A Complete Timeline Of Zoë Kravitz And Channing Tatum's Hot Relationship

Moviegoers were fangirling over Channing Tatum and his dance crew as they reprised their roles in the third and final installment of the "Magic Mike" film franchise, 2023's "Magic Mike's Last Dance." Loosely based on Tatum's life as a male stripper, the actor first announced that a third film was in the works in a social media post in November 2021. Posting a photo of the movie's script, he wrote, "Well world, looks like Mike Lane's tapping back in." So, although Tatum was saying goodbye to Lane, fans could look forward to seeing the star in a different and much darker upcoming role. And it's all thanks to his future partner, fellow actor Zoë Kravitz.

As announced in June 2021, Tatum and Kravitz started a working relationship when he was tapped to star as the lead in "The Batman" star's directorial debut film, "Pussy Island." Slowly but surely, these two celebs found themselves in a blossoming romance. From their sweet New York City bike ride to sneaking away together after the Met Gala and beyond, their relationship quickly became a hot topic. 

Let's dive into the complete timeline of Channing Tatum's and Zoë Kravitz's relationship and how being cast in her upcoming movie led these two stars to have one of the hottest relationships in Hollywood.

2017: They meet while she's casting actors for her film

While Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz both had voice acting roles in 2017's "The Lego Batman Movie," they first met when she cast the actor in her film "Pussy Island." With the movie in the making since that same year, Tatum shared that he was thrilled with its outcome, telling The Wall Street Journal in 2022, "All the iterations it has gone through were all pretty punk rock, to be honest." The movie stars Tatum as tech mogul Slater King and focuses on relations between sexes regarding power — a nod to the film's provocative title. In the same interview, Kravitz shared that the movie was based on her experiences and "was born out of a lot of anger and frustration around the lack of conversation about the treatment of women, specifically in industries that have a lot of money in them."

Moreover, Kravitz was particular in giving the role of King to Tatum. She previously told Deadline in a joint interview with him, "I just knew from 'Magic Mike' and his live shows, I got this sense he's a true feminist, and I wanted to collaborate with someone who was clearly interested in exploring this subject matter." For his part, Tatum was stunned to be offered the role, stating, "No one gives me a chance to play a role like this; everybody throws me down a different alley and expects me to do a certain thing. It was scary and liberating."

January 2021: Romance rumors spark after Zoë Kravitz's divorce

Before Zoë Kravitz's first feature film was getting buzz, her romantic life was making its way into the headlines. According to People, the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet filed for divorce from her husband, Karl Glusman, in December 2020 after 18 months of marriage. That June, the couple had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Zoë shared a since-deleted photo of their wedding day on Instagram, while Glusman called the actor his "best friend" in his separate now-deleted post. 

A month after news of their divorce, Zoë and Channing Tatum were romantically linked. However, People reported that the rumors weren't true and that the two stars were "working together on an upcoming project," which was later learned to be Zoë's film. Meanwhile, Tatum was reportedly single at the time. The actor was previously married to Jenna Dewan, whom he met on the set of their movie "Step Up" in 2006. The former couple wed in 2010 and welcomed a daughter named Everly in 2013. They later divorced in 2018. Tatum also went on to date British singer Jessie J from October 2018 to April 2020.

June 2021: Their joint interview has the stars laughing about Tatum's fashion sense

In a joint interview with Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum for Deadline, where they discussed her new film "Pussy Island," the stars poked fun at one another when Kravitz questioned his fashion choices upon meeting him, which seemed to reveal the star's close bond.

Although Kravitz admired Tatum's acting skills, she didn't care so much about his choice of shoes, sharing that she told him to get rid of his Crocs. "When someone can just come out and tell me I should not be wearing Crocs and is so adamant about it, she completely convinced me, and I never wear Crocs anymore," Tatum said. "... She had a good argument. The one thing I can pull off his listening."

In fact, Tatum would later tell his good friend and "21 Jump Street" co-star, Jonah Hill, for VMAN that he had trouble transitioning his style ever since being raised in the South and making his way into Hollywood. He thanked Hill and included Kravitz for helping him find the confidence to wear clothes that felt true to him. "Look, I went on a little bit of a journey trying to do Balenciaga and all this s***. And I was just like, 'This ain't me either,'" Tatum said, adding, "And then some friends of mine, like you and Zo [Zoë Kravitz], were like, 'Why don't you just wear what you wear? Why don't you just be you?'"

August 2021: They spend loads of time together that summer

Although the media denied a romance between Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz in the early months of 2021, there was no denying that the stars had more than a working relationship with each other that summer. Kravitz and Tatum were photographed together for the first time while in New York City in August. The pair shared a laugh, and Kravitz even hopped on the back of Tatum's bike, where she wrapped her arms around him. Days later, the duo was spotted together grabbing coffee and getting groceries.

