Drew Barrymore Defends Hugh Grant After Awkward Ashley Graham Interview

As the host of her own talk show, Drew Barrymore knows a thing or two about the art of conducting a successful interview, and she clearly strives to keep the vibe positive and upbeat on "The Drew Barrymore Show." While model Ashley Graham channeled the "Charlie's Angels" actor on the "champagne" carpet at the 2023 Academy Awards, her own bubbly demeanor was no match for the curmudgeonly crust of "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" star Hugh Grant.

Graham was serving as a red carpet correspondent for ABC when she interviewed Grant. Their conversation got off to a rocky start when he compared the glitterati at the event to the mostly contemptible upper crust in the classic work of social satire, "Vanity Fair." Graham apparently thought he was referring to the Vanity Fair afterparty, not the novel. "Ohh, it's all about Vanity Fair," she responded enthusiastically. "That's where we let loose and have a little bit of fun." Grant was doing neither as the interview progressed, telling Graham that there was no fellow thespian he cared to see win an award and responding, "Just my suit," when she inquired about what he was wearing. He also didn't want to discuss his role in the film "Glass Onion," pointing out that his part was rather small.

His behavior sparked an online debate over whether it was appropriate or not, and Barrymore's in the camp that believes Grant was not acting with ill intent.

Drew Barrymore says Hugh Grant was just being himself

Hugh Grant himself has said that when he seems rude, he's not always putting on an irreverent rascal act for laughs. After his bad behavior got him banned from "The Daily Show," he admitted he was in the wrong, tweeting, "Turns out my inner crab got the better of me." But according to Drew Barrymore, he's like a human Sour Patch Kid whose tangy granules never dissolve. Barrymore's been on the receiving end of said crabbiness, with Grant calling her a terrible singer in a March 13 Wired interview. "I've heard dogs bark better than she sings," he joked. But on the March 17 episode of "The Drew Barrymore Show," she insisted getting roasted by her "Music and Lyrics" co-star was a good thing. "I swear, if you know Hugh, that is his way of loving you. No I swear," she said.

Barrymore even suggested that Ashley Graham might have walked away with a newfound appreciation for the British actor after he curtly responded to her questions. "You think you're getting this charming movie star, and what you really get is grumpy Hugh. And then you fall in love with grumpy Hugh," she explained. But in a 2009 interview with Elle, Grant said of his experience working with Barrymore, "Made her cry. ... Hates me."

Now, Barrymore is singing a much different (off-key) tune. "He is a hilarious, good human being," she told viewers of her enigmatic co-star.