All The Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars Peter Madrigal Dated On His Quest For Love

If there was a Venn diagram of all the "Vanderpump Rules" cast members who've dated each other, Peter Madrigal would surely be in the middle. The longtime SUR manager has been working for Lisa Vanderpump since 2008 when he got his start as a busboy to make some extra cash. Over time, Madrigal became a server and earned the trust of Vanderpump, Ken Todd, and their business partners Guillermo Zapata and Nathalie Pouille-Zapata. In 2011, he earned his role as the manager of SUR.

Madrigal was among the cast when "Vanderpump Rules" first aired in 2013 but fans never got to see more than a glimpse of him, as he was more of a supporting friend. While the main cast members were full of drama with their various tumultuous relationships, Madrigal flew under the radar and didn't share much of his private life. However, what fans may not know is that Madrigal is quite the ladies' man and has dated or romantically pursued quite a few of the "Vanderpump Rules" stars.

Peter Madrigal hasn't had much luck dating his co-workers

The earlier seasons of "Vanderpump Rules" was all about Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor's relationship drama. Before they were a thing, Schroeder and Peter Madrigal dated. In a podcast episode of "Buttered Pop," Madrigal said their fling started when Schroeder was new to SUR and he was a server/bartender (via Reality Tea). He described that they started flirting during lunches but when things got more serious between them, Schroeder became jealous. "She used to call me up in the middle of the night to find out if I was having sex with someone else. I was like 'I'm not. I just want to go to bed because I have an early day tomorrow,'" he recalled. After more of her jealous fits, Madrigal had enough and broke things off with her. Fun fact: Madrigal also dated Schroeder's BFF Katie Maloney, although their timeline is unclear.

For the beginning seasons of "Vanderpump Rules," Madrigal kept his dating life under the radar. However, Season 3 saw him pursue a new server named Vail Bloom, who was more into Taylor. During their one and only awkward date, Madrigal ordered a bottle of wine even though he told her it was a "coffee" hang. The wine didn't loosen up Bloom and that was the end of their short-lived romance. Perhaps that was a sign that Madrigal should look outside of the "Vanderpump Rules" pool, as his other pursuits were flops as well.

Peter Madrigal gets dissed by two more of his Vanderpump Rules flings

"Vanderpump Rules" Season 8 introduced many new cast members, including new server Dayna Kathan. Eagle-eyed fans may have recalled seeing her in Season 7 hooking up with Peter Madrigal during a guys' trip. In Season 8, when Madrigal tried to discuss the incident with her, she flat-out denied it. "I'm pretty sure I'd remember my first time making out with a pirate," Kathan told the cameras. Jax Taylor was not about to let her get away with lying and after the episode aired, he tweeted, "I saw you peter I got your back!!"

Madrigal tried for love again with Raquel Leviss after she broke off her engagement with James Kennedy. After a few dates, Leviss clearly wasn't that into him and while he took her rejection well, he was not so happy when she called him a "starting pony" on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen." On a podcast episode of "Alison Rose Is Your New Best Friend," the SUR manager shot back with, "I'm nobody's starter pony. I always keep an even keel, but, my God, who the hell do you think you are? ... Who the f*** do you think you are?"

Back in December 2022, Madrigal revealed he was dating someone but that things were rocky between them. Hopefully, the mystery woman is not another "Vanderpump Rules" star, as he just doesn't seem to have any luck with them.