What Drew Barrymore's Exes Have Said About Her (And Are They Still Friends?)

Icon, actor, and talk show host Drew Barrymore is known for many things: her beauty, her charm, her distinct speaking voice, and her bubbly personality. She's also known for overcoming her troubled childhood, and for having a long and sometimes tumultuous dating history. The latest addition to the latter is Barrymore's 2016 divorce from Will Kopelman. Barrymore revealed on a 2023 episode of her talk show that she hasn't been in a relationship in four years, and who could blame her for being a little hesitant at this point?

While Barrymore has publicly expressed her admiration for Kopelman's new wife and has spoken about co-parenting with her ex-husband, Kopelman has seemingly kept mum about Barrymore. But her other exes have had plenty to say, and many of them have even reunited with Barrymore on her show. She seems keen to reconnect, often becoming overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing her exes after so many years. Let's see who still has love for Drew Barrymore, because honestly, what's not to love?

Corey Feldman remembers their first date fondly

Drew Barrymore and "Stand By Me" star Corey Feldman dated as teenagers in the '80s, but their very first date came long before they were a real couple. Barrymore and Feldman had a sweet reunion on "The Drew Barrymore Show" in 2023 where Feldman remembered Steven Spielberg arranging a meeting between the two child stars, since young Barrymore had a crush on Feldman.

"I remember taking you to the movies, I remember exactly which movie theater it was," Feldman said, although neither could recall which movie they saw. The pair remained friends and reconnected in their teens, even attending the 1989 Oscars together. "We were such the great little cute little item for the three months we lasted or whatever," Feldman said.

Both Barrymore and Feldman famously struggled with substance issues in the past, and it seems as though they had each other's backs at times while working through sobriety. While the former couple hadn't seen each other in 25 years, they expressed their love for one another and hoped to stay in touch.

David Arquette and Drew Barrymore's conflicting accounts

In 1991 Drew Barrymore and David Arquette were photographed holding hands, but there seems to be some debate over the nature of the relationship. Arquette revealed on an episode on "Watch What Happens Live" that he and Barrymore dated once upon a time. However, during an interview with Howard Stern, Barrymore said that wasn't the case, insisting the two had just been friends. Still, Arquette remained adamant the two had been a couple. In 2018 on PeopleTV's "Couch Surfing" (via EW), he said, "We also dated, but she denied it on 'Howard Stern.' But, we dated, Drew!"

There appears to be no love lost, as Arquette appeared on "The Drew Barrymore Show" in 2022 as part of a "Never Been Kissed" reunion with Molly Shannon. Arquette told Barrymore, "You put this beautiful film together that was so heartfelt and has stood the test of time. And now you're here and you're doing your show, and I'm so glad that you get to see how much the world loves you. 'Cause I love you and the world loves you." Barrymore replied, "I have loved you my whole life, David." Aww.

Eric Erlandson hated the fame that came with their relationship

In 1994, Drew Barrymore began dating Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson. In an interview with Rolling Stone at the time, Barrymore was over the moon when it came to her man. "I love him so much," she gushed, noting that she felt as though she'd begun a new life chapter. "And I have a family now from Eric, too. He has such a huge, amazing family," she said. "I never thought I'd have a sense of family until I had my own kids. I want two: a boy and a girl. My daughter will be named Ruby Daffodil."

Sadly, the relationship was not built to last and years later it seemed as though Erlandson hadn't had as great a time as Barrymore. While he didn't speak about the relationship directly, he commented on the fame that came along with dating Barrymore to LA Weekly in 2012. "I have a negative view of it — being worshiped too much. Fame is fame. It's only going to lead to more alienation, more isolation," he said. "The good thing the Internet did was bring down everybody a notch, so it cheapens fame a little." It's unclear whether these two are still in touch. We're tempted to guess and say no, but then again, everyone seems to have love for Ms. Barrymore.

Luke Wilson and Drew Barrymore stayed friendly

Drew Barrymore dated actor Luke Wilson for two years from 1996 until 1998. The two even co-starred in the 1998 rom-com "Home Fries." But it sounds like the relationship was not super serious. "I was dating him, but I think he was also dating other people," Barrymore recalled in a conversation with Kate Hudson on "The Drew Barrymore Show." "It was an open relationship, we were young ... You're not taking it all so seriously and it was fun. And we had the best time."

