Southern Charm Almost Ruined Craig Conover And Kory Keefer's Friendship

Season 2 of "Winter House," which serves as a spin-off to Bravo's "Summer House," premiered on October 22, 2022. Like its predecessor, "Winter House" follows the antics of young, affluent party-goers as they vacation in various scenic locales — only in opposing climates. The show's second season had the "Winter House" cast once again holing up in the luxurious Stowe, Vermont home where all of the previous season's drama took place. With that said, not everything remained the same from season to season. But first, a recap!

Highlights of Season 1 of "Winter House'" include the cast, comprised of both "Winter House and "Southern Charm'" cast members, fighting over who gets the best room, fighting over past (and present) hookups, and fighting over well, everything, really. Season 2 has also served up some entertaining drama for viewers, but this time around with new cast members. Most notable among them is a new Bravo star named Kory Keefer, who was introduced as a friend of Bravo alum, Craig Conover. Fans were instantly delighted to see the friends, who first met while pledging the same college fraternity, bond over their glory days and provide the house with some much-needed levity.

With that said, Conover and Keefer once came close to ending their friendship.

Craig Conover and Kory Keefer were drifting apart

Craig Conover and Kory Keefer were so close at one point that Craig Conover described them as "inseparable" in his book, "Pillow Talk: What's Wrong With My Sewing." However, things weren't always this way. Keefer may be a Bravo newcomer, but Conover is an original cast member of "Southern Charm," which premiered in 2014. Given that Keefer's Bravo debut wouldn't occur for nearly a decade, it seems natural that the former friends might have gone in opposite directions. And that's exactly what happened!

When producers were seeking out new talent, both Conover and Keefer auditioned for a spot on "Southern Charm." Obviously, Conover received the coveted role. As shared in his book, Keefer didn't adjust well to losing out on the role, and it negatively impacted his friendship. "A separation had set in," wrote Conover. "And it led to several arguments between us, often late at night when he and I had had too much to drink. We'd argue, pass out, then wake up as though nothing had happened. Kory later told me that he thought things might have been different if we hadn't lived together. I see his point. Our closeness, our bond, so long a source of joy between us, had suddenly become the thing that was driving us apart."

Have Craig Conover and Kory Keefer ever competed over the same girl?

Fortunately, Craig Conover and Kory Keefer have proven that their bond is legit. Whether posing for photos together on Instagram or entertaining television audiences, their friendship is definitely envy-inducing. However, the pair's recent comments to Andy Cohen's questions during "Watch What Happens Live" could've reignited their past friendship rivalry.

During a game called, "Kory's Hookup History," Cohen asked the friends a variety of questions concerning their respective romantic histories. Cohen first inquired as to which friend had the better "game" in college, prompting Keefer to pat himself on the back. However, he did admit that Conover "taught me the game." However, when Cohen asked Keefer if he and Conover ever "competed" for the same girl," he surprisingly denied it. "No, we always had different tastes," replied Keefer, as Conover nodded in silence.

Well, that certainly explains why there were able to sustain a friendship for so many years.