Strange things about Bam Margera's marriages

Though Jackass star Bam Margera is happily married and raising a son, his romantic history hasn't always been so blissful. As of this writing, Margera is actually on wife number two — his first marriage ended a few years after it began amid his frightening downward spiral into alcoholism.

But before Margera officially tied the knot for the first time, he was in a chaotic seven-year relationship with fiancée, Jennifer Rivell. Margera would later tell Howard Stern that he never intended to marry Rivell and only got engaged because they had been dating for four years, which perhaps should have been a harbinger for things to come during their time together.

The lowlights include a convoluted claim by Rivell that Margera cheated on her with singer and actress Jessica Simpson, which Margera admittedly did not help with his own cagey statements on the matter. On top of that, Margera ended up filing for a protection from abuse order against Rivell, claiming that, after they broke up, she broke into his house, vandalized his belongings, and even physically injured him on one occasion.

The PFA request was denied, and, by that time, Margera had already moved on to a relationship with his soon-to-be first wife, Missy Rothstein. Sounds nuts already, right? Well, that was only the beginning. Here are some seriously strange things about Bam Margera's marriages.

Will you marry me ... and do you want a Cinnabon?

In a January 2007 New York Times profile of Bam Margera and Missy Rothstein, the skater-turned-stuntman and his then-fiancée painted the bizarro portrait of their relationship which was one month shy of becoming a marriage. Margera spoke of his proclivity for partying and unconventional approach to romance. "If it's Valentine's Day, I don't want her to expect flowers from me just because that's what you're supposed to do. My Valentine's Day is May 5," he said.

Meanwhile, Rothstein prided herself on acting as a "calming influence" on her wild child beau, claiming that, in spite of her love for his "spontaneity," she's happy to help him "stop going for it" all the time.

As an example of Margera's impulsive nature, the couple relayed the story of how he proposed to Rothstein right in the Cartier store at King of Prussia Mall after finding a diamond sparkler "that happened to fit Ms. Rothstein's finger perfectly." Margera said of the moment, "I was like, 'Now's the time,'" adding, "We just sat there and drank three bottles of Champagne. Then we forgot to get gas on the way home, and we straight up ran out of gas on Route 202."

Paging Nicholas Sparks: We think we just found the beginning of your next epic love story right here.

When Playboy calls, Bam Margera answers

During a September 2007 appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the newlyweds revealed the unfortunate circumstances that led to some very private photos of Rothstein being leaked on the internet. According to the exhaustive internet archive of Stern episodes known as, Margera said that Playboy approached him to do the shoot and he couldn't resist "because it was like a once in a lifetime opportunity."

However, the spread was only supposed to feature relatively tame shots — if you consider topless photos tame — but someone else on the shoot leaked some photos of Rothstein posing in all her natural glory that'd been taken for private use only.

You can actually get a peek at Margera's fashion photography skills in action in this possibly NSFW video of the shoot uploaded by Playboy in which he complains to Rothstein that she kept him "out in the cold waiting" while she prepared for the shoot. He later lovingly calls his blushing bride an "ass."

"Things you do for love," Rothstein says into the camera at one point. Indeed.

Getting a piece in the Middle East

In the same Stern interview where they talked about the Playboy shoot, Margera and Rothstein also got candid about their honeymoon in Dubai. Things started off on a bad note when Rothstein had a terrible experience with a strip search by a customs agent at the airport. Not that a strip search is ever a particularly pleasant thing to endure, but Rothstein said this one was compounded by the fact that the female agent allegedly didn't wear gloves during it. Super gross.

However, things got back on track for the amorous couple, who consummated their marriage on the roof of their hotel when Margera seduced Rothstein while she was up there sunbathing. Unfortunately, when they finished up they noticed "five construction workers watching them" from afar. Whoops!

And in case at this point you're thinking Margera and Rothstein are the king and queen of oversharing when it comes to celebrity interviews, hold on to your hats, because this is nothing compared to what they'd previously shared with the shock jock…

Margera and Rothstein don't even know what TMI means

Nine months before sharing the tales of their ill-fated honeymoon, Margera and Rothstein visited The Howard Stern Show apparently for the expressed purpose of flinging their bedroom door wide open for all to see. Granted, questioning celebs about their most intimate moments is basically Stern's entire business model, but Margera and Rothstein couldn't have been more happy to oblige.

For starters, they admitted to regularly getting it on while driving in Margera's Hummer. They were even so kind as to demonstrate the technique for how they achieve this feat on Howard's couch … though was that really such a mystery? Anyway, Rothstein also confessed that she bought Margera a "Real Doll" in an attempt to satisfy his desire to have a threesome. Does Hallmark make a card to pair with that kind of gift?

They weren't nearly done sharing there. Margera also said that they have a habit of videotaping their bedroom bliss, although they rarely watch the videos and keep them locked in a safe. After all of that, amazingly, a caller wanted to know if Rothstein was "turned off" by the brand Margera famously got on his rear which was the anatomically correct shape of the male member. Rothstein, of course, said she didn't mind, but seriously, had the caller not listened to a single second of the show up until this point?

