Celebs Who Refuse To Wear Deodorant

When celebs hit the red carpet, a lot of attention is focused on the way they look, from their immaculately styled hair and makeup to their luxury designer duds. And although many famous people look absolutely magnificent whenever they step out on the scene, looks can be deceiving.

Personal hygiene is one topic that's not often discussed in the entertainment industry, because we always just assume that our favorite celebrities smell just as good as they look. But you'd be surprised by how many of them actually skip out on wearing deodorant, preferring to let their natural scent assault our nostrils instead.

Inhaling deeply while in the presence of any of the famous people on our list might make your brows furrow in disgust. However, a few of them have legit reasons as to why they've gone the all-natural route. While some are avoiding allergic reactions, others are simply opting for a natural alternative to the harsh chemicals that can be found in popular brands.

So which of Hollywood's biggest names are embracing the sweaty, sticky, and musty way of life? Keep reading to learn all about the celebs who refuse to wear deodorant.

Bradley Cooper takes multiple showers instead

Bradley Cooper may appear to be a vision of dapper perfection every time he steps foot on the red carpet, but the Guardians of the Galaxy star is hiding a secret. You see, Cooper is one of those people who thinks he doesn't need to wear deodorant. But since he works long hours on set and loves to frolic underneath the hot California sun, our noses would beg to differ. "I don't use deodorant really anymore. I do take a lot of showers, so maybe that helps," he said as he attempted to justify his decision to Esquire magazine in a 2012 interview.

When the magazine asked him if he took multiple showers a day, Cooper replied, "In the morning and then at night. And after I work out, I'll take a shower. So maybe three a day." Well, that explains California's water drought.

Now that we think about it, maybe it's not too bad that his armpits are being left unattended. If he's showering as much as he claims, there's still hope that he smells just as heavenly as he looks

There's something about Cameron Diaz's reason for going without

While promoting the 2014 film The Other Woman, Cameron Diaz told E! News, "I don't believe in antiperspirant ... It's really bad for you. I haven't used it for almost 20 years."

If you're trying to wrap your head around her statement, you're not alone. Apparently, the interviewer was just as perplexed. Diaz attempted to explain herself by stating, "You're stinky, because you use antiperspirant." Wait, what? We think the actress has things a bit backwards. We smell fresh because of antiperspirant, not the other way around, right?!

When asked if even men should go without using products to keep the stench and sweat at bay, the There's Something About Mary actress replied, "Yup! Let it go and just trim your armpit hair so it doesn't hold onto the scent." Um, we'll pass.

One person who clearly isn't turned off by Diaz's natural scent is her husband, Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, who described himself as a "lucky guy" for having someone like Diaz in his life ... stench and all

Diane Kruger is allergic

While some celebrities bypass the deodorant aisle due to their own personal beliefs, Diane Kruger has a different explanation as to why you won't find this product in her beauty arsenal. The Troy actress spoke to InStyle UK about her must-have beauty brands, such as brow kits and moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated and looking fresh when she's on set (via People magazine). And when she was asked how she keeps herself "smelling sweet," the actress revealed her favorite scents, before admitting that she's "allergic to deodorants" and sprays perfume on her armpits instead.

Now, before you roll your eyes and assume she's just joshing us, allergic reactions to deodorant are a real thing, and we commend Kruger for being forthcoming about her plight.

But most of all, we're just glad she at least attempts to cover up any unwanted scents by dousing herself in aromatic perfume.

Matthew McConaughey prefers to smell like 'a man'

Part of Matthew McConaughey's appeal, aside from his acting capabilities, is his rough, rugged, "I woke up like this" appearance. Surprisingly, it takes quite a few products to get the Gold star event-ready. In a candid interview with People magazine, the actor revealed some of his go-to products, including a hair treatment to keep him from balding, tea tree oil to keep his locks looking luscious, and, of course, shampoo and conditioner. He also said that people are shocked to hear that he makes his own face and body creams. Move over, Jergens!

As for smelling so fresh and so clean, the Oscar-winning actor insisted that a man should smell like "a man," before admitting, "I haven't worn deodorant in 20 years."

We're not too sure that's something to brag about, but McConaughey, and many celebs just like him, wear their deodorant-free status like a (smelly) badge of honor.

Simon Baker rejects all 'fancy fiddly girlie stuff'

Aussie actor Simon Baker is a minimalist when it comes to primping and grooming. He told People magazine in 2002 that he didn't like "fancy fiddly girlie stuff," and he rarely went to the barbershop, preferring to cut his own hair most of the time. "You just do it all by feel," he said of his cutting technique, which could really explain his misshapen locks.

"Simon is not a groomer. He rolls out of bed and he's ready to go," the actor's good friend, Nicole Kidman, said when describing him. And she wasn't lying at all. The former star of The Mentalist also revealed during the interview, "I don't use deodorant."

For anyone who would like to go all-natural just like him, he has the perfect solution. "If you drink enough water, you shouldn't have to [wear it]. I think I smell pretty good without it," he said. We'll take his word for it.

