NFL Players With Drop Dead Gorgeous Family Members

It's no secret that America loves football. Millions tune in each week during football season to cheer on their favorite NFL team, and some diehard fans might go so far as to say they love their team's players like they're family. Of course, the beloved players have families of their own, and many of their loved ones also happen to be dazzling.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady comes to mind; after all, up until the end of 2022 he was married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Of course, there's actor Kerry Washington, whose husband is former San Francisco 49ers player, Nnamdi Asomugha. Then there's singer Jessie James Decker, whose husband Eric Decker, not only starred with her on a reality TV show but was a former wide receiver for the New York Jets. He even once gushed about his wife's beauty on Instagram, writing, "Proud of this hot mama for crushing her first swim fashion show! Smoke show."

But what about the football stars still active in the NFL? A lot of them not only have stunning wives but some even have very attractive siblings. So let's break down which NFL players have drop dead gorgeous family members.

Fred Warner's wife wowed on reality TV

If San Francisco 49ers player Fred Warner's wife, Sydney Hightower, looks familiar, you're probably a member of Bachelor Nation. The beauty competed for Peter Weber's heart on "The Bachelor" but it was Warner who ultimately won hers after he slid into her DMs at the advice of his sister-in-law. Hightower recalled on "The Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast, "He waited until I was sent home, and around two weeks later, he found me on Instagram and shot his shot!" It definitely was the right move since they went on to date. Warner did not wait long to pop the question. As he shared on Instagram in May 2021, "When you know, you know."

It was then up to Hightower to make their wedding happen since the NFL kept Warner busy. Hightower admitted to Us Weekly, "Planning a wedding during football season and now we're in playoffs, he's not involved." She appeared to have done a great job though because she told E! News that she flew in a chapel from France. "It was extremely romantic and very secluded and private," she dished.

Now that wedding planning is behind her, from the looks of her Instagram, Hightower is spending time supporting her man. She's posted videos of them kissing on the field and of her rooting him on from the sidelines. After the season ended, she wrote, "To say I'm proud of you #54 is the biggest understatement...Your a legend and you deserve every ring there ever was!"

Russell Wilson is married to superstar stunner Ciara

You could say that the NFL player who has the most obvious gorgeous family member is Denver Broncos quarterback, Russell Wilson. He is, of course, married to music superstar, Ciara. The couple's been together since 2015 and famously chose to remain celibate until marriage. Wilson had shared how difficult that was because of his then-girlfriend's beauty, telling Rock Church, "I know y'all have seen her on the screen... If there's a 10, she's a 15." They went on to get married that next year though and welcomed their first child together, a daughter in 2017.

Despite their busy schedules, Ciara once told Us Weekly, "We do our best to keep our once a week date night ritual going." By 2020, they even expanded their family with another son (Ciara also shares a son with ex, Future) before going into business together that next year with their RNC fragrance. "I'm grateful for the ability to build brands we love together," Wilson wrote on Instagram.

They of course were by each other's sides during hard times too, like when Wilson had surgery on an injured finger. Ciara wrote on Instagram, "You're the toughest Man I know... I love you so much my Sweet King." The singer also stood by him when he had an underwhelming 2022/2023 season. She dedicated another post about how proud she was of him, writing, "Ive watched you endure so much and keep your head up high through it all!"

Jordan Poyer is married to a model

It's no secret that Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer's wife, Rachel Bush, is gorgeous. After all, she's an actual model. According to The U.S. Sun, the two met over Twitter when Bush was 18. They went on to tie the knot years later in Jamaica in 2018; two years before that, they welcomed their daughter, Aliyah. In addition to being a WAG, Bush runs her own beauty business, LeaLa Natural Skincare, as well as a lucrative OnlyFans account.

Bush is also known to post bikini photos for her 4.2 M followers on Instagram. If you're wondering if Poyer minds his wife's sexy photos, from the looks of his comments, he's all for it. He often posts heart emojis under her photos or writes sweet things like "Okayyy!!! ILY!" He did jokingly make it clear she was taken on one post though, commenting, "Mine." While her husband may be ok with it, others apparently aren't since her TikTok once got deleted. According to The New York Post, she dished, "I haven't even posted a full bikini video for fear of losing my account LOL."

