Why Captain Sandy Yawn Fired Alissa Humber On Below Deck

Season 10 of "Below Deck" was rife with drama, but the feud between the second stew Alissa Humber and deck-stew Camille Lamb ended up costing each of them their jobs. "Below Deck Mediterranean" lead Captain Sandy Yawn — who was filling in for series regular Captain Lee at the time — explained her shocking decision to terminate both interior team members to better the rest of the crew.

From the second the St. David luxury yacht set sail for this charter season, coworkers Humber and Lamb's personalities did not mesh. In an interview with Showbiz CheatSheet, the deck-stew admitted that her problems with her direct boss, Humber, stemmed from the fact Lamb "doesn't like when people tell [her] what to do when [she] was going to do it anyway." So, basically, exactly what the second stew's job is. The season-long feud culminated with the two crew members arguing and exchanging shouts in earshot of the yacht's guests, which Captain Yawn deemed "unacceptable."

After the shouting match, Yawn decided to fire Lamb in Episode 9, as it seemed like she was the source of the dispute. But why did the Captain fire Humber just a couple of charters later?

Captain Sandy Yawn deemed Alissa Humber 'insubordinate'

At first, Captain Sandy Yawn thought it would be smooth sailing following the termination of deck-stew Camille Lamb, but this certainly would not be the case. The Season 10 "Below Deck" cameras caught the head of the vessel overhearing Alissa Humber gossiping about her through the yacht's "thin walls." But the straw that broke the camel's back wound up an entirely different situation. When Humber and fellow stew Hayley De Sola Pinto were sunbathing while their other coworker was still working, Captain Yawn thought it was inappropriate for them to be relaxing instead of helping their teammate. While Yawn chastised Humber for her attitude, the second stew misspoke and called the captain just "Sandy" instead of her proper title.

"Alissa, when you said 'Yes Sandy, I mean Captain,' that was the f**k you in my face," the captain explained during the episode (via Bravo). "No matter what job you work in, respect for hierarchy is a must."

Citing "insubordination" and "malicious gossip," Captain Yawn kicked another stew to the dock. Humber later said she felt she was the "scapegoat" for the crew's issues.

Alissa and the crew have had time to reflect

With time to process the drama that took place on the St. David yacht, it seems that Alissa Humber is reassessing her and her crew mates' actions on the boat. During a February episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," the seasoned stew expressed regret over using the word "b***h" to describe Captain Sandy Yawn. But on the other hand, she admitted in a February interview with E! News that she "never got a good feel for Sandy."

"When the Camille and me situation was going on," Humber explained to the publication. "I felt like she really got down to Camille's level and talked with her, sat with her, ate with her, had comfortable conversations with her. ... When I tried to reach out to Sandy, I was actually shut down and my worries were dismissed."

In the end, it looks like everyone has moved on from the situation, with Humber even telling E! News that she and Camille Lamb have chatted "a few times" and are on "good terms." Even chief stew Fraser Olender acknowledged to Bravo that the Lamb versus Humber drama was "childish" in retrospect.