90 Day Fiancé: Why Tarik Had A Major Falling Out With His Brother Dean

TLC's "90 Day Fiance" combines the highs and lows of falling in love with the added drama of long-distance relationships. What could go wrong? The ever-popular show typically follows American citizens who fall in love with people all over the world, and they have 90 days to decide on marriage before the visas run out. The clock is ticking! There's often confusion over cultural differences and the ever-present worry about marriages motivated only by visas.

There are so many couples worth following up on, but one situation caught our attention in a major way, and it actually has to do with two brothers rather than a romantic relationship. Tarik Myers and his brother, Dean Hashim, both met Filippino women online and pursued relationships with them. Dean fell in love with Rigin Bado, and the two later shared the happy news of their pregnancy. Meanwhile, Tarik fell in love with Hazel Cagalitan, but they had a more complicated relationship. Hazel wanted a polyamorous relationship with a woman named Minty, whom Tarik had previously dated. This was new territory for Tarik. They broke up and got back together, but fans still aren't rooting for their engagement. While there's all this drama, Tarik and Dean had a huge falling out too, and it's a little more complicated.

What Tarik had to say

Tarik Myers had major beef with his brother, Dean Hashim. Tarik told ET that Dean tried to get him fired from the show, "90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk." "There's bad blood from him to me," Tarik said. "It got really ugly. And I don't even know if I'm supposed to say this or not, but ... he tried to get them to fire me. He told them that if he couldn't do 'Pillow Talk' alone because he was the star, that he'd quit. So, news flash, Dean tried to get his brother fired from 'Pillow Talk.' Period. End of story. Now, if you don't call that backstabbing ..." Yikes! Meanwhile, Hazel Cagalitan claimed that Dean was jealous of Tarik and that's why he acted out.

On top of this, Tarik felt very betrayed that Dean quit "90 Day Fiance." During the first episode of "90 Day Bares All," Tarik said, "We finished filming the last episode of 'Pillow Talk' that we did. Afterward, Dean and I went out, chopped it up, you know, went and got some dinner. He goes back home, I go back home thinking everything is great. A week later, the executive producer of 'Pillow Talk' calls me like, 'Yo, uh, your brother quit.' Out of the blue," (via Us Weekly). Tarik went on to say that they had financial plans together that would have been made possible by their time on the TLC show, so it was shocking to him that Dean pulled out.

What Dean had to say

There are two sides to every story. Dean Hashim had his own take on why things were rocky between him and his brother, Tarik Myers. During a sit-down with Us Weekly in January 2021, Dean explained his side, especially why he left "Pillow Talk." He began, "I didn't get fired from 'Pillow Talk.' I walked away from 'Pillow Talk' because of the competitive, narcissistic and manipulative — just downright wicked — things that my brother was doing to me behind the scenes."

Dean also claimed that Tarik was speaking poorly of him behind his back, both on social media and to other people in person. "I don't talk about him but when you look at his social media, he's blabbing at the mouth, talking mess about me," Dean said of his brother. "Talking mess about me on the show, which millions of people watch. But it's OK because, me? I don't want to live my life with that back-and-forth stuff." Part of their deeper tension was that Dean didn't like Tarik's fiance, Hazel Cagalitan, per InTouch Weekly. Dean's mistrust of her made Tarik defensive and that also contributed to the rift.