Yet Bush doesn't just use her social media for modeling photos either, considering that she also posts her support for Poyer, whether it's through wearing Bills merchandise or posting a video of them kissing on the sidelines. She once wrote, "Just a little reminder/pep talk at the end- reminding you, you the best to do it boo."

Odell Beckham Jr.'s partner is an actor and model

Los Angeles Rams star Odell Beckham Jr.'s girlfriend, Lauren "Lolo" Wood, is another beauty that many are sure to recognize. According to Us Weekly, Wood had appeared on MTV's "Wild 'n' Out" from 2014 to 2016 and now is a popular Instagram influencer as well as fitness trainer. She and Beckham have been together since at least 2019 (that's when they went Instagram official). They later went on to make their red carpet debut at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2020, per People, where Wood and OBJ showed up looking radiant. 

It isn't just all glam for the couple though. In 2020, Wood was by Beckham's side after he underwent ACL surgery following an injury. Yet things got much better after that because in November 2021 they announced that they were expecting a baby together. Beckham's team even went on to win the Super Bowl in 2022 and he was pictured kissing Wood's baby bump during the celebration.

Days later, Wood gave birth to their son, Zydn, and Beckham couldn't help but gush about his partner. He took to Instagram to write, "Lauren Wood, u changed my life forever... i now kno with u by my side and holding it down for me, I can get thru anything." Since then, the couple has attended events like the 2022 ESPYs as a beautiful family of three.

Christian McCaffrey has athletic brothers

San Francisco 49ers player Christian McCaffrey is obviously very good looking, as is his girlfriend, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. But what fans may not know is that Christian isn't the only stud in the family because he has three handsome brothers. Like Christian, they are involved in football in some way, including his older brother, Max McCaffrey, who played in the NFL as a wide receiver. He eventually changed gears to coaching for the University of Northern Colorado. He posted about it on Instagram in June 2022, writing, "Camp season was a success! So many hardworking players who came to get better."

Christian's younger brother, Dylan McCaffrey, plays college football, first for the University of Michigan and then for the University of Northern Colorado after transferring. Dylan has also posted about his team, like in November 2022, when he wrote, "Great senior night! Great team win! Thankful for this squad." Perhaps more importantly though, he's shown off his abs on Instagram too and has modeled clothing for the brand Flag and Anthem.

The youngest McCaffrey brother, Luke, plays college football as well, but unlike his brothers has nothing to do with Northern Colorado. Instead as of 2023, Luke was playing wide receiver for Rice University in Texas after transferring there from Nebraska. He often posts about football on his Instagram but in one post got pretty sentimental about his family. He gushed, "I am so thankful for everyone who is or has been in my life."

George Kittle's wife is a beautiful blogger

George Kittle is another San Francisco 49ers player with a beautiful family member. He's married to stunning blogger Claire Kittle. The two met at the University of Iowa when they were just freshmen back in 2012, per People. She too had been an athlete, having played basketball throughout college. She even went on to run a personal training business and teach fitness classes for a time.

If you think it was love at first sight though, think again. As George recalled in an Instagram video, "I saw her and...spent the next eight months in the friend zone...and then I somehow tricked her into liking me." The couple went on to date for almost six years before he popped the question in 2018. For the surprise proposal, he used his NFL status to explain why there were cameras with them, claiming it was for a couple's segment. She gushed on her blog, "He absolutely knocked it out of the park and went above and beyond any expectations I ever had."

The couple seemingly surprised many by eloping in 2019 before having a bigger wedding two years later. Claire explained, "I had always looked up to those people who ran away and eloped ...Thought it was so cool!" These days, she continues to blog about her life on "Lettey Set Go" and also keeps fans up to date on her Instagram, sharing photos of her cheering on her husband as well as their adventures together in the off-season.

Cam Newton has a talented and good-looking family

It seems that good looks run in Cam Newton's family. The Carolina Panthers quarterback has a handsome younger brother named Caylin Newton. Football skills apparently run in the family as well: Caylin plays football like Cam and their older brother, Cecil Newton. Yet Caylin doesn't want to be compared to his brothers, telling Click2Houston, "I'm my own man, my own person, and I'm building my own legacy."

