Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen's Separate Lives Post Nasty Split

When NFL superstar Tom Brady and world-famous supermodel Gisele Bündchen first got together, it seemed like a fairytale too good to be true. The pair captivated the world with their seemingly perfect marriage and family life, but evidently, the relationship wasn't totally invincible. The seven-time Super Bowl champ and the runway icon called it quits after thirteen years of marriage in October of 2022.  

"We arrived at this decision to end our marriage after much consideration," Brady wrote in an Instagram Story. "Doing so is, of course, painful and difficult, like it is for so many people who go through the same thing every day around the world. However we wish only the best for each other as we pursue whatever new chapters in our lives that are yet to be written." While they haven't said exactly why their marriage came to an end, rumor has it Bündchen hit her limit when Brady's first retirement from the NFL didn't stick. Brady and Bündchen have two children together, and Brady also shares a son with actor Bridget Moynahan. In the aforementioned IG Story, the superstar quarterback ensured that the kids would continue to be the "center of their world."

While this is certainly a complicated time for the family, Brady and Bündchen aren't exactly laying low in the wake of their split. Rather, both halves of the former power couple appear to be living it up and thriving in this new chapter.

Tom Brady took a selfie in his underwear

Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor. Tom Brady posted what most would call a "thirst trap" on his Instagram Stories in February of 2023 and wrote, "Did I do this right?" Um, pretty sure you did, TB. He also tagged fellow NFL players Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowsi, his old teammates on the New England Patriots in the post. Now, it's worth noting that Brady isn't exactly known for tossing underwear selfies up on social media. So what's the backstory behind this relatively out of character post?

Well, we can thank his clothing and apparel company, Brady Brand. Back in June of 2022, Brady took to Twitter to repost two male models wearing Brady Brand underwear and wrote, "40k likes and I'll recreate these photos." Fans wasted no time smashing that like button; the post now has over 49k likes and counting. A man of his word, the football legend kept his promise. Although, he did need some reminding- in early February 2023, the Brady Brand account tweeted, "Hey Tom, we haven't forgotten about this," prompting Brady to keep his word and "recreate" the post on his story. Though the post was simply to follow through on a bet, Brady is now a single man on the market — hopefully the "thirsty" shirtless posts won't be a one-time thing. 

Gisele Bündchen dazzled on the cover of Vogue Italia

As one of the world's most iconic and celebrated supermodels, Gisele Bündchen has graced countless magazine covers throughout her career. However, her appearance on the cover of Vogue Italia in 2023 was particularly special. Not only was it her first time appearing on the front of the publication in over a decade, but it just so happened to be her first magazine cover since her split from Tom Brady.

Photographed by the legendary Rafael Paverotti and styled by Ibrahim Kamara, the cover image features Bündchen in an all-crimson look — her nails, makeup, eyebrows, and Maison Valentino dress are all a bold shade of red. While she looks nothing short of amazing (per usual), some fans felt that she looked unrecognizable, as her usual style is very minimal and her eyebrows are normally a bit fluffier and less, well, red. In the spread, Bündchen also sported looks featuring designers like Thom Browne, Burberry, Givenchy, and Kenneth Jay Lane. As Vogue Italia wrote, "Ready for a new page, maybe a new life. And she starts it like this: in red."

Bündchen's been crushing the modeling game since the '90s, and as this cover makes abundantly clear, she won't be stepping down from her throne anytime soon. Tom Brady, eat your heart out.

Is Tom Brady really going to get into stand-up comedy?

There are some rumors that are so interesting and believable that one could see why they were started in the first place. The Tom Brady stand-up comedy rumor? It sure is interesting, but we wouldn't call it believable. In February 2023, Radar reported that Brady was considering a career in stand-up comedy after his "80 for Brady" costars Rita Moreno, Sally Fields, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda apparently fawned over his comedic chops. A source told Radar, "The ladies were super nice to him and he did a nice job reading professionally written material in a small part — but he'll be playing in a whole different league if he takes up the stand-up stage. He does a great impersonation of former teammate Rob Gronkowski — and his over-the-top Boston accent is hilarious."

Doing an impression of someone and going on stage to perform stand-up are very different; while Brady is a great on-camera personality and commentator, he doesn't exactly scream "professional comic." Understandably, the rumor got a lot of tongues wagging. However, just as fans really started to freak out, TMZ Sports squashed these claims. The outlet also clarified that Brady was apparently working on a project with Netflix titled "The Greatest Roast of All Time" and would potentially be the center of the roast, which sounds highly entertaining. Whew, that was a close one. 