Margera and Rothstein's wedding was expensive, but not in the way you think

Margera and Rothstein's nonconventional nuptials were chronicled on the reality show Bam's Unholy Union, which tracked the three frantic months it took to for the pair to haphazardly plan the February 2007 event. Along the way, Margera got up to his usual hijinks of creating absolute chaos for everyone around him, including his wife whose wedding dress he destroyed with paintballs. It turned out the dress was a decoy, but you know what they say: It's the thought that counts.

Anyway, the actual wedding was exactly the kind of manic party you'd expect from any of the Jackass crew, most of whom happened to be in attendance. Margera even managed to get punk rocker Iggy Pop to show up and perform at the reception, just to really send home the message that this was a counterculture spectacle to behold.

After it was all said and done, Margera did a guest appearance on LA Ink, where he told his longtime friend, tattoo artist Kat Von D, "I have $13,000 worth of damages I have to pay for. … Everybody got so wasted, they started breaking light fixtures and kicking in the bathroom doors." It was what he expected, Margera said of the consequences of inviting "the Jackass crew."

Nothing says love like mouth tattoos

Not to overstate this, but Margera and Rothstein were by no means a typical couple. As such, they decided to commemorate their union with — what else? — tattoos. While it's not that strange for couples to get matching, or even joint commemorative ink, they don't usually get it on the inside of their lower lips. Ouch.

According to The New York Times, Margera and Rothstein took their respective needles to the face at X-Treme Ink Tattoo Parlor in their hometown of West Chester, Penn. on the day that they signed their marriage license. So, what did they get? Glad you asked.

Margera got a heart with the words "Missy Forever" written inside, and Rothstein got an ouroboros, which is a symbol that denotes eternity— Just kidding! It was way weirder than that. Rothstein got the Detroit area code, 313, because that's where they purchased their wedding bands. And Margera, of course, got the words "Dr. J." His only rationale for etching basketball great Julius Erving's nickname into his mouth was, "He's the man," to which Rothstein asked, "What does that have to do with the wedding?"

Great question, Rothstein. Great question.

An Icelandic I-Do

By October 2010, Margera admitted to Howard Stern that he and Rothstein were living apart and only seeing each other once a week. Margera even admitted that he had "a girlfriend in San Francisco … and then another one in West Chester" at this point, and that, supposedly, Rothstein knew about both of them. It would take another two years for their divorce to be finalized, and, by that time, Rothstein seemed like she was done with Margera's antics. "Official Divorced happy Finally Free…. who wanna come to my Divorce Party haha," she tweeted in November 2012, according to Radar Online.

Eleven months later, Margera was walking down the aisle again, this time in a rock 'n' roll-themed ceremony during the Random Hero Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, according to Us Weekly. His bride, model and photographer Nicole Boyd, wore "a sexy white lace gown with pearl beading and a low-cut back," while Margera opted for more casual fare: "a black hoodie and shades."

Immediately after saying their vows, Margera jumped onstage with his band, F**kface Unstoppable, and played a set complete with a mosh pit and crowd surfing. Strange in literally any other circumstance? Absolutely. Par for the course with Bam Margera? 100%.

World, meet Phoenix Wolf

Margera and Boyd welcomed their firstborn son into the world, Phoenix Wolf, on December 23, 2017. Margera commemorated the occasion with a series of Instagram posts, starting with videos of everyone arriving at the hospital, followed by a sweet shot of Boyd and the newbie, and, finally, one of his dad, Phil, who appeared to be dressed like Santa, which promptly went viral.

Several months before welcoming his bundle of joy, Margera spoke with People about how the boy's name was chosen. "I said it and everybody liked it, so we stuck with that," Margera said. What a story! Asked whether he's going to "pass along some of his own passions to his son," Margera said, "It'll be fun teaching him how to skate." But he also said he has "mixed feelings about teaching him my stupid Jackass stunts."

Granted, there have been far wilder monikers bestowed upon celebrity offspring — looking right at you, Moxie Crimefighter. So if you combine the child's relatively not-strange name with the rather sensible notion that perhaps his son shouldn't follow in his bone-breaking, butt-branding, gross-out entertainment career, are we finally seeing a more sensible side to Margera?

Alcohol has been a problem in both of Margera's marriages

Bam Margera's big-time boozing has never been a secret. According to The Inquirer, what started out as standard partying turned into the liquid courage required to perform his death-defying stunts. After the June 2011 death of his best friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn, who died in a horrific DUI wreck, Margera's reliance on the bottle became a serious addiction.

But there were signs before that. In July 2009, Margera was hospitalized after a "four-day bender," according to TMZ, who reported that the former skateboarding star told them it was all because of issues in his marriage. "I may get a divorce … booze helps," Margera said. He later told The Inquirer that the drinking "had a lot to do with" his first divorce, although that unfortunately didn't stop him from letting it affect his second one, as well.

In August 2016, Margera and Boyd had an alleged drunken altercation outside a restaurant in Finland. TMZ reported that, although he wasn't charged with any crime, Margera was held in police custody until the following morning so he could "sleep it off." In January 2018, the month after his son was born, Margera got a DUI. The next day, Margera committed to going to rehab.

Here's hoping Margera can get the help he needs and get back to being the strange yet wildly entertaining daredevil we've come to adore.