RHOSLC Star Jen Shah Is Officially In Prison (& Only Brought 2 Things)

Former reality TV star Jen Shah began serving her prison sentence on February 17, and she has revealed the two items she brought with her. Since 2021, "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star has been embroiled in legal trouble after she and her first assistant Stuart Smith were arrested for running a telemarketing fraud scheme. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Shah and her co-conspirators were offering their victim's "personal information for sale to other members of their fraud ring." While Shah attempted to maintain her innocence by pleading not guilty and attempting to get the charges thrown out, she eventually pled guilty in July 2022.

"Ms. Shah is a good woman who crossed a line. She accepts full responsibility for her actions and deeply apologizes to all who have been harmed," her legal team said in a statement, according to The U.S. Sun. A few months after her guilty plea, Shah was slapped with 6.5 years behind bars alongside five years of supervised release. Before turning herself into Texas's FPC Bryan Prison, the TV personality revealed which items she was bringing with her to serve her 78-month sentence.

Jen Shah has plenty of reading material in tow

On February 17, Jen Shah turned herself into prison to serve her 6.5 years behind bars. However, before beginning her sentence, "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star spoke with "White Collar Service" co-founder Justin Paperny about her impending prison stay and the two items she was bringing with her to FPC Bryan Prison. "I'm going in with two things: the Quran [and] my release plan," she revealed. "So I'm going with an 18-page release plan that has 11 different sections that is going to help me stay on track, hold me accountable." Elsewhere in her interview, Shah opened up about the emotions she was experiencing ahead of her long prison stay.

"Gosh, there's so many emotions I'm feeling right at this moment, getting ready to surrender. Emotional. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous and scared," she revealed. She went on to say that she's been experiencing a new sense of "relief" due to her future being less ambiguous. Shah's interview comes a few weeks after she turned down a chance to interview with Bravo boss Andy Cohen. "I will not be doing the 1:1 with Andy Cohen and Bravo because of their unwillingness to remove contractual provisions that would allow the network to legally make misrepresentations of me and my story, relating to any and all topics, prior to and during the course of my participation," she wrote on Instagram.