At the time, both stars did not confirm nor deny a relationship. However, a source reportedly told E! News, "They are more than just close friends or co-stars. Their relationship has grown into more." In late August, photographers spotted them having lunch together, which was also around the same time that Kravitz's divorce from Karl Glusman was finalized.

More outings continued in and around the Big Apple. In September, the pair walked through Central Park and grabbed a bite to eat in Brooklyn. By October, they were fueling more romance rumors when they were seen holding hands. 

September 2021: Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz leave the Met Gala together

One of the biggest confirmations of a romance between Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum was at the 2021 Met Gala in New York City that September. The actors arrived at the event, which theme was "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," separately. Kravitz wore a stunning see-through crystal dress by Saint Laurent, while Tatum opted for a sleek, black Versace suit. However, by the end of the night, photographs showed the duo exiting the prestigious event together to attend an afterparty.

The then-rumored couple attended the Cincoro Tequila Met Gala afterparty, which was hosted by Alicia Keys and had stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Gabrielle Union, and tequila founder Michael Jordan in attendance. People reported that Kravitz even switched out of her sparkly dress into a black suit. A source alleged that Kravitz and Tatum "did not take their hands off of each other" during the party.

The couple had still yet to confirm their romance. But, according to ET, the duo was getting serious. "Zoë and Channing are dating. It started out as a friendship and eventually turned to be something more," a source alleged.

October 2021: They wear matching Halloween costumes

If matching Halloween costumes weren't a sign that Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz were officially together, we don't know what is. In October 2021, Tatum shared several photos on his Instagram Stories of the two dressed up in costumes based on the characters in the classic 1976 film "Taxi Driver." "The Lost City" actor dressed up as cab driver Travis Bickle, played by Robert De Niro, while Kravitz dressed up as Iris, portrayed by Jodi Foster. The couple went all in with their outfits, too. Tatum wore a field jacket and jeans and shaved his head into a mohawk. Kravitz wore a cropped floral blouse, red shorts, and a sun hat as they appeared to be enjoying themselves at a Halloween party.

Kravitz fueled romance rumors when she reposted a photo on her Instagram Story of fans recreating her and Tatum's 2021 bike outing in New York City. It was the pair's first public outing, with the actor standing on the back of Tatum's bike as she has her arms around him. It has become one of their most memorable moments. Alongside the fan photo, she wrote, "El Oh El. Yes," clearly impressed by the recreation. 

February 2022: Zoë Kravitz hints at their romance

In February 2022, Zoë Kravitz broke her silence when asked about her relationship with Channing Tatum. "The Batman" star graced the cover of the March issue of Elle magazine, where she stated, "I'm happy," and nothing more regarding her status with Tatum. However, she did share that she was thrilled to see the actor star in her upcoming directorial debut, noting, "And I don't think we've ever seen him play someone dark. I'm excited to see him do that."

During an interview with The Wall Street Journal in August 2022, Kravitz further opened up about her relationship with Tatum. She shared that if it wasn't for her casting the actor for her film, "Pussy Island," the two may have never crossed paths. "When you make things with people, it's a very sacred space, and when you're compatible with somebody creatively, it opens up other channels because you're kind of sharing all of yourself," Kravitz said, adding, "I'm really grateful that this movie has brought him into my life that way."

February 2022: Channing Tatum bonds with her family

Zoë Kravitz's parents, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, married in 1987 but divorced in 1993. However, they continued to have a loving relationship with one another, aka ex-couple goals, even when Bonet moved on with actor Jason Momoa. Those two dated for 12 years before eventually tying the knot in 2017. But the duo shocked fans when they called off their marriage in January 2022. 

Still, Momoa supported his former stepdaughter at the premiere of "The Batman" in New York City that February. In fact, Zoë starring as Catwoman makes the two actors part of the same DC Comic universe after Momoa played Aquaman. And who was there with Momoa to congratulate Zoë on her film? It was none other than Channing Tatum, who flew to the premiere with Momoa. In an Instagram post, the "Dune" actor posed with Tatum in two separate photos before flying into the city. He shared, "SO EXCITED @channingtatum and I are on our way to see our ZOZO."

Moreover, Tatum has kept close to Zoë's father, Lenny Kravitz. In September 2021, the singer posted a photo on Instagram with his shirt unbuttoned, exposing his abs. Tatum commented on the post, "Good god, man! What are you eating, or what's in the water of the genes? It's not natural. Do you just do abs like all day?" Lenny jokingly responded, "@channingtatum Dude, I'm just trying to get in the next Magic Mike. Any connections?"

July 2022: He gushes over Zoë Kravitz's directing skills

In July 2022, Channing Tatum appeared to be just as open as Zoë Kravitz that year when discussing their relationship. While speaking to ET about Kravitz's directing skills, Tatum shared, "I'm in awe," adding, "She's doing better than I did on our first movie with 'Dog.' I mean, jeez, we barely survived, and she's just killing it." 

