Ben And Jen Get Their Groove Back In Dunkin' Super Bowl 2023 Ad After Grammys Disaster

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez raised some eyebrows at the 2023 Grammys for what looked like trouble in paradise. Commentary largely focused on Affleck, who looked physically pained to be there. However, Affleck proved to be always the stoic after he reportedly was unbothered by the comments (and memes) made about his unhappy demeanor that night. The couple has been in the spotlight a lot, thanks to their whirlwind wedding and their speedy dating, stirring speculation that they were both on the rebound. But we could be wrong. Who isn't a sucker for a happily-ever-after story? 

They're shushing all the haters with their 2023 Super Bowl commercial for Dunkin' Donuts, as they join the ranks of many celebrities who are lending their clout to advertisements for the football event. And they're in good company. Bradley Cooper and his mom starred in a T-Mobile commercial while Snoop Dogg jumped into a pair of Skechers. The beer brand Sam Adams leaned on an NBA legend to give their brew some stardust. But all eyes are on JLo and Affleck as they reclaim the screen.

People are raving about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez shooting a Dunkin' commercial

Ben Affleck, a Massachusetts native, joined Dunkin' Donuts as they hawked coffee to 2023 Super Bowl audiences. In the ad, Affleck plays a drive-thru employee, taking orders and shocking unwitting customers, who are as surprised as anyone to see him at the window. In the final shot, Jennifer Lopez pulls up, baffled to see her husband at work. "What are you doing here?" she asks him. "You're embarrassing me in front of my friends," Affleck whispers back. When Affleck tells his fellow Dunkin' workers that he has to go, Lopez yells, "Grab me a glazed!"

Ahead of the commercial, Affleck spoke to People about his genuine love of Dunkin' coffee. "In Boston, it was such a big deal," he said. "I think I became kind of associated with it, and this sounded like a fun opportunity to kind of play with that association, and a chance to come back here to shoot it at home in Boston."

The commercial was a huge hit for fans. "The Ben Affleck Dunkin' Donuts commercial is the greatest thing ever filmed!!!!!!" actor Devon Sawa tweeted. "Lmao, Ben Affleck working at the Dunkin' Donuts," another wrote with three laughing emojis. In reference to Affleck's miserable face at the Grammys, someone wrote, "UPDATE: Ben Affleck is fine he was just coming off working the drive thru." That's pure gold.