Christine Quinn's Life Since Leaving Selling Sunset

There was hardly a catfight on Netflix's "Selling Sunset" that didn't involve the series' token villain, Christine Quinn. The real estate agent was never afraid of confrontation, and she took down anything and everyone that stood in the way of her dominating the real estate market — and the Hollywood social scene. Since the show's debut in 2019, Quinn gave viewers unapologetic sass and over-the-top glam for five seasons before she bowed out and left the show. Whether you love her or hate her, you won't forget her. "I will be remembered, that's my goal the entire time," she told Fashion magazine. "...Everything is completely intentional. This is a show, I'm going to put on a show." 

Arguably, she was at the center of nearly every controversy at the Oppenheim Group, and viewers saw the Dallas native throwing shade and severing friendships throughout her time on the series. Regardless, the real estate agent is as unapologetic as they come. While she may not be everyone's cup of tea at work, she's got bigger things to worry about — like being a mom. The former Oppenheim Group agent tied the knot with tech mogul Christian Richard in 2019 and they welcomed a baby boy the following year. 

Whether it's changing diapers in head-to-toe couture or stirring up trouble in the press, this fashion-forward businesswoman is bound to keep us talking. So what exactly has Christine Quinn been up to since leaving the show? Here's the scoop on the reality television bad girl.

Her serious allegations against the Selling Sunset creator

Christine Quinn had some harsh words for "Selling Sunset" creator and long-time reality television executive producer Adam DiVello. Following her departure after Season 5, Quinn went on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast and made some shocking allegations about DiVello, who is the man behind hit shows like MTV's "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach." The real estate agent called out DiVello and the production team behind the show, claiming they used manipulation and harassment tactics against women. She also accused DiVello of threatening her life during her time filming the show, stating on the episode, "He said, quote, 'Go fall down the stairs and kill yourself.'"

It's not the only time the reality television producer has been accused of bad behavior. Former "Hills" star Heidi Montag accused the producer of touching her inappropriately during a cast photoshoot in 2010, but she never filed the lawsuit and MTV denied any wrongdoing. DiVello never addressed Montag's claims, but MTV defended his character at the time. In a statement published by Vulture, MTV denied the allegations, writing,  "Adam ... has worked diligently to maintain a respectful and appropriate production environment."

Regardless, during Quinn's "Call Me Daddy" appearance, she alleged that Montag's accusations did have an impact, saying, "He's never been allowed to step foot with any of the women on set because of it." DiVello has not responded to the claims as of this writing.

She still hates her former cast-mates

There's no bridge big enough for Christine Quinn to mend any former relationships she had with her co-stars on "Selling Sunset" — including her ongoing feud with Crishell Stause. However, during her appearance on the "Brandi Glanville Unfiltered" podcast, she claimed that she and her former co-worker started out as friends and got along well. However, the production team may have had other ideas. "From day one, obviously the producers had certain things in mind," she claimed. "They wanted us to clash." Her long-term friendships with Heather Rae El Moussa and Mary Fitzgerald also came to an end in the series after the girls sided with Stause and condemned Quinn's bad-girl behavior.

Since leaving "Selling Sunset," the star has spoken out about her importance within the reality franchise. "I feel like I was the only one that understood the assignment," Quinn told The New York Times. "I was the only one that said, 'Hey, this is a show, and I'm going to give the world a show.'" Ultimately her dramatic Season 5 exit was tainted by cast member Emma Hernan claiming she bribed her client to drop Hernan — something Quinn has vehemently denied, per Us Weekly

Despite being nominated for the Best Fight award at the MTV Movie Awards in 2022, as well as the Best Docu-Reality Series alongside her cast mates, a source told ET that Quinn was excluded from the ceremony due to her behavior (Netflix didn't respond to the claims). 

Christine Quinn started selling homes in Miami

Christine Quinn has traded the Hollywood Hills for a more tropical zip code — for work purposes. In a June 2022 Instagram post, the star teased her new realtor territory, writing, "She Selling Miami now." She's already started selling properties in the sunshine state, with the backing of her co-owned crypto-based company, RealOpen, which she shares with her husband Christian Richard. Their business allows buyers and sellers to use and convert cryptocurrency to purchase and sell homes in the real estate market. As she told Yahoo! Finance, the forward-thinking company was filling a wide gap in the market. "People ... are looking for diversification, but also the need to want to offload and get something physical," she said. "... We can close in one day."

