90 Day Fiance: Why Tarik And Hazel Added Another Woman To Their Relationship

Fans of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé have been buzzing ever since Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan revealed during the Dec. 13, 2020, episode their desire to have a polyamorous relationship. So what's going on?

The pair first met on an Asian dating website, and Tarik quickly fell in love with the Thailand native. But as the couple got closer, Hazel revealed her sexuality might prevent them from having a monogamous relationship. "A while ago, Hazel dropped a bomb on me," Tarik said during the episode. "She told me that she was bisexual. And I will admit, I was kind of surprised by it." Although he supports Hazel, he revealed he was nervous to go into uncharted territory. "Not long after that, she started talking about having a girlfriend. But there are so many questions that that brings up ... Is she really in this for me? I feel cautiously optimistic about it but we're not even married yet and what you're thinking about is the girlfriend we need to find?"

Despite Tarik's reservations, the couple embarked on a mission to find a third partner once Hazel relocated to the United States from Asia. "Is there hot girls there?" Hazel asked Tarik during a FaceTime call featured on the show. "Like, kind of girls that I like?" to which he replied, "Virginia Beach is full of smoking hot women." Eventually, Tarik did grant Hazel's wish, but not as they had planned. Keep on scrolling for more details about their third partner.

Tarik introduced Hazel to his side flame

Hazel might have been excited to add another woman to her relationship with Tarik, but things didn't go quite as she imagined. Tarik revealed that when the pair were engaged for almost a year, they briefly broke off their engagement after the couple had a pregnancy scare, per TV Insider. Although their quarrel ended up being a big misunderstanding, three weeks after their short split, Tarik started chatting with another Thai woman named Minty. "I wouldn't say that I was falling in love, but I was falling in like," he said during the Dec. 13, 2020, episode of 90 Day Fiancé. After linking up with Minty, Tarik reached out to Hazel to patch things up and reveal he was also talking to someone else. After Tarik asked for forgiveness, Hazel wondered whether the three of them could enter into a polyamorous relationship.

The trio decided to test out their relationship on a beach vacation, but Hazel tossed Minty out after only two days together. "There was this jealousy that came over Hazel immediately and it ended right there. And Hazel told me to never contact Minty ever again," Tarik shared. However, he admitted that he did start speaking with Minty again. 

Clearly, there is no telling what is next for Tarik and Hazel ... and Minty.