All The Hints Rihanna Gave Us At Super Bowl 2023 That She's Pregnant Again

Rihanna and partner A$AP Rocky welcomed their first son on May 13, 2022, after a very exciting pregnancy, where Rihanna showed off her baby bump literally every chance she got. While she and Rocky have remained tight-lipped about their son, the Fenty founder has opened up about motherhood itself and has a lot of good stuff to say about it. "Oh my god, the mornings, like, seeing his morning face! Seeing a baby with, like, little bags and waking up and they're just, like, startled," she told Entertainment Tonight. "They're trying to figure out where they're at. It's the cutest, it's my favorite part of the day."

While fans naturally wanted more access to her son and to get the opportunity to meet him online, Rihanna said she was being slow to introduce him publicly, including his name. "We just didn't get around to it yet, really. We've just been living," she told the Associated Press (via the Independent). "But I guess there's a certain freedom that comes with kind of just like getting it out there."

With her son less than one year old, Rihanna announced that she was headlining the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show, which was major in and of itself. It's been seven years since she's performed solo. It's not like she's been doing nothing, though. Rihanna put her creative power into her Fenty brands, which have made her a fortune. While she seemingly doesn't slow down, Rihanna dropped plenty of hints during the halftime show that she's pregnant again, and sure enough, she is!

Rihanna's outfit sparked pregnancy rumors

It was during the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show that people began wondering if Rihanna was pregnant with her second baby. To be fair, Rihanna dropped some hints herself. She wore a hot red one-piece tracksuit that belted under her stomach, revealing a bump that took the world by storm. She didn't bother with elaborate costume changes and kept her look movable and simple. Rihanna paired her all-red look with red sneakers. If that doesn't scream pregnancy comfort, we don't know what does. On top of that, while her performance was fantastic, she didn't dance with as much energy as we've seen from her in the past.

Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky have allegedly wanted to expand their family, as insiders told Us Weekly in November 2022 that they were ready to have more kids. "Rihanna and ASAP are very open to more kids, they love being parents and having a family," the insider said. "Having this family together has brought them so much closer, they are more loved up now than ever."

The internet had the same thought during her halftime show and Twitter was buzzing with speculation. "Is Rihanna pregnant? I was waiting for her to remove her jacket with her surprise," one fan asked. "Rihanna is pregnant again and still DEVOURED at the Super Bowl. That's [crazy]. The setlist was fire too and the red fit??? She burned the whole stage down. I loved it," another fan wrote with justified admiration.

Rihanna teased a surprise guest for the halftime show

Prior to her Super Bowl halftime show, Rihanna told CBS' Nate Burleson that she was bringing a surprise guest with her. "I'm thinking about bringing someone, I'm not sure. We'll see," she said. When pressed for more details, she joked that it wouldn't be a surprise if she dished. At the time, we all guessed that she would be bringing out another musical artist. Could it be A$AP Rocky? What about Jay-Z, a longtime collaborator of hers? Well, it seems safe to say now that Rihanna was teasing her pregnancy announcement.

Shortly after her halftime show wrapped, her reps confirmed the news, according to Deadline. The news basically detracted from the Super Bowl itself, but who cares? "It's confirmed by @people that Rihanna is pregnant again, so it's understandable why her dancing was limited. And she still delivered!" a fan tweeted. Another fan joked about A$AP Rocky's name and their quick second pregnancy. "I see why they call him ASAP bro Rihanna is pregnant again," they tweeted. "Rihanna being pregnant again is so cute," another said, cheering her on. Another couldn't help but admire her impressive performance. "Rihanna is pregnant singing and dancing 80 feet in the air and some of y'all scared to get on the ferris wheel at the State Fair," they said. Amen! So much for football! Rihanna and her baby news completely stole the show and we couldn't be happier for her!