Quinn isn't the only former Oppenheim Group agent who is enjoying the Miami heat. Former cast member Maya Vander also relocated to the area and opened her own brokerage, launching The Maya Vander Group in 2022, where she specializes in helping clients buy and sell luxury condos and high-rises. However, there's no telling whether or not these former Hollywood babes can strike a deal together.  "It's really difficult to understand where she's coming from with different things that she does and says," Vander previously told SheKnows about her relationship with Quinn. "Look, she's impulsive. I get it, I've known her for a long time. I wish she would count to 10 before she says or does things."

She launched a crypto company with her husband

Christine Quinn and her husband Christian Richard are taking real estate to the next level with their company RealOpen. Combining Quinn's vast knowledge of the real estate market with Richard's background as a tech engineer, they created a company that makes buying a dream home easier for crypto holders. As per the company website, their services include, "With the only crypto [credit] scoring system, RealScoreTM, RealOpen protects property sellers by validating buyers and instantly converting their offers into cash at closing." Richard was an early supporter of Crypto. In 2013, his company Foodler enabled thousands of restaurants nationwide and in Canada to process Bitcoin transactions as payment. 

It's been a journey for Quinn and Richard, who had been discussing their vision of launching the company for a while. When asked about her departure from "Selling Sunset" the reality television star revealed she already had her mind on RealOpen. "I think that it was something that had been in the works," Quinn told E! News. "... You know, my husband and I have been working on RealOpen for so long ... It was a year and a half in the making. So in my mind, I was already checked out."

She's busy being a mom

Christine Quinn can now add mother to her list of accolades, right next to being a boss babe and a real estate shark. The fashion mogul gave birth to her son Christian in May 2021 alongside her husband, Christian Richard. The star kept up her red-carpet appearances throughout her pregnancy, not giving up her couture for maternity wear. "But I mean, that's me and who I am — I'm always kind of going," the realtor told People at the time.

Although Quinn has embraced motherhood with a new mini bestie to shop for, she hasn't forgotten what it took for her son to arrive. On Season 4 of "Selling Sunset" (via People) she opened up about the emergency C-section procedure she had, revealing, "He was coming out sideways, and his umbilical cord was wrapped around him. They said his heart rate's going down. All I hear is, 'Emergency C-section. Let's go, let's go!'" she revealed. "And then one of the nurses went up to Christian and said, 'You need to make a priority right now. You have to choose one.' He was like, 'Both. You need ... Both.'"

However, Quinn was less than thrilled about her portrayal on "Selling Sunset" during her pregnancy and post-delivery, telling ET Canada that post-production and editing made her reality look far from the truth. The star received lots of backlash for appearing to do yoga shortly after her emergency C-section, but she claimed she was actually pregnant while filming the scene. 

She's still serving fashion looks on the daily

Christine Quinn slays any time of the day — whether she's grabbing groceries or walking the red carpet. While we may not be seeing her usual looks in an upcoming season of "Selling Sunset," she's still serving them on magazine covers, at red-carpet events, and even on the runway. Quinn is incredibly passionate about the fashion world — and clearly, it's crazy about her too. In July 2022, she walked the Balenciaga haute couture runway as a model, and she's worked extensively with some of the world's greatest fashion brands including Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs (above).

As Quinn told WWD in 2022, she certainly hasn't ruled out committing to a larger role within the fashion industry — maybe even launching her own fashion line someday. "I would love to be a creative director. In addition to that, I also love walking and runway modeling," she said. "... Right now I would love to collaborate with big brands."

When she's not jet-setting around Paris getting inspiration for new looks, the star is posing for magazine covers. She was featured on the front page of Perfect magazine for a feature following her move from Hollywood where she revealed, "The city is as dead as the Hollywood Cemetery. RIP." In November 2022, Forbes reported that Quinn and her husband Christian Richard were house-hunting in Paris after listing their Los Angeles mansion with the hopes of eventually relocating to France.

She was the face of a German holiday campaign

Christine Quinn traded selling houses for advent calendars. The television star launched a holiday campaign with luxury German fashion brand MCM in 2022 that had the "Selling Sunset" star as the face of its holiday gift-giving guide. The guide, in the form of a Christmas advent calendar, featured an array of bold fashion choices and items from the fashion house. From shimmery ski sets to gold-plated cross-body bags, Quinn modeled all the essential looks for a perfect MCM Christmas.

