What Happened To Robert Brian Clark After Catfish?

MTV's hit reality series "Catfish" examined the phenomenon of online connections. The show, hosted by Nev Schulman, debuted in 2012, and ran for eight seasons. In the series, two people who have developed an intimate relationship online finally meet in person and discover if they've been catfished. In 2019, Schulman, who also created the show, talked to Newsweek about the link between mental health and online relationships. He said, "People feel isolated, they're unhappy or they're depressed and they turn to a safe place which, in many cases, is a friend who's not connected to their everyday lives."

Of course, "Catfish" viewers aren't only interested in people's lives on the show. Fans are hungry to know how these relationships — once existing solely online — actually evolved. Although they didn't end up together romantically, people were pleased to hear that "Catfish" stars Matt and Kim remained friends. But what ever happened to Robert Brian Clark, another "Catfish" favorite?

Inside Robert Brian Clark's tragic death

Robert Brian Clark was featured on Season 2 of "Catfish," which aired in 2013. The episode focused on a young woman named Jesse Bettinger who had been talking to Clark online for a number of years, per Reality Titbit. At the time, she was interested in leaving her family's home and starting a relationship with Clark, who lived in Alabama. Their first meeting didn't go according to plan, as Clark did not show up. To Bettinger's shock, he was arrested for possession of a weapon of mass destruction, per Starcasm. A few years later, he asked Bettinger to come live with him, but she was apprehensive. While Clark and Bettinger eventually met and bonded on "Catfish," the pair never settled down together.

In December 2016, Clark tragically died at age 33, per Us Weekly. He was in a motorcycle crash in Birmingham, Alabama. As reported by local news, he was riding his motorcycle when he "became airborne while crossing a set of railroad tracks." The "Catfish" alum was thrown from the vehicle and hit by a passing driver on the highway. The incident occurred in the early evening, with Clark discovered dead on the scene.

Jesse Bettinger's anger surrounding Robert Brian Clark's death

After learning the sad news about Robert Brian Clark, his "Catfish" co-star, Jesse Bettinger, offered her condolences on Facebook (via the Daily Mail). She posted numerous pictures of the Marine veteran and wrote, "I'll never forget our good times." Bettinger continued, "Your struggle is finally over." Apparently, she was referring to Clark's battle with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bettinger later took to Facebook to address the unwanted attention she was receiving as a result of Clark's death, per the Daily Mail. Airing her frustrations, she remarked, "Don't all of a sudden act like a friend of mine because Brian passed away." She then called out MTV, writing, "Fake a** producers call me to get info then do a tribute for Brian 3 months after he died ... mostly all of you never even met him. All about the ratings. .. ugh!! This crap drives me crazy. Just let him rest in peace and leave me alone about it, please.'"

"Catfish" fans also mourned Clark's tragic death on Twitter. One user wrote, "so sad! I really liked Brian & wished him the best. RIP Marine." Another person tweeted, "He was only my age! I can't even imagine what his family is going through!"