Are Dom And Georgia From Perfect Match Still Together?

If you're anything like the rest of the world, Netflix has suckered you into another reality dating show with "Perfect Match." The first season was everything a fan could have ever wanted. Creator Chris Coelen shared with The Hollywood Reporter how this show was unlike anything done before, not just because the contestants were from past Netflix shows but also because of their reasoning for going on "Perfect Match." He said, "Different people come in with different motivations ... There's certainly no stated intent in this show that there is a specific goal." Although strategy played a big part in the show, one couple that seemed to be there for love was Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati.

Hassarati, who came from "Too Hot to Handle," had no expectations going into the show, per The Drive-In Podcast. She shared, "I wasn't expecting much, but I was excited to have another opportunity to meet people in my atmosphere and hopefully find someone that I really connect with." Hassarati did end up finding a connection with Gabriel and became one of the most solid couples in the show. Although they faced several challenges, they always seemed to come out on top. Gabriel and Hassarati not only were the "Perfect Match" to viewers but were also the "Perfect Match" to other contestants because they ended up winning the show. 

However, since the series ended, people have been wondering if the two are still together. Here are the piping-hot details.

Dom and Georgia split

To fans' disappointment, Netflix did not film a reunion special of the hit show, "Perfect Match." Instead, they decided to release a short YouTube video filling viewers in on what couples were still together after the show wrapped. While many had speculated that most of the couples wouldn't last, one shocking confession came when Dom Gabriel revealed he and Georgia Hassarati were no longer an item. The Australian native was coyer about her breakup with Dom than he was. "We were at different levels of the relationship, and he's such an amazing person. The last thing I wanted was for it to be an ugly ending to something so beautiful," she shared. However, Gabriel had a completely different story about their breakup that shocked viewers.

The singer suggested that Hassarati had hooked up with fellow Netflix reality star, Harry Jowsey. He said, "We were still talking, we were together, and she had to go do a certain podcast, and the podcast came out, and the title of the podcast was 'Georgia [Hassarati] and Harry Jowsey [Fell] In Love.'" Gabriel said he was absolutely "blindsided" by Hassarati and Jowsey getting together, and fans were just as shocked.

The Canadian native was a fan-favorite on the show, and people quickly took his defense following the release of the YouTube video. However, that wasn't the end of their shocking split.

Dom and Georgia's split got messier

Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati's split got even more dramatic. The Australian native addressed the breakup on her Instagram story and claimed everything Gabriel had said in the YouTube video was wrong, per Cosmopolitan. "Since Dom would rather communicate online, rather than face to face, this is for you Dom," Hassarati stated. "You are so 'unbothered' but you never spoke to me about having issues with the title of a podcast I had no say in creating." She then suggested that Gabriel went to dinner the night of the podcast with fellow "Perfect Match" star, Ines Tazi.

Gabriel decided to fire back in his own set of Instagram stories. The reality star shared that he asked Hassarati about the podcast after, and she didn't reveal much. Gabriel also shared screenshots of his and Hassarati's texts that showed the dinner was not just with Tazi, but with other "Perfect Match" castmates, as well.

For one last time, the reality star left everything out on the table about Gabriel and "Perfect Match" when she went on "The Viall Files" podcast. Hassarati addressed the timeline of her and Gabriel's relationship and what went wrong. However, in the end, she had no ill feelings toward her former partner. She said, "I wish him well. I really do, from the bottom of my heart ... he's a great guy. We just were not compatible. We were not the perfect match, and that is okay."