Tatum also shared that he was thankful that Kravitz could see something in him, which allowed him to take on a different and much darker role than he typically plays. "She's got a weird gift for that. She sees right through a lot of people's stuff, and really, just who they are to her is really simple. She's one of the more intentional people I've ever met in my life," he gushed.

Earlier in the year, Tatum referred to Kravitz as "a perfectionist in the best way possible" when speaking to Variety about her directing debut. 

November 2022: Zoë Kravitz shares that Tatum was a significant support for her while making their film

In November 2022, Zoë Kravitz got remarkably candid when speaking to GQ about Channing Tatum and how he supported her. By this time, it was obvious that the two were heavily involved with one another. "He's just a wonderful human. He makes me laugh, and we both really love art and talking about art and the exploration of why we do what we do," she said, adding that he was a supportive force for her during her film process. "He really was my protector, and it was really wonderful and sweet. I think if you can do something like that together, it's a good test. And we came out even stronger," Kravitz shared.

Although they had both opened up about one another in multiple interviews, Kravitz and Tatum didn't appear to be taking things to the next level anytime soon. In her interview with GQ, Kravitz felt that she was "supposed to want" marriage and children but questioned those major life events. As for Tatum, he told Vanity Fair in January 2023 that he didn't think he'd ever tie the knot again after his divorce from Jenna Dewan. "Relationships are hard for me," Tatum revealed, adding, "But heart things, when it comes to people I love, I have a really hard time. I end up trying too hard, you know?"

January 2023: Channing Tatum opens up about the early stages of their relationship

In Channing Tatum's interview for Vanity Fair in 2023, the "Magic Mike" actor admitted that he and Zoë Kravitz may have never been an item after losing touch with one another after his initial meeting for the film "Pussy Island." However, after more than two years, the stars reconnected to review the "Kimi" actor's new script. Clearly on board with the latest version, Tatum shared, "That's the kind of person you want to create with. That really has this perspective they're constantly digging for."

Tatum also revealed that he'd scored the rights to the 1990 classic "Ghost," which starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. However, he shared that if he ever did remake the film, things would look different to avoid stereotypes depicted in the original movie. But the bigger question is, will fans one day get to see a collaboration with Tatum starring as Sam Wheat and his beau, Kravitz, portraying Molly Jensen? We'll be crossing our fingers. 

August 2023: The pair attend Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley's wedding

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz's relationship continued throughout 2023, despite the pair keeping it extremely low-key. In August, the couple attended actor Margaret Qualley and musician Jack Antonoff's wedding in Beach Haven, New Jersey, which was a star-studded event.

Tatum and Kravitz were photographed arriving at the wedding together, with Kravitz wearing a strapless black dress, open-toed shoes, and black sunglasses. As for Tatum, he matched Kravitz with a black shirt and pants with a tan sports coat and sunglasses. The couple was joined by several celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Lana Del Ray, and Mae Whitman. The previous night, Tatum, Kravitz, and Swift were also photographed arriving at and leaving Qualley and Antonoff's rehearsal dinner together. 

As fans of Swift know, she and Kravitz have been close friends for quite some time. In 2022, the "Big Little Lies" actor told GQ that she spent time with the songstress during the coronavirus lockdown in London. "She was my pod. She was a very important part of being in London, just having a friend that I could see and that would make me home-cooked meals and dinner on my birthday," Kravitz shared. 

October 2023: Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum are reportedly engaged

In September 2023, Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz were spotted holding hands as they stepped out on a date night in Paris, France. The couple were in the city of love for Paris Fashion Week. The following month, Tatum and Kravitz attended Kendall Jenner's celebrity-filled Halloween party at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where they coordinated their costumes again. This time, the couple recreated the 1968 film "Rosemary's Baby," with Tatum dressed in a onesie while Kravitz wore a long white nightgown while holding a knife. She even dyed her hair blonde to appear like Mia Farrow's character in the movie.

The pair obviously nailed their Halloween costumes, but what really stood out was the massive diamond ring on Kravitz's finger. According to sources cited by People, the couple was reportedly engaged after two years of dating. Noting Tatum's excitement over this new step in the pair's relationship, an insider later told the outlet that following his divorce from Jenna Dewan, "It took him a while to feel happy and to find a new life. He can't stop smiling around [Kravitz]. They are very cute together." (We couldn't agree more!)

Although it's unknown how the reported engagement actually went down, we're holding out hope this low-key couple would spill the beans reasonably soon. As for the wedding, it's sure to be a star-studded event, potentially with the likes of Taylor Swift in attendance as well as Kravitz's well-known family members, including her mother, Lisa Bonet, father, Lenny Kravitz, and former stepdad, Jason Momoa.