What Ever Happened To Justin Bobby?

Justin Robert Brescia, who's better known as Justin Bobby, sauntered onto our television screens as a cast member on MTV's 2006 reality show The Hills. With his smokin' hot good looks, ripped jeans, leather jackets, and perfectly tousled hair, Brescia joined the series in season three as Audrina Patridge's on-again, off-again boyfriend and later as Kristin Cavallari's boyfriend du jour

The ups and downs of his and Patridge's made-for-TV relationship played out every week for loyal viewers. Of course, he wasn't winning any boyfriend of the year awards, but the show's bad boy immediately became a crowd favorite.

The Hills came to an end in 2010, though many of the cast members managed to maintain a presence in the spotlight ... but not Brescia. He seemingly drove his motorcycle off into the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again. Okay, maybe not really, but he did poof from our television screens. Here's what he's been up to since the show ended.

So long, America!

At the height of his time on The Hills, Brescia had to deal with being incessantly hounded by the paparazzi. He once recalled an incident where a group of 12 photographers followed him as he drove Patridge's Mercedes-Benz coupé, resulting in him pushing the pedal to the metal until the luxury ride reached a speed of 120 miles per hour. He even reportedly got into a few physical altercations with photographers, as well, as he told Vice's Broadly.

After the show wrapped, Brescia wasn't going to stick around Tinseltown to deal with any more cameras. So he fled the country and moved to Nicaragua for two and a half years instead. 

When he eventually returned to America, he realized that not much had changed in terms of some of the hangout spots he and his The Hills castmates would frequent but, thankfully for him, the hype that surrounded the since-canceled series had died down by that point.  

He's making sweet music

Justin Bobby Brescia definitely has the look of a rock star, and, come to find out, he's actually a multi-faceted musician in his own right. He's the sole member of BobbyrocK, and he serenades crowds with self-written lyrics while he plays the guitar during each set. 

In an interview with E! News in August 2017, Brescia described his music career by saying, "It is just me, so you get all kinds of sounds and sounds coming from everywhere. You hear these wonky sounds and heavy guitar riffs — it's like alternative punk-rock, but simple and catchy." We dig it already.

Inspired by rock legends, such as Bruce Springsteen, The Offspring, and Nirvana, Brescia has released two albums and has even gone on nationwide tours.

While his music career has flourished, he's still not ashamed to pay homage to his reality TV past, which is evident by the shout-out he gave The Hills on the bio of his official website. 

Brush your hair with Justin Bobby

It was Justin Bobby Brescia's perfectly imperfect head of hair that first grabbed viewers' attention during his time on The Hills. Little did we know at the time, Brescia's messy 'do wasn't by happenstance. MTV's bad boy attended Paul Mitchell the School to learn the ins and outs of hairstyling, and he later took classes at a hair institution that was named after the late legendary hair stylist, Vidal Sassoon.

After moving to Los Angeles when he was in his early 20s, he was on assignment at Quixote Studios, which just so happened to be the same place Patridge was working as a receptionist. "She asked to maybe get her hair done, and then we just exchanged information and stayed in contact. Then, eventually, both our schedules freed up, and I cut it," he told Vice's Broadly.

MTV cameras followed along to record him doing his magic on her tresses, and, although the footage didn't make the cut, they invited Brescia onto the show as Patridge's love interest and offered him a salary triple the amount he was making as a hairdresser, Us Weekly reported. And, as they say, the rest is history.

After the cancelation of The Hills, Brescia took his love for hairstyling a step further by teaming up with a chemist to create a line of hair care products called Brush Your Hair.

Hairstylist to the stars

Not only does he have his own line of hair care products, but Brescia is actually an accomplished hairstylist who's been styling manes since the age of 14, as noted by Us Weekly.

He's been hired to tame the locks of numerous high-profile celebrities, including Adam Levine and Madonna. Although he's since decided to focus on his music career, he'll still drop everything to cut hair for some of his favorite clients. "Anybody calls anytime and they're like, 'I need a cut,' something comes over me and I'm like, 'Yeah,'" he told Entertainment Tonight.

For those who don't get the five-star treatment of having Brescia show up at their doorstep with a brush in one hand and a ceramic flat iron in the other, the businessman also has a chain of hair salons in Nicaragua and his home state of California. He even cuts hair out of his Manhattan Beach, Calif. loft, according to Us Weekly.

Did he work as a bartender?