In a statement published by WWD, Quinn said of her partnership with the brand, "It is a dream come true to be the face of the new MCM holiday campaign. As a longtime fan of their iconic logo totes, luggage, and clothing, MCM has always been a staple in my wardrobe. I am so honored to work with such an incredible creative and professional fashion house – from start to finish." The fashion advent calendar featured daily drops of luxury items hand-picked by Quinn for fans to choose from for the entire month of December.

You can buy Christine Quinn's wardrobe

Christine Quinn's red carpet looks could be making their way to a closet near you — for a price. The "Selling Sunset" star has made a variety of clothing collections available to the public straight from her closet. Her site, Xtinequinncloset, lists her former pieces, including clothing, shoes, accessories, swimwear, lingerie, and maternity pieces. Prices range from $10 to $2000 for select items. Describing her popular look to Fashionista, the star highlighted that her aesthetic is as sexy as it is playful and campy. "I would say my personal style is very ... like, stripper chic dominatrix Barbie," she said.

The television personality has an Instagram page for her closet business, which alerts fans to new styles and designer items that she plans to launch on the site. Unique purses from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Jacquemus are just some of the rare items available for fans to get the fashion icon's look. Whether you're looking for a designer set or something more mainstream, Quinn has everything from Balenciaga to Forever 21 available for fans to snap up. 

Christine Quinn wants to be like Lady Gaga

Clearly, career goals for Christine Quinn are limitless — and the star also has her sights set on being an actor. In February 2023, the reality television personality told The Hollywood Reporter that she was busy at work on a scripted show, but she couldn't reveal the name. "I'm not saying I am Lady Gaga, but the fact that she can do these really big roles and pull it off, whether it's 'American Horror Story' or 'A Star Is Born,' I want to do things like that," she revealed.

While she may not be a box-office hit as of this writing, Quinn's career in Hollywood actually started with acting. In fact, as she told The Guardian, she opted to work in real estate as a way to support her big-screen career goals. Her brief appearances in films like "Humans vs. Zombies," "Hot Tub Time Machine 2," and as the first character to become a monstrous bikini-wrapped-snack in "Shark Night," didn't exactly come easily, and little else was forthcoming. "I was getting doors slammed in my face left and right. But I just felt in my bones, 'If I'm getting no, I'm asking the wrong person,'" she concluded. The actor told The Hollywood Reporter that she plans to pursue more acting opportunities in the future while juggling her fashion aspirations, which is her first love.

She was accused of being a fake broker

While they call them "reality" television shows — these days many series couldn't be farther from the truth. Christine Quinn has been vocal about "Selling Sunset" being scripted and scenes being manipulated, but now the star is being called out for faking her own career. Tracy Tutor, best known for her role on Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing Los Angles," went on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" in February 2023 to spill the tea about whether or not Quinn is actually selling the houses we think she is. 

When Andy Cohen asked Tutor to name the best broker on the show, she responded, "Well, A, none of them are brokers," Tutor responded. "As Christine Quinn confirmed when she hired me to sell her house." Nevertheless, she followed it up by saying, "She's the best. She's a total boss." The "MDLLA" star also claimed that she's yet to see the ladies of "Selling Sunset" around Los Angeles at listings and showings.

While Quinn didn't respond to the claims, her former cast-mates Davina Potratz and Maya Vander denied the allegations to People. "I welcome anyone to do research on me. I think you'll find out very quickly that I'm quite serious about real estate," Potratz said. Vander similarly stated, "When we shoot 'Selling Sunset,' we film for three, four months, and not every transaction can close in that time. Sometimes I work with buyers that unfortunately take me 12 months to close," 

Christine Quinn became an author

Christine Quinn has taken all her best tips for being a boss babe and transformed them into a guidebook for her fans. The former "Selling Sunset" star added author to her list of accolades following her departure from the show, after she published her first book in May of 2017. Her book, "How to Be a Boss B*tch," is a blend of memoir and manifesto that encourages women to seize their power and achieve everything they want from life, love, and their careers. And all of it without apology.

The title of the book is a nod to the backlash the real estate agent has received since her time on the show, but it's something Quinn embraces. "I'm familiar with being called a b*tch and that's such an unfortunate thing," she told Vogue in 2020. "... But it's time to change the narrative because I'm tired. If being a b*tch means speaking your mind and being true to who you are, then being a b*tch isn't a bad thing. If someone calls me a b*tch, it means I'm doing something right."

As she told The Guardian, while the book provided an opportunity for the star to maintain control of her narrative — reclaiming every insult hurled her way, in the process — it was also a chance for her to share her tips for manifesting the life you want with other women. "If you think it and believe it, it will come to you," she insisted.