Who Is Blac Chyna's 18-Year-Old Boyfriend?

When Blac Chyna isn't making headlines for her risqué outfits and flawless social media photos, the mom of two is grabbing our attention with her rocky and tumultuous love life. After ending two engagements — one to son King Cairo's father, rapper Tyga, and the other to Rob Kardashian, the father of her daughter, Dream — Chyna has since found love with a man 11 years her junior, and he's none other than budding rap artist Jay "YBN Almighty Jay" Bradley.

The couple was first seen together in late February 2018 when The Blast spotted them leaving a bowling alley in Los Angeles. By March, Blac Chyna had all but confirmed that she and her much younger beau, who was just 18 years old at the time, were officially an item, telling photographers, "Yeah, we're, like, dating" (via The Blast).

So who is this young man who has stolen the reality TV princess' heart?  Here are all the important facts you need to know about Blac Chyna's new boyfriend.

He hails from Texas but spends a lot of time in Los Angeles

Since sweeping Blac Chyna off of her feet, the young rapper has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles by her side, but YBN Almighty Jay actually hails from the island city of Galveston, Texas, which is located right outside of Houston.

After teaming up with Birmingham, Ala. rapper Nick "YBN Nahmir" Simmons, the two pals began perfecting their style, which consists of them rapidly spitting lyrics back and forth. When XXL magazine asked Jay to describe which artist his style has been compared to, he simply answered, "Nobody," and he's probably right. In a sea of mumble rappers who favor indecipherable lyrics over muddled beats, Jay's flow is refreshing.

With songs like "No Hook" and "Off Instagram" garnering positive attention in the industry, Jay told XXL that his goal was to become "a legend," but he didn't end the interview without giving a shoutout to his girlfriend. When he was asked which moment from his hip-hop career stood out the most, he answered, "The [dating] Blac Chyna s**t. I think that's the most standout. Everyone notices that."

He was a 'bad' kid

In many of his interviews, Jay comes across as a bit of a jokester. Some may blame it on immaturity, but we like to think of it as him just enjoying his time in the spotlight. But there was once a time when his fun-loving personality was the catalyst for problems he experienced during his high school years.

When No Jumper asked him to describe what he was like as a child, YBN Almighty Jay answered, "I was bad as f**k as a kid. I was a bad a** motherf****r." He went on to say he would frequently get kicked out of school and got his "a** whooped every day."

As he bounced around to various schools, he always seemed to gravitate towards the group of hell-raisers, and it wasn't unusual for him to get booted from class for cursing out his teachers.

Despite his bad behavior, he still managed to complete his high school education. The "Bread Winners" artist proudly proclaimed, "I graduated. I have my diploma."

From gospel to hip hop

With lyrics such as, "Shootin' up s**t like the navy / Illegal guns cause these h**s automatic," which can be found on his track "No Hook," most people are perplexed to learn that YBN Almighty Jay's childhood was far from the gun-toting lifestyle that he portrays in his music.

In a candid interview with the No Jumper podcast, the Texas native said he "grew up listening to f***ing gospel music." Apparently, it was the only music his mom listened to, and according to Jay, she reportedly "played the f**k out of that s**t." 

To immerse himself in the type of music he loved, he would hole himself up in his bedroom and listen to rappers, such as Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy, and singer Chris Brown. "I used to be in my room listening to hip hop, rapping in the mirror and s**t," he told the podcast.

Xbox Live launched his music career

While most newcomers to the rap industry use websites, such as SoundCloud, to get their music heard by the masses, YBN Almighty Jay and his music partner, YBN Nahmir, took an entirely different approach.

YBN Almighty Jay was just 9 years old when he first experimented with hip-hop music, the rapper told No Jumper. However, it wasn't until 2012 when he met YBN Nahmir through Xbox Live — an online multiplayer gaming console that he started getting serious about his music. Using a microphone his mom bought him as a Christmas present, he would freestyle rap to entertain the other players. He eventually began recording his own music and released his breakout hit, "Chopsticks," in 2017, which racked up millions of views on YouTube.

Let's recap: He went from being a gamer to a rapper to the boyfriend of one of pop culture's most prominent figures. And to top it all off, he made this progression at lightning speed.

Did they meet on Christian Mingle?

The details surrounding the start of their relationship are a bit iffy, but if you believe YBN Almighty Jay, he and Blac Chyna first came in contact with each other while browsing an online dating site.

While speaking with TMZ, Blac Chyna's boyfriend stated he first met her on Christian Mingle — a faith-based dating website. He also made a joke about their age difference and instructed other young online daters to lie about their ages "because if you're too old the h**s not gonna f**k with you," he said. Duly noted.

