90 Day Fiance: The Truth About Dean And Rigin's Pregnancy

There's another baby on the way for the 90 Day Fiancé franchise! Pillow Talk star Dean Hashim announced on the Discovery+ spinoff talk show 90 Day Bares All that he is expecting a baby boy with girlfriend Rigin Bado. Fans remember Dean from his criticism of brother Tarik Myers' romance with fiancé Hazel Cagalitan. Previously Dean had reservations about Tarik traveling to the Philippines to propose to Hazel. Now, during Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé, Tarik and Dean aren't even on speaking terms.

Tarik has called Dean a "hypocrite" after Dean also fell in love with a woman from the Philippines. "After Dean gave me so much s**t, he turned around and did the same thing I did," Dean said in a confessional during a December 2020 episode, per TV Insider"He met some girl on WhatsApp, and moved with her to the Philippines." 

Well, now Dean is expecting a son due in spring 2021 with "that girl," Rigin. Keep scrolling to find out more about Dean and Rigin's relationship, and how Tarik took the news. 

Dean Hashim broke the news to brother Tarik Myers on-camera

What better way to stir the pot than to spill the tea on national TV? Dean Hashim announced his girlfriend Rigin Bado is pregnant on 90 Day Bares Allin front of brother Tarik Myers and host Shaun Robinson. "My girl is five months pregnant," Dean told Tarik for the first time on Jan. 13, 2021. "I don't like having to find out that you have a child on the way from Shaun," Tarik responded. 

According to Us Weekly, Dean didn't even know Rigin was capable of having children after being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. The Virginia-based reality star claims he was "speechless" after learning the news. Rigin suffered a miscarriage, and the couple then decided to try to have children. "That's how I came to the realization," Dean explained. The couple went to a fertility specialist and conceived again within a month. Rigin is due in spring 2021. Dean, 40, also has daughter Bri from a previous relationship, who is attending college in fall 2021. 

While the brothers no doubt have to mend their relationship after their Pillow Talk drama, fans are still skeptical over Dean's true intentions. After the 90 Day Bares All announcement, fans have criticized Dean for purposefully not telling Tarik the pregnancy news to cause more drama on the show, per Screen Rant

No matter the reason though, congratulations are in order for Dean and Rigin!