role in the upcoming season. It's speculated that Pedro will track down and attempt to build a relationship with his estranged dad.

But nobody puts Chantel in the corner! So she'll be firmly front and center again during Season 4 –- especially as she celebrates a milestone birthday. Chantel's Instagram page gives a sneak peek into all the celebratory shenanigans as she turns "dirty 30" –- in addition to a lot of bikini pics –- because well, if you've got it, flaunt it. Chantel also proudly flaunts her hubby, with super cute photos of the two of them together. So, yes, everybody can assume their marriage is still going strong after five years, despite any ups and downs along the way.

What else can we expect in The Family Chantel Season 4?

When it comes to what else we can expect in "The Family Chantel" Season 4, one thing is a certainty –- even more drama. Going by Chantel Everett's Insta feed, we can also look forward to an abundance of glitz, glamor, and partying. However, it's not all bubbles and balloons; there is definitely a lot of family time involved too. And as all viewers know by now, family time means fights, feuds, and drama!

Obviously, there will be a continuation of last season's main plotlines. It's likely Chantel's little sister Winter Everett's reignited romance will play a prominent role. Everybody was relieved when she broke things off with her longtime boyfriend, Jah. "After seven years of dating my sister, if you're not friendly with our family, I don't know if there's anything you can do [to make things good]," Chantel said.

However, the relief soon turned to shock when the couple got back together again towards the end of Season 3. There is no love lost between the family and Jah. In fact, the last time they'd spent time altogether, things had gotten, well, more than a little cray. So, when Winter announced they were engaged to be married, the reaction was priceless. Jah's devotion to the controversial Church of the Nazarene has always been of concern to the family. Now she's pondering marriage to him; that concern will inevitably grow and feature heavily throughout Season 4.