Who Is Ryan Garcia's Soon To Be Ex-Wife, Drea Celina?

Boxing fanatics all over the world know who Ryan Garcia is. At 25, Garcia, aka "King Ry," is among his generation's most talented professional boxers. In 2021, he held the World Boxing Council interim lightweight title, and as of this writing, he has a record of 24 wins, 20 of which are KOs, and one loss. Garcia's skills in the ring have also garnered him tons of attention on social media. He's one of the most followed boxers on Instagram, with over 10 million followers. On TikTok, the athlete has over 5 million followers.

With so much attention on this young boxer's career, there's also been just as much focus on his personal life. Although he's managed to keep much of his love life out of the spotlight, he did shock the world with news that he was divorcing the mother of his children, Andrea Celina, at the beginning of 2024. In fact, fans of Garcia had no idea he and Celina were even married!

So, just who exactly is Andrea "Drea" Celina, and what happened between her and the pro boxer? 

Garcia and Drea Celina have been together since 2019

Former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya knew the potential a young Ryan Garcia would have in the ring when he signed him to his firm, Golden Boy Promotions, in 2016. That same year, at 17, Garcia won his first boxing match by TKO against Edgar Meza. The Mexican-American athlete has won every match since. However, in 2022, Garcia experienced his first loss against the undefeated Gervonta Davis.

Flying high in his boxing career, you'd assume that Garcia wouldn't necessarily be settling down. In 2019, at the age of 21, Garcia became a father for the first time when he and his then-girlfriend, Catherine Gamez, welcomed a daughter named Rylie. However, the couple broke up, and Garcia began to see Andrea "Drea" Celina that same year. In December 2020, Garcia and Celina welcomed a daughter named Bela, making it the boxer's second daughter and Celina's first child. 

Garcia and Celina had kept much of their relationship under wraps. There are no photos of Garcia on Celina's Instagram, and Garcia makes no mention of either of his children's mothers on his page despite sharing pictures of his two girls in several snaps. 

She's an influencer

As mentioned before, Garcia and Celina had not made much of their romance known to the public. There are no Mother's Day or Father's Day shoutouts or birthday messages on either of the pair's social media accounts. However, one thing is for sure: Celina has a major following on Instagram that boasts over 150,000 followers.

According to The U.S. Sun, Celina is of Mexican and Italian descent. She has worked with several fashion labels and served as a brand ambassador for popular retailers. Looking at her Instagram, which has fewer than 10 photos, Celina loves to travel the world. She's shared selfies while in the streets of Rome, Italy, wearing a white one-piece swimsuit in Greece and enjoying the beaches of Hawaii with her daughter Bela. The influencer also is an avid foodie. Her Instagram highlights include the several restaurants she's dined at and her own cooking creations.   

Cheating rumors plagued the couple

Despite Ryan Garcia and Drea Celina keeping a low profile, paparazzi are all over this major athlete. In October 2020, he was caught getting intimate with TikTok star Malu Trevejo while Celina was pregnant with their first child.

Photos obtained by the Daily Mail showed Garcia and Trevejo kissing outside of a Los Angeles restaurant. A pregnant Celina took to Instagram in a now-deleted post, sharing a screenshot of The Hollywood Fix's Instagram post of the two kissing, and wrote, "Meanwhile, I go visit my family he tells me he's training hard for this fight. But IG SHOWS ME THIS. 7 weeks left till I give birth and this piece of s*** stay being disgusting." In the same post, Celina claimed Garcia barely sees his first daughter, Rylie, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Catherine Gamez, and whom she tagged in her post. She added, "@kingry is a HORRIBLE EVIL HUMAN."

According to the New York Post, Garcia issued a statement acknowledging that he had made a mistake. "Just clearing some things I seen regarding Malu and Drea. Andrea and I aren't engaged but we were still trying to fix our relationship." He added, "Malu and I went there as friends and we got caught up in the moment but there isn't anything there, I'd didn't intend to hurt anyone. This is my personal life and I'm not going to speak on this ever again." Despite potentially cheating on Drea, the pair appeared to mend their relationship.

The boxer announced his divorce just hours after announcing the birth of his son

On December 23, 2023, Drea Celina and Ryan Garcia welcomed their second child, a son named Henry Leo. However, it wasn't until the following year that both mom and dad announced the birth of Henry. On January 5, 2024, Garcia shared a photo of his son on Instagram with the caption, "Honored To announce my Beautiful First Born SON. PRAISE THE LORD. I am so thankful, I love him so much already." On the same day, Celina shared several photos of her newborn with their daughter Bela holding her new baby brother. "Introducing the new king," she wrote on her Instagram post.

Just hours after their baby announcement, Garcia took to Instagram to also announce that he and Celina were getting divorced. As reported by TMZ, his shocking statement, which was later removed, read, "As I step into this new chapter in my life, it's with a heavy heart to share that Drea and I have decided to divorce. While this decision marks the end of our marriage, it's important to emphasize that our relationship as co-parents remains our top priority."

Was there something more to their sudden divorce?

News of Ryan Garcia's divorce just hours after announcing that he became a father for the third time was a complete shock. TMZ obtained court documents of their divorce, which stated that the boxer and Drea Celina split due to "irreconcilable differences."

The documents further stated that the pair were married on January 14, 2021, and separated on Christmas Day in 2023. In addition, the filing read that Garcia would pay spousal support for 17 1/2 months and is "willing to financially support" both of their kids. However, there appeared to be more to this story. As reported by TMZ, although Celina did not post a statement regarding their separation, she did share a photo of Eminem's song, "Love the Way You Lie" on her Instagram Story. The song features Rihanna and is about a couple in a toxic and dysfunctional relationship.

Since the news of their divorce, Celina has uploaded videos and photos of Henry on her Instagram highlights titled "luvs." Weeks after the announcement, images obtained by Daily Mail show Celina allegedly still living in Garcia's Los Angeles mansion. She was spotted taking their children, Bela and Henry, and Garcia's daughter, Rylie, to a cafe. As for Garcia, he seems to be focused on his next big fight. On January 17, 2024, De La Hoya may have confirmed his next opponent on X (formerly known as Twitter). "Looking like @RyanGarcia vs jose Ramirez is getting close to happening," he wrote.