Why Shayne Jensen And Natalie Lee Split Soon After Love Is Blind

Netflix is rolling out new seasons of "Love Is Blind" so fast, Season 2 feels like it dropped yesterday. Even though we're on the fourth season of the show right now — this time in Seattle — the Chicago season that premiered in early 2022 still holds a special place in our reality mess-loving hearts. It featured Shake (the vet) and Deepti, Iyanna and Jerrette, and Shaina and Kyle (who were not on the same wavelength regarding religion). Danielle and Nick were the last couple standing, but even they called it quits in August 2022. Obviously, all of these couples had tumultuous relationships, but Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen might have had one of the worst.

The two got engaged in the pods of "Love Is Blind," but the audience saw that Shayne was very much into contestant Shaina, making Natalie seem like a second choice of sorts. Regardless, Natalie and Shayne seemed to do well in Mexico, but it wasn't enough. Between Shayne's missed connection with Shaina and his treatment of Natalie, they didn't get married. Shayne then went on Netflix's dating competition show, "Perfect Match," where he and Chloe Veitch — a star from "Too Hot To Handle" and "The Circle" — made it as one of the final couples. But as ScreenRant reported, the two called it quits after the show. Between all of that, though, it turns out that there was a lot going on behind the seasons that caused Natalie and Shayne to call it quits for good.

Natalie Lee says Shayne's flirty ways ruined her friendship

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jensen didn't get married at the end of "Love Is Blind" due to a massive fight they had off-screen the night before. Natalie told Entertainment Tonight that the fight was an "accumulation" of things. During the reunion, Shayne was upset that it was made to look like it was all his fault, urging Natalie to fess up to his side of things. Then, during the "After the Altar" special months later, Natalie accused Shayne of sending flirty messages to Shaina Hurley, putting more strain on their relationship.

Natalie Lee told People in September 2022 that Shayne's flirty messages with Shaina were the main reason they didn't get back together and broke up in the first place, which was particularly hard because Shaina was her "closest friend in the pods at the time of filming." Natalie also claimed Shaina "encouraged him to come after" Natalie at the reunion. "I think that was a core piece that they left out of my story and the way I was telling it and how I was talking my truth at that time. Or the truth," Natalie said about what aired. "And so yeah, that was a bit frustrating to see."

With that said, Natalie told People that she wanted more of Shayne and Shaina's messages (and their impact) shown, along with just how horrible it was to see a "former friend" say things behind your back.

Shayne Jensen was applying for new dating shows

For the most part, Natalie Lee understands why "Love Is Blind" aired what it did because of the amount of footage editors must have. But that doesn't take away how Shayne Jensen behaved while in a relationship with Natalie. In fact, according to Entertainment Weekly, Natalie shared in an Instagram story that Shayne applied to be on "Perfect Match" during one of the times he was still dating Natalie. She wrote that producers didn't know they were dating again in September 2021 and asked them both to apply for "Perfect Match." They both told each other they turned it down, but Shayne started the casting process in November 2021 while they were still dating and without her knowledge.

Remember, the "Love Is Blind" reunion happened in March 2022, and Shayne claimed he "still had feelings" for Natalie after seeing her at that reunion, even though he was already filming "Perfect Match." "He texted me numerous times he wanted to leave midway through filming," she claimed. To make matters worse, Natalie said that Shayne contacted her after leaving "Perfect Match" "to discuss 'us.'" She of course turned him away at this point because of all these ups and downs. In Jensen's defense, he posted a story that claimed all of Lee's claims are false and just a way to "once again destroy my character for personal gain," per People.