Tom Ford smells like 'a little sweat, a little dog'

Tom Ford is the man behind a bustling fashion and fragrance empire. He spends every waking moment ensuring the rest of the world looks and smells lovely, but when it comes to his personal life, he'd rather take a low-maintenance and no-hassle approach. The luxury brand connoisseur was promoting his Black Orchid perfume in 2007 when he revealed that he didn't wear deodorant at all. And not only that, he would prefer that the rest of us go deodorant-free, as well! "I actually love the way that human beings smell," he told New York magazine.

To describe his own natural scent, Ford said, "My smell is a little sweat, a little dog." Um, gross!

The designer went on to bash those who were so wrapped up in pleasant odors. "I think a lot of us have gotten so weird about it, especially Americans. Americans love to, like, wash away all trace of human smell," he said. "I like human smell. It's what makes us attracted to each other ... I don't like clean. I don't like the smell of soap."

Kourtney Kardashian 'reeks'

The millions of fans who follow Kourtney Kardashian on her social media accounts know all about her obsession with living an all-natural lifestyle. She has also spoken about her desire to live an organic and eco-friendly existence on her family's series of reality TV shows.

During a 2013 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami (via Hollywood Life), viewers realized just how far the mother of three had taken her natural lifestyle when her sister, Khloé, asked Kardashian's baby daddy, Scott Disick, why her body odor had been more pungent than normal.

That's when Disick described Kardashian's smell by saying, "She reeks," before adding, "Only because she doesn't believe in wearing deodorant because she thinks it's bad for her breastfeeding or something."

Khloé tried to convince Disick to get her sister to wear "a little dab" of deodorant to combat the smell, but, at the time, he didn't feel comfortable telling his then-girlfriend about her stench.

Thankfully, for her loved ones, Kardashian announced she was ditching her no-deodorant policy in 2017 on her official website (via InStyle) and would be "changing over to an all-natural deodorant" instead. 

Her family's noses thank her.

Julia Roberts doesn't like sharing her secret

When she famously showed off her dark brown underarm hair at the April 1999 premiere of Notting Hill, Julia Roberts sent the world into frenzy. Since then, the actress' underarms have taken on a life of their own. 

As a staunch supporter of living an eco-friendly life, the Pretty Woman star also incorporates green alternatives into her everyday life. In a 2008 interview with Oprah Winfrey (via Huffington Post), America's sweetheart gushed about feeding her children — twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and son Henry — organic foods. She also dished about her favorite skincare products before making the bold statement,  "I don't actually use deodorant. I don't like to share that with a lot of people. It's just never been my thing."

Now, considering she rocks some impressive bushy hair under her pits, are we really supposed to be shocked that she leaves the house sans deodorant, too?

Luke Bryan opts for soap instead

Luke Bryan has been making fans swoon since he was first introduced to the country music world, and he has it easy when it comes to getting ready to face the public. He's not a huge fan of using a bunch of different products, and he reportedly doesn't need to wear deodorant, thanks to his minimal amount of underarm hair.

"I use Irish Spring [soap]... Y'all [women] have all these washes with the little microbeads in them that are supposed to explode on your skin and attack the dead cells," the "Rain Is a Good Thing" singer told the Bobby Bones Show before adding that he preferred "just good old harsh, make your skin look like chalk soap" to keep him smelling fresh instead.

The interviewer had a hard time believing Bryan wasn't wearing any deodorant, so he asked if he could perform a sniff test, and Bryan obliged.

"It's pretty clean, it's straight up clean ... fresh!" the interviewer said in amazement as Bryan beamed with pride.

Childish Gambino is on some 'hippie s**t'

After putting on a riveting, high-intensity performance at the Powerhouse NYC concert in 2015, Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, headed backstage to cool off and chat with the hosts of Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club.

The conversation quickly took a turn when the smell emanating from him became too much for co-host Charlamagne tha God to handle. He cut Glover off mid-sentence to blatantly ask him, "You don't wear deodorant or nothing either, do you?" 

Never one to be bashful, the rapper simply answered, "No," which prompted Charlamagne tha God to respond with, "Yeah, I can tell," before his co-hosts erupted in laughter.

Glover felt the need to explain himself, so the "This Is America" artist proudly proclaimed that he was on some "hippie s**t" and rarely washed his clothes.

A piece written by Ozy in 2014 backed up the rapper's tendency to have a ripe scent. While explaining that the rapper and actor once wore the same clothes for weeks on end, the publication wrote that "his body odor matched the image of neglect." Pee-yew.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio think deodorant is unnatural?

Rumors have been floating around for years about Leonardo DiCaprio's hygiene ... or lack thereof, shall we say? It's hard to believe that one of Hollywood's most eligible hunks is working with a stench that would make our nose hairs shrivel instantaneously. Well, that is if you believe the gossip thats been published by the National Enquirer.

An insider told the tabloid magazine, "He only showers a couple of days a week to conserve water, and considers deodorant to be 'unnatural.'"

That wasn't the only time the publication had it out for the celeb's body odor. In a separate article published in 2012 (via Female First), it was reported that DiCaprio's then-girlfriend Erin Heatherton was fed up with his stinky habits. "Erin has warned him to clean up his act and his hygiene. If not, he may wind up chasing off the woman of his dreams." Less than eight months after the article was published, a source told Us Weekly that the pair had gone their separate ways. Was DiCaprio's reported nauseating smell to blame? We may never know.

But despite all the tea about his less-than-stellar odor, the ladies keep on lining up to catch a whiff.