Caylin started that legacy at Howard University in 2018 before transferring to Auburn University in Georgia — yes, where Cam played. That may sound strange for someone who doesn't want to be in Cam's shadow, but Caylin had a solid reason. "I heard people say, 'That's Cam's little brother.' I used it as motivation to face the giant head-on," he said. Yet that doesn't mean Cam doesn't inspire him either since Caylin pointed out, "I'm very privileged and blessed to have such an influence around me." 

In early 2022, though, Caylin decided to transfer again to William & Mary to finish off his college career. He dished on Instagram, "I know it feels like Caylin Newton has been in college forever...I'm using my last year of eligibility to pursue a life long dream of mine and that's to play the game I truly love." When Caylin isn't posting about football, he's been very open with his followers, like sharing his experiences with Blount's disease. He also frequently shares photos of his loved ones, even writing in one post, "Family means everything."

Matthew Stafford's stunning wife survived a brain tumor

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford's love story with his lovely wife, Kelly Stafford, almost sounds like something out of a movie. They began dating when he played football for University of Georgia where she was a cheerleader, but Matthew apparently didn't want to commit. "I dated the backup to piss him off," she shared on KFC Radio. "He wanted to have fun, and I was not that type of person."

That seemed to have worked since the couple went on to date for years before marrying in 2015. They later welcomed four girls together, all while Kelly was working as a registered nurse and hosting the popular podcast "The Morning After." The couple went through a major hardship in 2019 though, when Kelly underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor. Matthew told USA Today, "Situations like this change your perspective on a lot of things. ... It's been up and down, just as we kind of expected it to be."

These days however, it seems it's Kelly who is more worried for Matthew, especially after Damar Hamlin's life-threatening injury on the field. In January 2023, she wrote on Instagram, "To all the women who have significant others playing on that field.. I'm with you if you're not ok." She's also been open about the challenges of his busy NFL schedule, captioning a photo of just her with their children, "just missing one person."

Patrick Mahomes' brother is an attractive influencer

It's safe to say that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' attractive brother, Jackson Mahomes, is famous in his own right as a social media influencer. The younger Mahomes boasts thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter, as well as 1 million on TikTok, where he's known for posting himself dancing at Patrick's games. Yet Jackson made it clear that he doesn't use his brother for fame, explaining in a YouTube video, "I don't necessarily use him for clout but there are a lot of advantages and I get a lot of opportunities by being his brother."

Jackson is more than just a TikToker though, having graduated from the University of Missouri–Kansas City in 2022 where he studied marketing. In 2019, he also launched two clothing lines, "Unathletic" and "Jackson From TikTok" to make a name for himself outside of his family. "My whole life, it has been compared to my dad who was a major league baseball player, my brother's in the NFL," he once said on YouTube. "You don't have to be an athlete to be successful."

Jackson's social media rise has come with some controversy however, like when he danced on top of Sean Taylor's memorial logo or posted himself dumping water on Raven's fans. He's also come under fire for allegedly acting rude toward a restaurant staff and reportedly trying to scam a business. That negative attention clearly hurt Jackson, who posted (via The New York Post), "I hate media/news it's destroying my life..."

T.J. Watt's wife is soccer beauty

Pittsburgh Steelers player T.J. Watt is married to Dani Rhodes, who is both a beauty and a professional soccer player. According to People, she met T.J. when they both played sports at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The couple had dated for six years when they got engaged in July 2021. T.J. shared the proposal on Instagram, writing, "I am the luckiest man in the world!!" They tied the knot a year later in a gorgeous beach-front ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Rhodes gushed on Instagram, "When I was a little girl I never thought I'd find someone special enough to ever change my last name." She continued, "But I found him and couldn't be happier to share a name with the man of my dreams."

Outside of wedding pictures, Rhodes often shares photos of herself supporting T.J. at his games. And of course she posts about her own athletic career as well, like in 2021 when she shared, "I will be continuing my professional soccer career and have signed with @throttur in Reykjavik, Iceland!" Before playing in Iceland, Rhodes played for the Chicago Red Stars in 2020, alongside her sister-in-law Kealia Ohai, who is married to T.J.'s brother, J.J. Watt. (And yes, Ohai is gorgeous, too.)

So yes, there are a lot of beautiful family members behind great NFL players. But more importantly, they are just as beautiful on the inside with their constant shows of support.