The Reality Dating Show Almost No One Would Choose To Go On

Reality dating shows seem to offer the best of both worlds: 15 minutes of fame and the chance at love. (Do we sound cynical?) While these shows obviously began as an entertaining way to watch people fall in love, they also became a major way for contestants and leads to rack up Instagram followers, become influencers, and get clout.

Not everyone fizzles out quickly though. There's Tyler Cameron, for example, BFF to The Bachelor's lead, Matt James, who's made a major mark on the world. Plus, he's selling a bunch of merchandise and his sweatshirts are turning heads.

Some couples on these shows do stand the test of time, proving that love can be found even when cameras are around. There's Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from Love is Blind, who are happily married. We also got to know some great people from Love Island, like Mackenzie Dipman and Johnny Middlebrooks — even though they didn't stay with their respective partners.

Married at First Sight is another shocker of a show, and surprisingly, there are several couples who have remained together. Then there's the Netflix show Dating Around, which offers singles a chance to go on five first dates in the hope of a connection. And how about Are You The One?, a series that uses algorithms to find compatibility among contestants? With all of these options, Nicki Swift asked fans which dating reality show they'd most like to be on.

No one's interested in 'Dating Around'

Nicki Swift surveyed people all over the country to ask which reality dating show they'd most like to be on. Perhaps unsurprisingly, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise scored the highest, earning 20.70% of the votes. Love Island ranked second with 16.80% of the tally.

Netflix's Are You the One? scored third place at 11.91%, which is certainly interesting. The show, as the site explains, offers a chance at love but also a cash prize. As Insider revealed, if contestants match with their "predetermined partners," which is based off of prior compatibility testing, then they all split the money.

Amazingly, Love is Blind and Married at First Sight both scored fourth, each earning exactly 9.18%. What are the odds? Maybe as likely as finding one's soulmate on a reality show. 

So what was the show almost no one wants to be on? Turns out it was Dating Around, which scored a measly 5.66%. Which kind of makes sense: Dating Around has been called the most "ordinary" of all dating shows, according to Vulture. Producers weren't looking for outrageous moments (but found plenty of cringe-worthy ones). Also, as E! News points out, the show doesn't have a huge success rate in terms of lasting love. No wonder people aren't dying to be on it. A basic date with disappointing results sounds a little too close to reality!