Cheryl Burke Completely Backs Ex Matthew Lawrence's Baby Plans With TLC Star Chilli

Matthew Lawrence has reportedly been glowing since he and TLC star Chilli started dating. "My life is in a complete bloom right now," he said, gushing to ET about his relationship. "I've never gotten to be able to experience that kind of relationship before, so it's quite special." He added that they're on the same page when it comes to values and what's important in life, noting that they are both family-oriented people.

Lawrence also expressed that he and the singer are going so strong that they're thinking about having children. "I hope," he said when he was asked about the possibility of expanding his family with Chilli. "That's the game plan. That's what we're trying to do."

The "Boy Meets World" actor was previously linked to "Dancing with the Stars" pro Cheryl Burke. The two met in 2006 when the actor's older brother, Joey, was competing on the ballroom dance television show. They started dating in 2007 and broke up a year later. The two reconciled in 2017. They got engaged in 2018 and tied the knot a year later. They survived the COVID-19 lockdown together before they decided to go their separate ways in 2022. And now, Burke is spilling the tea on what she thinks about her ex-husband's new relationship.

Cheryl Burke is hoping Matthew Lawrence and Chilli have a baby

In September 2018, former "Dancing with the Stars" pro Cheryl Burke opened up about the possibility of having a baby with Matthew Lawrence. "I definitely want to be a mom," she told Us Weekly. But now that she and the actor are divorced, and he's starting to talk about having a baby with girlfriend Chilli, the ballroom dancer is speaking her thoughts on it all.

During the latest episode of "The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever," Burke admitted to host Chris Harrison she supports her ex-husband's new relationship, adding that she's a huge fan of the TLC singer. She also mentioned that she was "not surprised at all" that Lawrence was talking about kids, adding that she knows he comes from a big family and it has been a dream of his to start one of his own. "I really truly hope he can actually have a kid with Chilli," she added. "I think that's amazing because I think he's wanted that."

In October 2022, the "Mrs. Doubtfire" actor and the "Dance Moms" alum were in a custody battle over their shared fur baby. Burke claimed that she deserved ownership of the dog due to it being a gift from Lawrence. The dance veteran ultimately won the custody battle.