Adjusting to regular life after being on a popular reality TV show may seem like an impossible feat. However, Brescia managed to fly under the radar for years. After he moved to Austin, Texas to pursue music, a writer for Complex magazine detailed a rare sighting of everyone's favorite homeboy who wore combat boots to the beach.

While attending the city's South by Southwest music festival, the writer spotted someone who looked a lot like Brescia working inside of a hotel bar, but the man tried to play it cool by denying he was the elusive reality star-turned-rocker. "A lot of people who have come in here today have thought I'm someone else," the man reportedly said.

Considering the person working at the bar allegedly had the exact same tattoos as the real Brescia, it's probably safe to assume it was him working a low-key job of whipping up daiquiris and mojitos for some extra cash. 

He wasn't cut out for TV

After being offered a salary he just couldn't say no to, Brescia joined the cast of The Hills to play the role of Patridge's motorcycle-riding boyfriend. He soon realized what many of his castmates already ascertained — that the show was heavily scripted and fabricated to create sensational story lines. Shocker.

"It wasn't for me," he told Us Weekly about his time on The Hills. "It was hard to get me to shoot after a while because it was repetition and there wasn't anything artistically happening and I wasn't growing."

Brescia said he attempted to bring some fresh ideas to the table. "So I said, 'If you guys get some real writers in on this, I'd be all about it and we could build characters,' but it never went to that," he said.

Since he's clearly not a fan of the reality TV formula, it's no wonder he's disappeared from the small screen.

He's holding off on starting a family ... for now

Most of his former cast members have said goodbye to the nightlife, the raging beach parties, and the late nights at the cast's favorite hotspot, Les Deux nightclub. Lauren Conrad got married and gave birth to a baby boy, Liam James, in July 2017. Patridge and BMX pro Corey Bohan welcomed their daughter, Kirra Max, in June 2016, and even once-perpetual bachelor Brody Jenner tied the knot with Kaitlynn Carter in June 2018.

While his co-stars have been adulting and kicking butt at it, might we add, Brescia is fine with watching them from the sidelines. During a June 2017 interview with Us Weekly, he made it known that touring as a musician was his priority, and love would have to wait. "I don't want to be a traveling rock-and-roller and have [my significant other] home and me not around. She can come on the road, but I know it gets tiresome," he said.

However, he had nothing but kind words for his co-stars who were venturing into parenthood. "I wish them happy, successful, healthy pregnancies and I really do wish that they have the most support around them in this magnificent time in their lives. To bring in new life, that's amazing," he said before adding that he wouldn't be going on the journey of parenthood until he reached his 40s.

He gave his former castmates a tongue-lashing

Although he had some very sweet words for his fellow cast members back in June 2017, he changed his tune in May 2018 when he was interviewed by Life and Style magazine. In true no-holds-barred Justin Bobby fashion, Brescia ripped into a few unnamed The Hills superstars. "The girls on the show — for what they are and what they were showed to be — is not real," he said. "They're all little hussies that run around drunk and whatever with whatever for them." Yikes.

But he didn't stop there. He continued by saying, "It's funny, because you'd see [the girls] out at a club, not on a shooting night, and they're just wasted and going home with whoever."

Brescia thought if the MTV producers captured what was really going on behind the scenes, it would've changed "the whole storyline" as we knew it. 

So who was he talking about? Conrad? Lo "LC" Bosworth? Kristin Cavallari? We may never know, and we're sure diehard The Hills fans would rather keep it that way.

He's open to a reunion

With news that MTV was considering getting Conrad, Cavallari, Patridge, and the rest of the cast back together again for a The Hills reunion, Justin Bobby Brescia revealed that filming the reboot series, à la Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, had already hit a major speed bump. "It's a lawyer thing. I think everyone's intertwined with everyone's lawyers, and I think it's coming down to a money thing," he said. "I think some people won't do it for the money and some people will. I think that's the biggest contingency with it."

Despite bashing some of his co-stars and lamenting about how fake the entire gig really was, the hairstylist is open to returning to the scene of the crime. "I think if I have the free time, I'll come by," he told Life and Style magazine about a potential The Hills reunion. "They don't need a lot of me, but I'll give them a little bit. I don't mind. I think it would be good to see everybody. I don't know what the hell they're gonna film, with all the strollers and marriages and stuff, so I guess we'll see."

For the love of early 2000s nostalgia, MTV needs to make this happen!