The Truth About Patrick Mahomes' Brother

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes might be the most famous member of his family. He's got a major net worth thanks to his star power and an arm like a rocket. He's also got some cushy digs in Kansas City and he even built a room entirely dedicated to his sneakers. He's also got the future paved with his fiance, Brittany Matthews, so yeah, he's got a great life ahead of him.

While Patrick might be the most famous in his family, he is by no means the only athlete. His father, Pat Mahomes, was ba former Major League Baseball pitcher, according to FanBuzz. The genetics gifts have obviously passed on to another Mahomes. Patrick's brother, Jackson Mahomes, is 6'6" and actually has a massive social media following. What's up with the Mahomes family?! Are they good at everything?

Despite this success, Jackson's also dealt with a lot of online bullying and has talked about it. Here's the story of Patrick Mahomes' little bro.

Jackson Mahomes opens up about online bullying

What's it like being the younger brother to one of the most famous quarterbacks in the NFL? Well, Jackson Mahomes actually answered our question with a video he shared on his YouTube channel. He asked fans to write in their questions and he responded.

Does he go to college? Yes! Jackson is studying marketing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He also got asked what it's like being related to Patrick Mahomes. "I don't necessarily use him for clout," Jackson explained, "but it does have a lot of advantages and I get a lot of opportunities by being his brother." That's honest. He added that he and Patrick have a "great relationship and are super close," so the family bond is strong there.

He loves Chick-fil-A (same!) and when he gave fans an apartment tour, his closet was full of sneakers, so obviously he and his big bro share the same love of shoes. Jackson shared that he doesn't have a job since he's a full-time student. 

But Jackson shared a tough part about his life too: online bullying. He said that he gets teased a lot for his voice (his voice is fine!). Even on TikTok, where he has over 800,000 followers, his bio reads: "Sup I get Bullied a lot but I'm still here." We hate that he gets bullied, but love his resiliency.