Bindi Irwin's Relationship: What You Don't Know

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We were first introduced to Bindi Irwin through her father — the late Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin — who died in September 2006 after a deadly stingray attack. Irwin was only eight when she lost her dad, but, even then, she knew she wanted to keep his memory alive and continue his legacy of animal conservation.

She grew up on our TV screens and morphed into a stunning young woman, conservationist, singer, author, and television personality. We've also watched her fall madly in love with her beau, Florida native Chandler Powell, after the two met at the Irwins' Australia Zoo in 2013.

The Dancing with the Stars winner has since gone on to call Powell her "living sunshine," and the feeling is definitely mutual. He captioned one of his Instagram photos, "When someone looks at you like you're sunshine, you know that they're the one who will love you no matter what. These are the people you should hold closest to your heart. I thank my lucky stars every day that I found the love of my life at such a young age so that I can spend a lifetime full of sunshine." Crikey! How cute are they?!

Their relationship has faced some challenges, though, but they weren't going to let anything — not even the more than 10,000 miles that were between them — stop their love from flourishing. Here are all the things you don't know about Bindi Irwin's relationship.  

Long-distance love was tough for Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell

Powell, a former professional wakeboarder, was in Irwin's native Australia for a competition in 2013 when he and his family paid the Australia Zoo a visit. That's when he had his fated first meeting with the girl who captured his heart and placed it in a ever-lasting bear hug.

"She ended up giving me a tour, and we ended up staying in touch ever since," Powell told Dancing with the Stars (via People magazine). However, being in a relationship that was not only long-distance but also trans-continental was a lot of work for the young couple. "We talk every day and are together every two to three months," Irwin later told Woman's Day.

In an Instagram post from December 2016, she opened up a little more about how tough it was to fall in love with her American sweetheart after one of Powell's visits to Queensland, Australia came to an end. "You are flying back to the USA today. Dropping you off at the airport & waving goodbye, it never gets easier," her heartfelt caption read.

Bindi and Chandler bonded over snail mail

After getting a private tour of the Irwin-owned Australia Zoo back in 2013, Powell and Irwin took a photo together, which he posted on Instagram the day after they met. "Spent yesterday at the Australia Zoo along with Bindi Irwin and staff! One of the most educational and inspirational experiences I've ever been a part of. Thanks for making it so amazing!" he wrote. Fun fact: the Australia Zoo is the same place Irwin's parents fell in love, too. This multi-generational love story is one for the books, no?

Settling back into his routine in his hometown of Seffner, Fla., Powell found that he couldn't get Irwin — who just so happens to be as cute as a koala bear, might we add — off of his mind. He reached out to her mom, Teri, via snail mail and asked if it was okay to keep in touch with Irwin. After getting her mom's stamp of approval, he and Irwin began sending letters back and forth for a few months, according to Australian Women's Weekly (via People). 

Although this form of communication is considered an "old-fashioned" way of staying connected, it seemed to work for them. And to take a break from racking up insane postage fees, they resorted to modern forms of communication from time to time, such as Skype and FaceTime calls, People reported. 

Chandler Powell relocated in the name of love

They decided to take their romance to the next level in January 2018 when Powell uprooted his life in Florida and flew across the Pacific to live with Irwin in Australia. Upon getting settled in the outback, the Irwin family threw Powell "into everything," and he was given the task of accompanying her brother, Robert, on the freshwater crocodile and alligator feedings. "Chandler loves conservation and wildlife and travel," Irwin told People magazine. "And he really does have this strength, which I'm thankful for because you have to be strong to jump on crocodiles!"

Being a professional wakeboarder prior to joining the Irwin family business meant Powell had logged a lot of hours in the great outdoors, so working alongside Irwin was practically second nature. He told Entertainment Tonight, "Being in lakes, we had turtles and alligators and snakes, and I love wildlife and conserving it and teaching people about it ... Now to do it full-time is incredible."

He fed the crocodiles and stole the Irwin family's heart

Before her father's tragic passing, it was common to see Irwin and her family working with animals and traveling together. With mom Teri and brother Robert, Irwin was also featured alongside her late father on various Animal Planet shows, including The Crocodile Hunter Diaries. Following her dad's death, her family members maintained their roles as the most important people in her life, so finding someone who could mesh with her loved ones was a requirement.

Thankfully, she didn't have to worry about any friction when Powell came along. He managed to work his way into the Irwins' personal and professional lives and planted himself right into the mix of family dynamics.

Irwin's brother, Robert, told People magazine. "[Powell's] amazing. He's in like feeding the crocodiles and everything." And her mom, Teri, also had kind words for Powell, as well. "He's lovely," she told the publication. "He really is a good guy and he fits in really well."

The Irwin family's khakis are on fleek

Irwin hit the jackpot when she met Powell because not only is he handsome, athletic, and charming, but he's also a nature lover. "Thankfully I've found someone who is an outdoors kind of person. We'll go have adventures or picnic in the park," she told People.