With his glowing praise of Christian Mingle, it was only natural for a photog to ask him if he was being endorsed by the dating website, and he confirmed that he wasn't. But we're not so sure we believe his story at all, especially after we learned how much of practical jokester he can be. 

He already proposed to her (sort of)

With their relationship moving at full-throttle, it was only a matter of time before the smitten couple decided to take things to the next level. YBN Almighty Jay didn't waste any time sealing the deal and proclaiming his love for Blac Chyna when he made a gutsy proposal on his Instagram account.

Alongside a solo shot of Blac Chyna, he added a caption, which read, "Will You Marry Me?" and he added a ring emoji for good measure. His Insta-proposal came just two months after the couple was spotted out on their very first date. Yes, you read that right. Two months.

Although Blac Chyna didn't respond to him publicly, we're sure she was elated that her boo appeared to be in it for the long haul. She didn't make it down the aisle with either of her exes, Tyga and Rob Kardashian, but perhaps YBN Almighty Jay will be the man who finally compels her to say, "I do."

Not everyone agrees with their relationship

While he seems to be ecstatic to have Blac Chyna on his arm — which is evidenced by the frequent pictures he posts of her on his social media account — not everyone thinks she's a winner.

His friend and music partner, YBN Nahmir (pictured, left), stopped by Hot 97 radio station and spoke about YBN Almighty Jay's relationship with Chyna. In a shocking public declaration, Nahmir said he thought Blac Chyna was "cool" but getting involved with her romantically is a situation he would definitely "stay away from."

"That could be the homegirl, but me? Never. [YBN Almighty Jay's] gonna have to take that for the team, man," he said during the interview.

Maybe his aversion to Chyna has to do with her very messy, public breakups, including her split from Rob Kardashian that ended with her nudes being illegally posted to social media. No matter, we doubt Jay is looking for anyone's approval, especially as it pertains to his love life. 

He encourages her to pursue music

Rumors swirled in November 2017 that Blac Chyna was working on launching a rap career. Those rumors were confirmed when she leaked a snippet from her new song. With Chyna rapping, "Pop that p***y like a pistol, yeah," on the hook, people probably weren't sure if she was serious or if her song was some sort of parody. However, her debut appeared to be dubbed a major failure, as the full song was buried away and never made its official debut.

While the world was still clutching its pearls over the reality star's raunchy lyrics, YBN Almighty Jay was by her side to provide her with tons of support. While speaking with Beats 1 Apple Music at the SXSW music festival, he was asked about Chyna's skills as a rapper. "Chyna's cool, though, yeah, she got music, she be playing me her music. I'm like, 'Why don't you drop it?'" he said. He ended his comment by saying, "Chyna's fire, bro," in regards to her rap capabilities.

Hey, at least one person enjoys her music, right?

Did she cheat on him?

At the time the snippet from her debut track was released, TMZ confirmed Blac Chyna was working on her first album with some heavy-hitters in the music industry, including Yo Gotti and Swae Lee of the rap duo Rae Sremmurd (pictured, right). It was the latter who found himself caught up in a cheating scandal with the reality maven in March 2018.

A woman named Marliesia Ortiz  who identified herself as Swae Lee's then-girlfriend — accused Chyna of orally servicing the "Black Beatles" artist (via Hot New Hip Hop). The incident allegedly overlapped with Chyna's relationship with YBN Almighty Jay. Yikes.

Swae Lee addressed the rumors in an interview with Big Boy TV, and he definitely didn't deny that he and Chyna had a fling, but he called it all a huge miscommunication. "I'm young and gonna take part in it," he stated in regards to having his cake and eating it too.

Jay didn't seem too concerned about the allegations, though, because he and Blac Chyna were spotted at a Los Angeles restaurant soon thereafter. 

Perhaps the real reason why he didn't give a hoot is because he was looking for some action on the side, as well. When rapper Asian Doll took to her Instagram Live (via The Shade Room), Jay was spotted lurking. He even posted a public comment, asking her to give him a show by removing her undershirt. Oy vey.

Is a baby on the way?

After YBN Almighty Jay announced that he wasn't a fan of wearing condoms during his March 2018 interview with No Jumper (ugh, TMI), many assumed that he and Blac Chyna were looking forward to expanding their family. That April, rumors really started to heat up that the exotic dancer-turned-pop culture figure already had a bun in the oven.

A gossip website reported that Chyna's "two and a half month" baby bump was on full display when she caught a flight at a Los Angeles airport. But days after that announcement was made, TMZ reported that Blac Chyna wasn't pregnant ... yet, but she was interested in having more kids in the future and wasn't "ruling anything out with YBN."

Maybe these two should give it a couple more years before they bring a baby into the mix. However, if they do decide to cement their love by joining forces in the procreation department, we wish them nothing but the best.