Where Julia Fox Stands With Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Today

Julia Fox and Kanye "Ye" West's early 2022 romance was something akin to performance art for the social media era. From coordinated couple couture fits to blog posts about their date nights, theirs seemed more eventful than the average two-month-long relationship. 

After their breakup, Fox continuously felt its fallout. When many raised concerns about Ye's harassing posts on Instagram toward ex-wife Kim Kardashian's then-beau, Pete Davidson, Fox defended the rapper ... at first. The 32-year-old actor told TMZ that Ye "would not hurt a fly," but she qualified her stance a few days later. Writing in a since-deleted Instagram post, per Us Weekly, Fox noted that she "had not seen the latest Instagram posts" at the time of the TMZ interview. Either way, she continued in her post, "I wish I had the answers, but I do not ... The mainstream life isn't for me."

Fox also felt the lingering impact of her Ye fling in her professional life. The "Uncut Gems" star revealed, during a tell-all appearance on Emily Ratajkowski's "High Low with EmRata" podcast, that she was fielding fewer acting offers than she did before her romance with Ye. "I definitely noticed a shift ... not in a good way," Fox said, suspecting that Hollywood producers found her a "liability" these days. 

Naturally, it wouldn't be the beginning of a new year without Fox being asked to comment on Kimye yet again, and she revealed some insight into where she stands with the two exes today. 

Julia Fox is over Kimye

It seems Julia Fox would rather talk about anything other than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian these days. During a January 4 guest appearance on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," the actor revealed to host Andy Cohen (via E! News), "I have not talked to Kanye in almost a year." As for Kardashian, Fox recalled that despite having "been in the same room as Kim ... we've never spoken about anything." The latter is the more surprising revelation, as Fox flaunted her fondness for Kardashian's SKIMS shapewear line on Instagram in 2020 — long before she met Ye, per Page Six. When asked why she and "The Kardashians" star didn't speak, Fox simply replied, "Well, it was a very big room. So I was here, she was there. That was it." 

Overall, Fox seems to have tired of her continued association with the Yeezy designer. As she cheekily told Cohen, "We were literally together for like a minute. Like, I don't even think he knows my full name or anything" (referring to her middle name). How things can change in a year! As she revealed in a now-deleted TikTok (per Complex), Fox's original motive for dating Ye was to ease the rapper's mind off his divorce. Fox said in her video at the time, "Oh my God. Maybe I can get him off of Kim's case." Nowadays, it seems like Fox needs a break from Kimye's drama herself.