But there was one final test that Powell would have to pass in order to prove he was the right man for her, and, surprisingly, it was fashion-related. "He's done so well, I think he's passed the Irwin family khaki test," Irwin told People. She later spoke to Us Weekly and recalled the first time he donned the light-brown garb, referring to it as a "defining moment."

"I love seeing [Chandler] in khaki now," she said. "It makes me so happy." Earth tone hues: bringing couples together since the beginning of time!

Aside from rocking khakis like it's nobody's business, Powell has become a strong support system for the Bindi's Bootcamp star, as well. "I think I have found my one, and I'm so lucky. He is always encouraging me to follow my dreams, reminding me to stand up for what I believe in," she gushed. "I'm truly proud of Chandler because he is always unbelievably kind and optimistic. He is there [for me] no matter what."

Bindi Irwin received a sweet promposal

Proms aren't a part of Aussie culture, but Irwin jumped at the chance of attending the formal event after Powell sprung the idea on her. "Chandler has a really beautiful dog named Percy and Percy is one of my best friends now. So he tied a note to Percy's collar and Percy came bounding out," she told People magazine, recalling how Powell asked her to prom. "It was very sweet. I feel very blessed." Cutest. Promposal. Ever!

"He was really kind," she continued. "He said, 'You don't really get a prom, so would you please come with me to mine?'" And, of course, she said yes. In a since-deleted caption posted to her Instagram account (via Today), Irwin expressed how magical their night was. "I felt like I was living in a movie and was a real life Disney princess. Gosh I'm blessed. Thank you @chandlerpowell it meant the world to me." So darn adorbs.

Chandler Powell was an early Crocodile Hunter fan

Her dad may be gone, but he's still very much a part of Irwin's life. Following his death, Irwin has gone on to spread the word about his passion for animals. "Dad was extraordinary. He really reached through the television set of everyone's living room and was able to bring a message of wildlife and conservation to millions," she told Us Weekly.

There's also no doubt that her dad would've fallen in love with Powell, too. "I think because Chandler's a nice person and really kind to Bindi that he'd be very happy," Irwin's mother, Teri, told E! News. "What's kind of ironic is I was talking to Chandler's mother, and he was an avid Crocodile Hunter fan when he was little. So he used to put on the big khaki shirt and go to school when he was in first grade and pretend to be Steve."

What are the chances that Powell would go from a Crocodile Hunter fanatic to dating the Crocodile Hunter's daughter? Sure, stranger things have happened, but this is all the more proof that a stroke of serendipity definitely brought him and Irwin together. 

Marriage isn't a 'huge priority' for Bindi Irwin

Given how much they gush about one another on their respective social media accounts, it's no wonder that Irwin and Powell are considered "relationship goals." They're pretty much perfect together, and we wouldn't be surprised if a walk down the aisle — wearing matching khaki, of course — was in the cards for them.

Sharing many of the details about her relationship with her millions of fans means she's constantly questioned about the status of her romance. And naturally, we all want to know when her wedding in the outback will occur. "I don't think I'm at a point in my life where marriage and getting engaged is really a huge priority right now for me. Maybe in five years, but right now I'm really happy with where I'm at," Irwin told Entertainment Tonight in a 2016 interview. "I'm really happy with our relationship and I think we'll just continue to have fun. It's just nice to have someone there no matter what."

The whole Irwin gang loves Bindi's beau

Chandler Powell has been able to seamlessly infuse himself within the zookeeping family, and Bindi Irwin isn't the only one who's smitten with him. The former professional wakeboarder has a tight bond with the Aussie beauty's brother, Robert, as well, and the three of them spend a lot of time going on random adventures in the wilderness. "The three musketeers! Love our outings together. Never know what we are going get up to but you can always count on a great time with these two," Powell captioned a picture of himself with Irwin and Robert on Twitter.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Irwin explained her boyfriend's bond with her family. "[Powell] just understands us, he loves wildlife, loves wild places and is just ready to try," she said. "I'm so glad that my family loves him too. They may even love him more than I do. ... I think, I have my family and then Chandler has become a part of the family, so I'm happy with where I'm at." 

And we're happy for her, too!

Bindi Irwin said 'yes' and 'forever'

So much for marriage not being a "huge priority," right? On Jun 24, 2019 — which just so happened to be Bindi Irwin's 21st birthday — Chandler Powell organized a photoshoot to celebrate her big day. While there, he popped the question! "I said 'yes' and 'forever' to the love of my life," Irwin wrote, in part, in an Instagram post. She added that "close to 6 years ago," she fell in love with her beau and noted that she was totes excited for their new journey. "I'm so looking forwarding to spending our forever together as your wife. Here's to a lifetime of friendship, purpose and unconditional love. — Now let's get married already!"

Powell was equally thrilled. He told People magazine they were both excited about "a lifetime of magical moments to come." Irwin's mom, Terri Irwin, seemed to share those warm, fuzzy feelings, tweeting that their engagement moment made for the "best day ever." Terri Irwin also said that her late husband, Steve Irwin, "would be [happy] too."

Will the wedding be televised? Will they say their "I do's" at the Irwin family's zoo? Will they be decked out in matching khaki? We'll have to wait and see! Congrats and well wishes to this lovely couple!