Diamond Expert Breaks Down Details Of Cher's Apparent Engagement Ring - Exclusive

Cher caused quite a stir when she was romantically linked to Alexander "AE" Edwards. The pair were initially spotted holding hands in Los Angeles, which made headlines in November, as many wondered if this meant Cher was dating the music executive, per People. Previously, Edwards had a long-term relationship with Amber Rose, and the two share a child. Not long after photos of the "Believe" singer and her rumored beau surfaced, Cher posted a photo of Edwards to her Twitter account along with a heart emoji on November 6. Cher responded to a few fans in the replies. "He better be treating you like the queen you are!" one follower wrote. "Like a [crown emoji]," Cher replied.

The next month, the "Moonstruck" star spoke about her relationship with Edwards, and addressed their age gap. "On paper it's kind of ridiculous, but in real life we get along great," Cher said on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on December 2. She also explained that men closer to her in age were often turned off by her "strong personality."

On Christmas, it appeared that Cher and her boyfriend had taken a major step in their relationship. The "All or Nothing" singer uploaded a photo of a stunning diamond ring. "There R No Words Alexander, A.E," she tweeted on December 25. This caused many to speculate if Cher and Edwards were engaged. Nicki Swift had an expert break down just how much the jaw-dropping ring could be worth.

Why Cher's new diamond ring is so impressive

Nicki Swift spoke to Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, who evaluated the ring Cher received from Alexander "AE" Edwards on Christmas. According to Fried, the beauty of the ring was not only in the sheer amount of bling. "Any ring with a 6-carat diamond, especially a pear-shaped stone, is definitely a customized ring designed with careful detail," The Diamond Pro CEO told us. He believed the piece was worked on by experts who put careful thought into the customization. "The diamonds lining the band were chosen to enhance the diamond's beauty without overpowering it," Fried said. Fans were understandably impressed by the ring, and so was Fried. "Together, the ring showcases a balance of dazzling excellence and timeless style," he added.

Similar to Cher herself, Fried believed the ring had staying power that would endure as long as her hit song "Believe." The diamond expert also gave a valuation of the ring. "The diamond looks to be north of 6 carats and I would estimate the value at $250,000," Fried said.

Even though Cher's new ring had a dizzying amount of diamonds and a potentially staggering price tag, a source close to the "Mask" actor said it was just a Christmas present from Edwards. "They are not engaged," the insider told E! News on December 27. After initially posting the sparkler, Cher uploaded another Twitter snap of Edwards holding the ring. "I posted this cause his nails are so cool," she explained.