All The Summer House Stars Carl Radke Dated Before Lindsay Hubbard

For seven seasons, "Summer House" fans have watched Carl Radke's dating life play out on TV. The star had some wild times in earlier seasons of the Bravo reality show, and his "Summer House" BFF was always Lindsay Hubbard. The two confided in one another about their separate dating relationships and agreed after a brief fling that they were better off as friends without benefits.

But following the death of his brother, Curtis,  Radke got sober — and got serious about his life. He ultimately saw Hubbard in a different light and the two began dating in late 2021. In August 2022, Radke proposed to Hubbard on Southampton's Dune Beach with a nearly 4-carat Nicole Rose ring. "It's a whole lot of love," Hubbard told People at the time. "It's very clear, if you look at this finger, that this man loves me so much."

Before his proposal, however, the former Loverboy vice president of sales logged plenty of make-out sessions in the Hamptons party house with women other than his future wife. In fact, Radke was a bit of a kissing bandit before Hubbard made an honest man of him.

Carl Radke spent his first season playing games with Lauren Wirkus

During his first season of "Summer House," Carl Radke found himself in a semi-relationship with original cast member Lauren Wirkus, whom he had met a year prior. Amid all of their arguing — at one point Wirkus called Radke a "con-artist" — it was clear to viewers that the Wirkus twin took her hookups with her co-star more seriously than he did.

Heading into Season 2, Wirkus told Entertainment Tonight she wasn't thrilled to be sharing a summer house with a guy she dated because things didn't end on the best note. "Let's just say, you know, I didn't go into this house going, 'Yipee! Carl's here again,'" she admitted. So, what did the two do anyway? Yep, more summer lovin'! 

The doomed couple stopped hooking up for good later in Season 2, which was Wirkus' final season on the show. Radke later told The Daily Dish he regretted the way he treated his former flame. "How I handled myself in dating her and not dating her, I definitely regret a little bit of how I behaved. I chalk that up to a lot of just immaturity on my end," he said. Radke also admitted his communication skills were positively terrible.

Carl Radke had a really weird 'pantry' relationship with Paige DeSorbo

In Season 3, Carl Radke was free from Lauren Wirkus, but he soon found himself in another situation with new "Summer House" roomie Paige DeSorbo. The two had a flirty friendship that culminated in a whole lot of drunken make-out moments in the kitchen pantry, of all places. DeSorbo later explained why her encounters with Radke often took place in the kitchen. "I think that I was just always in the pantry because, like, that's where we kept waters, that's where all the snacks were," she told Entertainment Tonight in 2019. "So, I feel like Carl knew to find me there. And I just feel comfortable if there's four boxes of dried pasta if I'm making out with someone."

While the weekend pantry passion was one thing, DeSorbo became turned off amid Radke's reluctance to connect with her during the week when they were back home in New York City. The two ultimately parted as friends. Radke has had a lot of dating regrets, but he actually thought his closeted romance with DeSorbo was pretty great. "Out of anything that I've done in my career with the group of friends, I think the pantry was actually a pretty awesome move," he said on "Watch What Happens Live" in 2022.

Carl Radke also dated his future fiancée's close friend

Before he became engaged to Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke was a master at making things awkward. He actually used to date fellow "Summer House" cast member Danielle Olivera, who was once the Hubb House PR founder's bestie. Radke dated Olivera before they joined "Summer House," according to Us Weekly, and while they never fully rekindled their romance, the exes casually made out during Season 4. 

Olivera later admitted she was blindsided by Radke's relationship with Hubbard. "In the beginning, it required a lot of tequila for me because it was such a shock," she told The List in July 2022. "It was a shock. It took a lot to get used to because the dynamic shifted, but it's great. It's amazing now. It just took me a couple of months to fully warm up to the whole entire thing."

While Olivera's friendship with Hubbard has since fallen by the wayside, she previously showed support for the couple. In March 2022, Olivera revealed on "Watch What Happens Live" that she was "99.9 percent" confident that Radke and Hubbard's relationship will withstand the test of time.