5 Explosive Face-Offs Teased In RHUGT Season 3 Official Trailer

The first trailer for "Real Housewives Girls Ultimate Trip" Season 3 has finally arrived, and it's filled with messy showdowns. Back in 2021, pop culture enthusiasts and Bravo fans were treated to the first season of the "Real Housewives" spin-off. Based on the long-running "cast trip" tradition, the series follows a group of women from across the franchise who travel and live together at a lavish location. Over the course of two seasons — which were set in the Turks and Caicos Islands and Blue Stone Manor, respectively — the ladies have brought endless drama and show-stopping fights, all while merging the expansive "Real Housewives" universe.

On February 24, Bravo announced that drama would continue for a third season with a scandalous new teaser trailer. The new batch of episodes is set to follow Heather Gay (RHOSLC), Whitney Rose (RHOSLC), Gizelle Bryant (RHOP), Candiace Dillard-Bassett (RHOP), Marysol Patton (RHOM), Alexia Nepola (RHOM), Porsha Williams (RHOA), and Leah McSweeney (RHONY) as they traverse across Thailand. However, their time in paradise will feature a few stormy showdowns. Check out the top five explosive fights from the "Real Housewives Girls Ultimate Trip" season trailer.

Porsha Williams and Leah McSweeney express their dislike for each other

At the start of the trailer, Leah McSweeney can be heard ominously saying: "I mean, its eight housewives in a foreign country. What could go wrong?" Unfortunately for the "Real Housewives of New York City" star, her time in Thailand is definitely set to face some bumps in the road due to her mysterious issue with Porsha Williams. "You don't like me, I don't like you," the former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star quipped during a cast dinner. "Leah, bye." Next to a smiling Gizelle Bryant, McSweeney kept the same energy in response by saying: "Porsha, Bye."

While we don't know much about the pair's falling out, McSweeney did tell Hollywood Life in October that the season is "very intense." She explained, "It's eight personalities, women that I didn't know."

Heather Gay and Whitney Rose bring their RHOSLC drama to Thailand

While the third season of "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" is officially over, the drama between second cousins Heather Gay and Whitney Rose shows no signs of slowing down in the "Real Housewives of Ultimate Girls Trip." At the start of the teaser, Gizelle Bryant — one of the season's apparent "bone collectors" — asked G about her relationship with Rose. "Heather, you talked about your relationship with Whitney. So like, is there an issue or not?" the "Real Housewives of Potomac" star asked, which resulted in a tense look between Gay and Rose. Later in the trailer, the two Salt Lake City stars were shown in a screaming match about loyalty. "I don't owe you anything for you to be loyal to me as my f***ing cousin!" Gay shouted.

During the third season of "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City", Gay and Rose's friendship seemingly crumbled after the latter distanced herself from the "Bad Mormon" author. Things for the former friends got worse after they had a huge blowup over a rumor regarding Lisa Barlow during their cast trip to Arizona. "The way that it just disappeared overnight, I feel like our friendship just went up in smoke, and I'm not sure how to repair that," Gay told Us Weekly in December.

Mayrsol Patton calls out Alexia Nepola for her fake marriage claims

The ladies of the "Real Housewives of Miami," Marysol Patton and Alexia Nepola, get into a tense exchange over relationship rumors in the trailer. While riding in a van alongside Gizelle Bryant and Porsha Williams, Patton accused Nepola of being a fake friend, stating: "You think you are my friend, but you told everyone I have a fake marriage." A stunned Nepola then claimed her Miami cast mate had a fried brain. "You know what? You f***ing need to get on pills. Your brain is, like, fried," she said in response.

Back in 2021, Patton married her partner Steve McNamara in an intimate ceremony in Tulum, Mexico. However, instead of a lavish wedding with a church and reception, the lovebirds got married by a local shaman, who performed a traditional Mayan ceremony, which is what was seemingly alluded to in the trailer. While their fight looked to be intense, Patton confirmed to Page Six that tensions ran high because they shared a room amid an intense cast. "It's a lot of luggage, it's a lot of cameras, it's a lot of people, a lot of stimuli, getting ready, s*** everywhere," she explained to the news outlet.

Candiace Dillard-Bassett accuses Porsha Williams of being a man stealer

"Real Housewives of Potomac" star Candiace Dillard-Bassett had a few questions for former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams regarding her marriage to Simon Guobadia. "[You and Falynn Pina] became friends, and two minutes later, you and her husband were dating," Dillard-Bassett explained, which resulted in awkward looks from Williams and the other ladies. "You stole somebody's man." Back in 2021, the Dish Nation star made headlines after she got engaged to Guobadia, who was previously married to her former Atlanta castmate Pina. At the time, fans called out the relationship due to Williams meeting Guobadia while he was still married to Pina during Season 13.

However, in an Instagram statement posted on May 2021, the reality TV star shut down the rumors and gave further insight into their relationship timeline. "Our relationship began a month ago," she wrote. "For all of you that need facts, I get the optics, but Simon filed for divorce from a previous marriage in January. I had nothing to do with their divorce filing."

Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard-Bassett seemingly clash over Chris Bassett's infidelity

Lastly, Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard–Bassett are reigniting their feud during Season 3 of "Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip." One of their fights seemingly hinted at Dillard–Bassett's husband Chris Bassett and his supposed infidelity — which was a significant topic of conversation in Season 7 of the "Real Housewives of Potomac." Dillard–Bassett claimed, "You brought a statement from that raggedy a** h**." In response, Bryant accused her Potomac costar of acting like she didn't "lie" for her.

Toward the end of the trailer, the two were shown fighting again, which, of course, featured jaw-dropping accusations. "She's accusing us of larceny — you wanted me to go to jail," Dillard–Bassett is heard shouting. Bryant is then shown replying: "Hi, suspect number one." Before the release of the RHUGT trailer, Bryant hinted that their frenemy relationship hit a rough patch during the trip in an interview with Page Six. "We were in a good place when we finished Potomac, so I thought," she told the news outlet in 2022. "And currently today, we're not in a good place at all."