90 Day Fiance: Why Tarik Is No Longer Speaking To His Brother Dean

High school sweethearts who go to different colleges can surely tell you that long-distance relationships are not easy. Add in a reality TV crew, and the stakes become especially high. Enter 90 Day Fiancé, a reality show about couples from different countries trying to make their relationships work.

One major source of drama on the show always revolves around the families of the couples. Usually, they have some reservations about these rushed relationships. This brings us to Season 8's Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan. Tarik and Hazel, who met via a dating app, have had more than enough issues throughout their relationship to raise some eyebrows. She's from the Philippines, and he's from the U.S. They were engaged for a while, but Tarik ended things when he thought Hazel terminated a pregnancy, but, as it turned out, Hazel was never pregnant. While they were separated, Tarik started dating another woman named Minty. Hazel liked Minty so much that she wanted Minty to be part of a polyamorous relationship with them. The arrangement, however, was short-lived.

So yeah, things are little weird. In fact, Tarik's relationship with Hazel is so divisive among his family members that he and his brother Dean reportedly are not speaking anymore. Read on to find out why. 

Tarik Myers thinks his brother is a hypocrite

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé began with Tarik Myers preparing for his long-distance fiancée, Hazel Cagalitan, to travel from the Philippines to finally live with him in the U.S. In preparation for her arrival, Tarik did some shopping. He picked up a powder blue suit — Hazel's favorite color — to wear when he picks her up at the airport. While shopping with his friend Angela, Tarik opened up about his troubled relationship with his brother Dean, as reported by TV Insider.

Tarik informed Angela that Dean had refused to attend his wedding due to the breakdown of their once-close relationship. That is not entirely surprising, considering that when Dean first met Hazel on a trip to the Philippines, he told Tarik in no uncertain terms that he was pretty sure Hazel was only interested in him for a visa.

Imagine Tarik's surprise when, a few years later, Dean fell in love and moved in with a woman from the Philippines whom he met via WhatsApp. "After Dean gave me so much s**t, he turned around and did the same thing that I did. He met some girl on WhatsApp, moved with her to the Philippines," Tarik vented to Angela. It seems like the brothers have more in common than they thought — and hopefully they can work through their differences.