James Corden Speaks Up About Moving On From The Late Late Show

Love him or hate him — James Corden's upcoming exit from "The Late Late Show" will forever change the world of late night television. According to Deadline, Corden is leaving "Late Late" in 2023, nearly nine years after he joined the show. Corden's iteration differed greatly from previous host Craig Ferguson's. Thanks to his relationships with current pop idols such as One Direction and the Jonas Brothers, Corden bolstered support from younger generations, who often campaigned for their faves to participate in the show's fun, offbeat games. 

Of course, the show also benefited from Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" segment, which gave the world's biggest musicians (such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Adele) a stage to share their live vocals and impressive musical catalogues with millions of viewers. And while Corden's shady side has been a major topic of discussion as of late, it's clear that his hosting legacy has already been cemented. For those wondering about Corden's feelings surrounding leaving his popular show behind, he recently spilled all the details in a new interview. 

James Corden is looking towards the future

During a recent appearance on the "Happy, Sad, Confused" podcast, James Corden gave listeners some insight into his feelings about "The Late Late Show" ending. "I feel excited and scared in equal measure," Corden said. "I will miss the show, I will miss the show more than I think I can even comprehend right now. I will miss the people that I work with and the friendships that I've made, it is the most extraordinary place to work." However, he "couldn't shake" the feeling of wondering what else he might be capable of. "I feel like there was a feeling of safety at the show, which is an unnatural feeling for me." Surprisingly, Corden also shared that he doesn't have anything else lined up at the moment. "I have absolutely no plans," shared Corden. "I think I probably should sit in some silence for a minute. I think I should try not to jump into something else for at least a moment." 

Corden also stressed his desire to focus mostly on his wife and three children as they move back to England. Corden recently echoed similar sentiments with Jimmy Fallon. "We're a long way from home and we really want our children to know what it's like to grow up in London... To have a solid relationship with their grandparents and that is time that you don't get back," he said on "The Tonight Show."