Gisele Bündchen took the kids to Brazil over the holidays

In December 2022, Gisele Bündchen scooped up her babies and made a trip to her home country to visit her family for the holidays. Bündchen, who is originally from Horizontina, a small town in southern Brazil, was beyond excited to spend time with her loved ones and reconnect with her roots. Of course, paparazzi and fans were on high alert as news of Bündchen's arrival in Brazil spread quickly, and she even hit a few red carpets while in town.

Based on the carousel she posted on Instagram, it looked she had a lovely time. Alongside a series of photos that included snaps of her children and parents, she wrote, "It's my Rio Grande do Sul Heaven, Sun, South, Earth and Color Where everything that is planted grows and what blooms the most is love. It's always so good to come back home." She also added in another series of photos that she was "recharging with her little ones." As for how Tom Brady spent his first post-divorce Christmas? The sports star hit the football field.

"It'll be a new experience that I've never had before that I'm going to have to learn how to deal with," Brady shared on the "Let's Go!" podcast. "I'm going to have to learn how to deal with Christmas and Christmas night and still go out there and be a professional and then look forward to celebrating Christmas with my kids the day after."

Gisele Bündchen's dance moves went viral

In February 2023, Gisele Bündchen attended Carnival in Brazil, which is one of the biggest festivals in the world. The annual event takes place in many cities across the country, and it is known for its elaborate parades, colorful costumes, and festive atmosphere. Ahead of the celebration, Bündchen posted a video of herself on Instagram practicing her dance moves with professional dancer Justin Neto and wrote, "getting in the mood for carnival!"

Bündchen arrived in Rio de Janeiro a few days before the start of Carnival, and she was immediately swept up in the excitement of the festivities. Bündchen posted another series of photos on Instagram where she appears to be genuinely enjoying herself with friends, fans, and dancers during the festivities. The cherry on top? According to Marca, she was reportedly paid $2 million to make a three-hour appearance at an event while wearing a Brahma beer shirt. It goes without saying, but the catwalk legend looked gorgeous as always, and her dance moves (and cropped Brahma top) generated a lot of buzz. Not a bad way to move on after such a high-profile divorce.

Tom Brady announced a new partnership

As one of the most accomplished athletes of all time, Tom Brady sure knows what it takes to perform at the highest level. He's spent years honing his craft and working tirelessly to improve his physical abilities on the field... but that's not all. Like many top-tier athletes, Tom Brady has his very own apparel company. Brady Brand is a line of performance-focused clothing that's all about leading healthier, more active lives. The brand offers a range of products that boasts the handling of your "hardest workout and heaviest lifts."

In March 2023, Brady took to Instagram to reveal that he had a major collaboration coming down the pike. "Proud to finally announce that @bradybrand is partnering with @hertzracinggold and @singervehicledesign as the Official Apparel Partner of the @jota_sport hypercar racing team. This beast of a car will be racing in the 100th edition of Le Mans 24 Hours and 2023 FIA World Endurance Championship. And yes... I plan on driving it as soon as possible, just have to wait for the insurance folks to go on vacation."  

The partnership between the Brady Brand and Hertz Racing Gold/JOTA appears to be a natural fit, with both brands sharing a love for fitness and sports. And Brady isn't the only one fired up about the collab. In a statement, Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr said, "Our sponsorship of Hertz Team JOTA marks the company's return to premium motorsports and underscores Hertz's commitment to speed, reliability, and innovation, both on and off the track."

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's kids come first

Tom Brady is no stranger to co-parenting, as he shares son Jack Moynahan with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. And when his relationship with Gisele Bündchen came to an end in 2022, the former spouses made it clear to the world that their kids, Vivian and Benjamin Brady, will always come first. "My priority has always been and will continue to be our children whom I love with all my heart," Bündchen wrote in an Instagram Story. "We will continue co-parenting to give them the love, care and attention they greatly deserve." We love to hear it.

By all accounts, they sure seem to be putting their own drama aside for the sake of their children. For example, when Tom wished their daughter, Vivian, a happy birthday on Instagram in December 2022, Bündchen left a heart emoji in the comment section of her ex-husband's post. They also seem to be going above and beyond with their custody arrangement. As Page Six reported in November 2022, Bündchen scooped up a mansion in Miami near Tom's property to make things slightly less complicated for the kids. "It would be very easy for them to co-parent their children while living so close to each other," a source told the outlet.

