What Is Barron Trump's Relationship Like With His Nieces And Nephews?

At only 17 years old, Barron Trump has already taken on many titles. Unlike his siblings, he never held any official political positions during his father's presidency, but his place in the famous family has made him the son, brother, and uncle to many prominent figures. Although he's the only child from Donald Trump's third marriage to Melania Trump, he has three older siblings who already have children of their own.

Ivanka has spoken publicly about her admiration for her youngest brother, describing him as "amazing" in an interview with ABC News during the 2016 presidential campaign. Ivanka also shared photos on social media of her spending time with Barron, including the time in 2017 when she took him and her children to a children's museum in Washington, D.C.

The youngest child of the former president stands at an astonishing 6 feet 7 inches, but has still managed to stay out of the spotlight. However, his true personality appears to emerge when he is with his young nieces and nephews, and examining their relationships can reveal much about the enigmatic young man.

Barron Trump has 10 nieces and nephews

Having three significantly older siblings gave Barron Trump a high chance of being a young uncle. Indeed, the age gap between Donald Trump's fourth and fifth children is 13 years. Donald Trump Jr. — the former president's oldest child — is 28 years older than his youngest brother.

Among his three oldest siblings, Barron has gained 10 nieces and nephews, ranging in age from 15 to just 3 years old. Tiffany Trump, Donald's child with his second wife, Marla Maples, has not had any children. Still, she's given Barron her stamp of approval, referring to him as the "best 'little' brother in the world."

His skills as a brother seem to have translated well into being an uncle. The large brood of children gives Barron many different playmates — and their vastly varied ages give him a different level of responsibility with each. In 15-year-old Kai Trump, he has a peer. However, with his younger relatives, Barron has shown off his nurturing and playful side.

Ivanka Trump called Barron a baby whisperer

A 2017 video tweeted out by Ivanka Trump was iconic for multiple reasons. Not only did it showcase her father signing one of the first executive orders of his presidency, but it also featured a mischievous Barron Trump in the background. As Ivanka held her son in her arms, Barron could be seen playing peek-a-boo and attempting to high-five the baby. Ivanka penned in her caption that this was evidence of Barron's skills as a "baby whisperer."

In other conversations, however, Ivanka has been slightly more candid about Barron's relationship with her children. According to the Daily Mail, on Fox & Friends, the businesswoman noted that her youngest children are occasionally picked on. While her older daughter Arabella loved "chasing after" Barron, young Joseph, who was three-and-a-half at the time, frequently dissolved into tears as he couldn't manage to keep up. "They'll send him on random cases, and distract him, and send him off in different directions," Ivanka shared. "They traumatize Joseph a little bit."

Despite the trauma, Ivanka seems to view her brother fondly. And as he grows older, Barron seems to be spending more and more time with his older siblings. 

Barron Trump is taking on a more mature role in the family

The Trump family's exit from the White House has understandably resulted in fewer photographed interactions between Barron Trump and his young nieces and nephews. As he grows older, it's reasonable to assume that he'll grow more distant from his smaller relatives and closer to his siblings. Although he has yet to make his own foray into politics (aside from that one time his brother asserted that Joe Biden was not fit to debate Barron), it does seem that he's relating to his older family members more and more. 

At the 2018 annual White House Egg Roll, Town & Country noted that Barron stayed put with his parents and siblings while the young grandchildren went running off to hunt for eggs. At 12 years old, Barron may have been beginning to feel too old for the games.

Since exiting the White House and moving to Florida, Barron has enrolled in the private Oxbridge Academy. According to People, he will graduate as part of the class of 2024 — and there's no telling where he'll head next. If his dedication to being an uncle is any indication, he may end up just as ambitious as his older siblings.