What We Know About Farmer Allen Foster From Farmer Wants A Wife

What's a farmer to do when he's seeking a healthy and hearty wife with wellies in the closet and the willingness to move into the middle of nowhere and work tirelessly for limited financial gain? Luckily, there's a dating show for that! Even the most devoted trainwreck TV aficionados could be forgiven for forgetting about "Farmer Wants a Wife." Still, there it is if we stroll down memory lane and look back at the wackiest reality shows from the 2000s.

Per IMDB, the original aired in 2008 and lasted 8 episodes. "10 female contestants — all of them tired of city life — vie for the attention of a bachelor farmer who is looking to settle down with the right woman," the bio reads. "But in order to win, these women will have to prove that they are farm-ready." The mind boggles.

Brace yourselves for round two, folks. "This series follows four hard-working farmers in search of real, lasting love," Fox announced. The premiere is March 8, and the hay's bailed and the combine's oiled up. "I love love. What's better than love?" host Jennifer Nettles asks in the teaser. "I'm super excited to get to be a part of this heartwarming adventure that brings people together in real romance." And lots and lots of manure, presumably. Allen Foster is one of the four farmers ready to take the bull by the horns. So, what do we know about Farmer Allen Foster from "Farmer Wants a Wife?"

Farmer Allen Foster is just a small town guy with a huge brass buckle

There are many dating shows, each with varying degrees of success and contestant clothing. When Nicki Swift asked, "Which is your favorite dating reality series?" readers were united in their answer. Sadly, "Farmer Wants a Wife" didn't get a mention. "The Bachelor" and his never-wilting rose bagged the top spot.

Still, watch out, Bachelors, there are some new men in town. One of them, Farmer Allen Foster, is a simple country guy. The 32-year-old breeds cattle on his 200-acre ranch in Williamsport, Tennessee. "Allen is an avid hunter and fisher. He also enjoys riding horses and driving ATVs," Entertainment Weekly says.

"Life on the farm is different for everybody, but for me, it's just a place where I'm happy," Farmer Allen says in his intro clip. Sadly, he appears to have spent so much time alone with his cows, though, that his game's become rusty. "Well, I'm ermmmm ... ermmmm ..." he says to each lady as they sit down for some alone time. Luckily, they manage to find other positives to focus on. "I think a man in starch jeans, a belt buckle, and cowboy hat is so sexy," one contestant admits. Well, she's in for a treat on the belt buckle front. Farmer Allen sports a larger than the average belt buckle, and it's engraved brass, no less.

Farmer Allen Foster wants somebody to love him for who he is

There are reality dating shows that almost no one would choose to go on. "Naked Attraction" will definitely spring to mind for anyone British. The show is so unbelievably cringe and jaw-droppingly outrageous that it will never travel across the pond — it makes Janet Jackson "nipple-gate" look like a day out at Disney. Take a peek at your peril, and for the faint of heart, don't worry; the bits are covered by cartoon tacos. The original show has nothing covered and likely has an abysmal success rate. "Farmer Wants a Wife" is the exact opposite, though. It's wholesome, and it's a roaring success.

In fact, according to Fox, it's the "most successful dating show in the world." It has franchises in a whopping 32 countries, spawning 180 marriages and 410 children. Which is totally outrageous when you think about it. 410 kids? That's right up there with the Duggar family.

Farmer Allen Foster hopes to be one of the lucky-in-love newlyweds with a super hot wife and a gaggle of kids gathered around the hearth. And bless him, he's sweet in a good old-fashioned country way. "To me, love is just kindness," Farmer Allen says as he picks up a hairy horse blanket from the floor and wraps it around a lady's shoulders. "That and having a lot of grace together. I just want somebody to like me for who I am." And his very impressive belt buckle.