While their romantic relationship didn't pan out, there apparently wasn't any ill will between the two; Barrymore was more than happy to see Wilson play Cameron Diaz's love interest in "Charlie's Angels." It was something that clearly impressed Wilson, and he told People in 2003, "That's Drew—she didn't let the personal stuff get in the way."

During her conversation with Hudson, Barrymore proved Wilson's sentiment when she said, "I think it's so fun to celebrate and champion your exes. You may not have the same relationship."

Tom Green was happy to reconnect with Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore and comedian Tom Green met in March of 2000 and were married in July of 2001. Although the marriage did not even last a year, the two certainly went through a lot together, including Green's testicular cancer diagnosis. In 2002 Green told People, "We were beginning to have problems before we got married. ... I was so firm in my belief that it would work I kept on. My parents are still together. I assumed I'd never be divorced."

In 2020, Barrymore invited Green on her show and it was a very sweet reunion. Green congratulated Barrymore on her new venture, saying, "It's nice to see you every day on here just bringing this burst of happiness and energy and optimism to the world right now." Barrymore was visibly moved, and the two went on to reminisce.

But that reunion happened during Covid and the interview was conducted using green screen technology. In 2021, Barrymore invited Green back on her show, this time in person, and it was a cute moment for the former husband and wife. Green sat down with Barrymore for the show's "Drew's News" segment, which led to the two chatting about their honeymoon trip to Ireland. "It was one of my favorite trips of my life," Barrymore said. The two ended the segment exchanging I love you's, and we loved to see it.

Fabrizio Moretti didn't want the relationship to define him

In 2002, Drew Barrymore and The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti began what would be a five-year relationship. While Barrymore has often spoken highly of her romance with Moretti, he was a little salty during a 2006 interview with Norfolk Daily News. "[T]hose things on the internet are all about Drew and my relationship with her. I don't know, there's something kind of depressing about being pigeon-holed as somebody's boyfriend," Moretti said.

Still, the relationship lasted another year after Moretti's comments, and Barrymore has said that Moretti was the one who did the most romantic thing for her. He taught her to play the drums for a skit on "Saturday Night Live" in which she portrayed Meg White of The White Stripes. "That, I thought, was really romantic. To get to learn a skill set that I didn't really have," Barrymore revealed on "Dear Drew" on ET.

In 2009, Barrymore spoke about her relationship with Moretti in an interview with W, saying, "[It was] one of the most, if not the most, important relationships I've had in my life. We're still very close."

Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore admire each other's work

In 2007 Page Six reported that Drew Barrymore and Zach Braff were seen hanging out (and making out) in NYC. This was somewhat scandalous, as Barrymore was reportedly dating director Spike Jonze at the time. Even if it turned out to be just a fling, Barrymore and Braff still seem to have a great admiration for each other. In March 2023 Braff was a guest on "The Drew Barrymore Show." "We're old friends and we haven't seen each other in a while," Braff said before giving Barrymore a big hug.

Braff was promoting his film "A Good Person," which stars his ex-girlfriend Florence Pugh. "This is award level, this is the real deal. ... Chills while I'm talking about it," Barrymore said of the film. The conversation turned to Pugh, with Barrymore fawning over her performance, and Braff explaining, "But she has that magical thing; obviously you have it too." It was a nice compliment for sure, but Barrymore really got excited when Braff told her Pugh was a fan of hers as well. "She wanted me to tell you that she loves 'Charlie's Angels' so much and that when she was young, she would imitate all of your fight scenes," he said, to Barrymore's delight.

Justin Long and Drew Barrymore still have love for each other

In 2008, Drew Barrymore began dating her "He's Just Not That Into You," co-star Justin Long. While the relationship only lasted about two years, it sounds pretty intense. "She's beautiful and funny. She's the most compassionate person I've ever met," Long told Oprah Winfrey in a 2008 interview (via People). He added, "She smells great."

In 2022 Long was a guest on "The Drew Barrymore Show" where the two had an emotional reunion. "I love that we've maintained our love because ... I know from my end it'll never go anywhere," Long told Barrymore. He went on to say, "I mean that, I will always love you," and a tearful Barrymore responded, "I will always love you so much." The two even got out of their seats and embraced, with Barrymore fully crying. "I'm so grateful," she said.

Long proposed to his girlfriend Kate Bosworth in April 2023, which squashed any hopes for a real reconciliation between him and Barrymore, but we are still so happy we got to witness their lovely and heartfelt reunion.