Gisele Bündchen is focusing on herself

It's important that one has time to focus and work on themselves mentally and physically after a big life change, such as divorce. And that's exactly what supermodel Gisele Bündchen is doing. Bündchen posted a gorgeous photo of herself on Instagram in March of 2023, doing an elongated yoga stretch on a peaceful, sandy beach with the ocean waves crashing in the background. "Being healthy is more than a clean diet and exercise," she wrote. "It's about our attitudes, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and actions. When life gets challenging always remember that the sun rises every day bringing a new opportunity for us to try again and do better. It can get intense out there and we can get easily distracted by the noise. Awareness is key. What energy you are nurturing? Remember, we are the co-creators of our own reality, what we believe we create!" Well said, Bündchen. Perhaps she should consider a career as a life coach.

What's more, rumor has it Bündchen moved on with Joaquim Valente. The grapevine began buzzing when she was spotted out with Valente, a jiu-jitsu instructor and family friend, out in Costa Rica with her two children in November 2022. However, a source for Page Six claimed that their relationship was "strictly platonic." Time will tell what spawns from this "strictly platonic" relationship.

Tom Brady announced his retirement ... again

After 23 long and successful seasons in the NFL, 45-year-old Tom Brady has hung up his cleats once and for all. On February 1, 2023, Tom Brady posted a video on Twitter to announce he has retired for a second time. "I'll get to the point right away. I'm retiring for good. I know the process was a pretty big deal last time, so when I woke up this morning, I figured I'd just press record and let you guys know first. It won't be long-winded. You only get one super-emotional retirement essay, and I used mine up last year." Brady first announced his retirement in 2022 after 22 seasons with the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, before changing his mind and playing one last season with the Bucs. 

After Brady shared the same message on Instagram, his ex left a very sweet and positive comment. "Wishing you only wonderful things in this new chapter of your life," Bündchen wrote. 

It was also reported that Brady will start his new broadcasting career (with a whopper of a contract) in the fall of 2024 with Fox Sports as their lead NFL analyst. He'll appear alongside top rated announcer Kevin Burkhardt, and will also serve as an ambassador for the network and help with promotions. 

Despite rumors, Tom Brady isn't dating

Ladies, do not get too excited just yet. While the athletic, gorgeous, and very wealthy Tom Brady is in fact on the market, a source told Page Six in February 2023 that he's not quite ready to date yet. The unnamed tipster disclosed to the outlet, "No, he isn't formally dating anyone right now. His friends want to set him up, but he's all about the kids." This report arrived on the heels of the rumors about Brady possibly dating 26-year-old model Veronika Rajek. In December 2022, Veronika took to social media and  professed her admiration and "love" for Brady to her 4.1 million followers on Instagram while sporting a Buccaneers jersey. "I saw the LEGEND and if somebody asks me again if I love Brady, yes I love him, and show me somebody who doesn't. Even his haters love him because they know he is the [GOAT emoji]. @tombrady thank you for an amazing show." Perhaps unsurprisingly, things got a bit messy in the comments, as a number of fans wasted no time comparing Veronika to Gisele Bündchen. The internet is truly ruthless.

All that said, it's probably safe to speculate that these two are not an item. For starters, Veronika and Brady have yet to be spotted in the same room. Also, Veronika is married to Olympian Viktor Rajek. As far as we can tell, Veronika simply seems to be a very big fan of the NFL star, nothing more. 

Gisele Bündchen opened up about the divorce

Following her split from Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen remained silent in the media. That is until March 2023, when she gave her first interview post-divorce to Vanity Fair – and it was truly heartbreaking. While many speculated that the supermodel had given her hubby a football-or-family ultimatum, she insisted that simply wasn't the case. "When you love someone, you don't put them in a jail and say, 'You have to live this life.' You set them free to be who they are," she explained in the emotional interview. 

Bündchen added that the rumors that she hated football and had served Brady an ultimatum regarding it were hurtful to her. Not only did she root for his success, but she also went out of her way to learn everything about the game to support him. Instead, she insisted that they had simply grown apart over the years. "What's been said [in the media] is one piece of a much bigger puzzle," Bündchen stated. "It's not so black and white." With their paths diverging, the model set her sights on living a simpler life, which she's been able to accomplish in Costa Rica, one of her favorite places in the world. 

Bundchen also debunked rumors that she's dating businessman, Jeffrey Soffer, as suggested by the Daily Mail. "I have zero relationship with him in any way," she said. "He's Tom's friend, not my friend. I wouldn't be with his friend ... It's ridiculous."