Summer House: What Really Happened Between Carl Radke And Danielle Olivera?

"Summer House" is Bravo's answer to anyone who finds "The Real Housewives" too dark. While your favorite Housewives franchise could be full of cheating, lying, and, in more exciting seasons, embezzlement and perjury, "Summer House" is about a bunch of wealthy New Yorkers partying in the Hamptons. In classic Bravo fashion, the show zooms in on East Coast elites who may or may not have a drinking problem.

However, unlike shows like "The Real Housewives," the drama and conflict on "Summer House" never really escalates past a drunken hookup — and certainly never to the level of anything Erika Jayne is doing in the legal world. Case in point: The most recent drama has revolved around how harshly Lindsay Hubbard did or did not speak to Mya Allen during an unfilmed car ride in Los Angeles. Still, whatever "Summer House" lacks in intense "RHOBH"-style conflict, it makes up for in its unflinching examination of the complex interpersonal relationships of the group, which brings us to Danielle Olivera and Carl Radke.

Though they've happily been dating other people for almost the entire time they've been part of the cast, fans have long wondered about Radke and Olivera and what went down before filming began.

Danielle and Carl stayed (messy) friends

Season 4 of "Summer House" culminated with Danielle Olivera and Carl Radke making out in a hot tub. This wouldn't have been a huge deal if they hadn't previously been in a relationship, however, they eventually decided they were better off as friends and went their separate ways without any animosity. While fans may have been hopeful that their Season 4 makeout meant they would rekindle their love, that wasn't the case. These days they are just close friends, even if they don't always get along.

While they never rekindled their romance, it didn't stop Olivera from having plenty of opinions about Radke's new relationships. In 2021, Radke began dating Lindsey Hubbard — formerly Olivera's best friend. At this point, it had been years since Radke and Olivera had dated, and Olivera had more than moved on with Robert Sieber. So, it took everyone — especially Radke and Hubbard — by surprise when Olivera was so unsupportive of their new relationship. She criticized the couple for getting engaged after dating for less than a year and failed to publicly congratulate them.

Olivera has tried to downplay the situation by claiming that she was simply taken aback by how quickly the relationship had progressed, but Hubbard isn't having it and reportedly sees their friendship as beyond repair. As for Radke, he's managed to remain friendly with Olivera and even had her back during a recent breakup.

Danielle Olivera and Carl Radke have each other's backs

Her ex-BFF and ex-boyfriend got lucky in love, but the same can't be said for Olivera. After more than two years together, Olivera and Robert Sieber finally called it quits near the end of last year. "It just wasn't working out. You know, it sucks because there's no animosity," Olivera told People. "I have so much respect for him, but the relationship side, I was becoming unhappy in it," she added. "And expressing that unhappiness didn't work in my favor."

While Olivera has yet to patch things up with Hubbard, she has retained a friendly bond with the rest of the cast, including her ex, Radke, and has been leaning on them for support during the difficult transition. "I might not be close with every single one of them, but each of us have our own friendships, and it feels really, really good," she said. The friendship between Radke and Olivera isn't one-sided either, as Olivera has proven that she has his back.

Radke has been in constant conflict with his ex-boss Kyle Cooke this season. After Cooke alleged that Radke was drunk and drugged out when he wasn't there to defend himself, Olivera spoke up on her ex's behalf. "Kyle, I literally don't want you to sit there right now. I heard every word you said about Carl and it f****** pisses me off," Olivera said, per Us Weekly. "What you're saying right now is very unfair."