Marika Kazimierska

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Riverview, MI
Adelphi University
Celebrity News, Reality Television, Pop Culture, Lifestyle
  • Marika Kazimierska is a Features Writer for Nicki Swift.
  • She has previously worked for multiple entertainment news sites including and
  • She loves to provide readers with the most up-to-date news stories about their favorite celebs.


Marika Kazimierska has worked as a professional writer for over eight years. She is experienced in covering the latest celebrity and entertainment news and enjoys creating engaging content for her readers on their favorite celebrities and reality television shows. Marika was a full-time writer for covering everything from celebrity gossip to what Kylie Jenner look matches your horoscope sign. She joined Nicki Swift in 2020 and currently crafts unique celebrity features.


Marika has a bachelor's degree in communications with a concentration in Journalism from Adelphi University, a small private school in Long Island, New York.
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