Sister Wives: Who Is Meri Brown's Only Child, Leon?

Ah, the never-ending saga that is "Sister Wives." TLC knew what they were doing when they cast Kody Brown and his many wives for the epic journey of their plural marriage. It's tough not to watch! For a long time, Kody held his stance that each person had a right to choose their kind of marriage. After all, his Instagram bio reads: "Passionate about INDIVIDUAL rights. Apologetic for taking that 'red pill'... dang it!! Awake!" While it seemed plural marriage may have been working for his family for a while, his credibility took a turn when three of his four wives announced their separations from him.

Christine Brown announced that she was done with the marriage in November 2021. Then, in late 2022, Janelle Brown revealed that she and Kody had been separated for some time. Meri Brown and Kody announced shortly after that they were calling it quits. This left Kody in a sudden state of monogamy with his remaining wife, Robyn Brown. 

While fans may not have been surprised three of Kody's wives hit the road, they did express concern over how the Browns' combined 18 children will handle the change. One of their children, Leon Brown, the son of Meri and Kody, seems to be doing just fine.

Leon Brown is overcoming the challenges of their childhood

The only child of Meri and Kody Brown, Leon Brown has opened up about their life. In June 2022, Leon shared on Instagram revealed that they were transgender. "So here's me ... to let you know that I am trans. My name is Leon or Leo (I love both) and my pronouns are they/them," Leon wrote. Without getting too specific, Leon spoke about their childhood and the challenges that they had to overcome. "I remember the first time that I knew I wasn't a girl," Leon went on. "Unfortunately, I grew up in a context that was incredibly gendered & restrictive. So I continued to be socialized as a girl and later a woman." But things have changed for Leon, as they have begun to embrace their true self. "And that self is incredibly genderqueer, trans, and unapologetic," they added.

The comments on Leon's post were supportive and had surprisingly little to do with TLC's "Sister Wives," showing that Leon's been able to separate themselves from that previous environment. Leon's partner, Audrey Kriss, is also active on social media and regularly shares happy photos of their relationship. In one photo shared by Audrey, a fan mentioned Meri's split from Kody. "I am so happy Meri is finally going to be out of such a toxic relationship," the user commented. "I know you and Leon are beyond happy in your lives together. Please ... be the awesome in her life."

Leon is a writer and a yogi

Leon Brown shared in their Instagram bio that they're a writer. They are also an avid yogi. "When I am on my mat, my prayers are for me and they are for you," they wrote on a post, sharing a yoga pose. "My prayers are that each human being can be held in the highest of dignity. And then when I get off my mat, I pray on my feet, with my actions." So, it certainly seems like Leon is living their best life, and is proud to show it. 

Leon's mother, Meri Brown, has been very supportive of Leon Brown's journey. The proud mom shared a photo of herself on Instagram with Leon and their partner, Audrey Kriss, while the three were in Oregon in March 2022. "Days by the beach, nights by the fire, all of it surrounded by people I love! The time I spent on the Oregon coast last weekend was fulfilling, relaxing, invigorating, rejuvenating, all the things my body and soul needed," Meri wrote. Fans loved seeing the cute group pic. "I'm so happy you and your mom have such a good family thing going on right now. You [three] are the cutest family unit," one fan wrote in the comments.