1000-Lb Sisters: Who Is Amy Slaton's Estranged Husband, Michael Halterman

This article includes mention of domestic violence. 

"1000-Lb Sisters" fans were no doubt surprised to hear that Amy Slaton and her husband had split in February 2023 — but what do we know about Michael Halterman?

As longtime viewers of "1000-Lb Sisters" may know, Slaton and Halterman have been in each other's lives since their high school days. And, while it's not clear when they became a couple, the pair did elope in 2017 when Slaton was 30. They also opted for a more traditional wedding two years later, and Slaton even welcomed the cameras into her search for a dress. Since then, they became parents, bought a house, and seemed as happy as could be until months before their split. In fact, taking to Instagram ahead of her birthday in October 2022, Slaton gushed, "I gotta say, I have nothing to wish for. I got me a wonderful man, two awesome boys, and a house. I'm proud of myself!!!"

Unfortunately for the happy mama, the contentedness proved to be short-lived. In February, The U.S. Sun reported that Slaton had left the aforementioned house and that the couple had parted ways. Things took a turn a few weeks later when the outlet reported that her exit had been an intense one, with 911 calls made and Halterman allegedly hurling items around the home in a rage. Given his general laidback vibe on the show, the sudden twist certainly begs the question: What do we know about Halterman?

He has a history as a YouTuber

Michael Halterman may be known best for his time on "1000-Lb Sisters," but the TLC show was far from his first stint on camera — far from it. Years before the show premiered, he had his own eponymous YouTube channel where he shared everything from recipes and family memories to video game lives. 

Naturally, since joining the cast of "1000-Lb Sisters," Halterman's viewership has increased. And, while his 4.55k subscribers might not qualify as a massive following, he certainly gets a ton of engagement from viewers. Case in point: After sharing a video montage of his dogLittlebit, many fans sent well-wishes and shared that they'd loved seeing her on the show. And, in response to a 2017 BeanBoozled challenge done with Amy Slaton, hundreds of fans sent in comments, laughing along with the then-couple. 

As for his job, outside of YouTube and reality TV, according to his Facebook page, Halterman works as a mill operator at micro-powder manufacturer Shamrock Technologies. However, as has come to light in the wake of their split, that may no longer be the case. Per The U.S. Sun, in a statement made to a Kentucky court, Slayton complained, "He makes me do everything with the house, boys, and has no job."  

... and he's determined to remain in his kids' lives

Despite Amy Slaton's claims that Michael Halterman isn't exactly a hands-on dad, he seems pretty intent on maintaining a presence in his children's lives. 

In the aftermath of Slaton and Halterman's dramatic fight that saw authorities called in, The U.S. Sun revealed that Slaton had sought a protective order against him. That meant no contact with his kids at first — though later on, it was adjusted to make room for "supervised contact." Halterman has attempted to fight that, too, however. In a statement of his own, the "1000-Lb Sisters" cast member argued that he, like his wife, had "been in a caregiver role for the children since birth." Despite Slaton's arguments to the contrary — and video clips from Season 4 of the show that showed her struggling with their crying sons while Halterman appeared unfazed and continuing his meal — the court agreed. At the time of writing, Slaton and Halterman have equal custody over their kids, though The U.S. Sun has confirmed that the former couple was still to uphold their protective order and steer clear of one another. 

Only time will tell if this divorce can go from antagonistic to amicable. However, for the sake of everyone involved, we're hoping both Slaton and Halterman will be able to move past this chapter as quickly (and as easily) as possible. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.